Sex tape leak nearly ended Itz Tiffany's music career

Sex tape leak nearly ended Itz Tiffany's music career

When Itz Tiffany’s sexually-explicit videos with her ex-husband leaked in 2014, her music career almost came to a halt, she has revealed.

Sex tape leak nearly ended Itz Tiffany's music career

According to the singer, the unfortunate event took a toll on her but she was able to stand firm and face what was to be the biggest mishap in her public life.

“When it happened, it hit me in a certain way that it made me not want to do music any more. But when I took a month off, I realised that it [music] is that thing that makes me happy so I said instead of looking at it in the negative way, why not look at it in a positive way to redirect me to know what I should and shouldn’t do. And it actually made my mind-set really strong, it made me more focused and watchful. It showed me who is real and who is not,” the ‘Fake London Boy’ hit maker told Hitz FM.

Itz Tiffany at the time released a statement that the man behind the sex tape leak, Frank White was fighting with her over the custody of their son and vowed to bring her down. Those videos she said, were taken while she was still legally married to him.

In that 2014 statement she wrote: “The past few days have been very difficult for me as a person and a musician. Very private and personal videos of mine were wickedly, illegally and immorally circulated on various social media platforms. It is unfortunate that a man I once loved, trusted, shared my life with, and who is the father of my only child is on a path of destruction and is waging a campaign to tarnish my image and damage my person.

She however apologised “to all those whose sensibilities were rightly hurt by those videos” adding that she “played no part in the release of those videos. The only thing wrong was to trust a man I thought I loved and married.”



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