Lady Sceptical As Man, 32, Living With His Mum Refuses To Meet Her In Public: "Wants To Come Over"

Lady Sceptical As Man, 32, Living With His Mum Refuses To Meet Her In Public: "Wants To Come Over"

  • A woman noticed red flags in a man she recently met, including his reluctance to have a video call
  • The 32-year-old man prefers not to meet in public and instead wants to visit her at her house, which raises safety concerns for the woman
  • Despite his assurances that he won’t make any sexual advances, the woman remains sceptical

A woman has sought advice regarding a man she recently met.

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She shared her observations on Reddit, highlighting a couple of red flags related to this guy.

Firstly, he refuses to have a video call, citing his dislike for seeing himself on the phone. The woman emphasised the importance of face-to-face interaction to avoid surprises.

Secondly, the 32-year-old man prefers not to meet in public. Instead, he wants to visit her at her house. Concerned about safety, the woman expressed discomfort with having a complete stranger in her home.

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She also mentioned that he assured her he wouldn’t make any sexual advances, but she remains sceptical.

Additionally, the fact that he lives with his mum adds to her list of red flags.

"I’ve been talking to a really nice guy. But there are a few red flags. 1. He won’t Facetime with me because he doesn’t like looking at himself on the phone. I mean, who does, really? But I explained that we needed to see each other face-to-face so there were no surprises.
He says his anxiety is too bad to meet in public, and he only wants to come over to my house. I have told him that since he won’t FaceTime me, we have to meet in public because I don’t feel comfortable having a complete stranger in my house. He says he won’t try anything sexual. I told him I didn’t believe him. He’s 32 and lives with his mum. These are all red flags, right?" she posed.

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Lady advices women not to date Ghanaian men

In another story, a diasporan who came to Ghana has advised her colleague women not to ever date a Ghanaian man in their lives.

The lady who spoke to Webnation Africa in an interview asserted that men from Ghana do not take good care of their women.

Netizens could not keep their cool after hearing the strong assertion, as many ran into the comment section to react.


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