Watabombshell Reveals How Osita Iheme Mentored Him As An Actor After Joining Nollywood

Watabombshell Reveals How Osita Iheme Mentored Him As An Actor After Joining Nollywood

  • Watabombshell has detailed how Nigerian star Osita Iheme mentored him as an actor when he started featuring in Nollywood films
  • The actor shared how the Nigerian film legend taught him the ropes and helped him polish his acting skills
  • Enoch Darko, who was visibly impressed as he recounted his experience with Osita, said the actor was very humble and respectful

Ghanaian actor Enoch Darko, popularly known as Watabombshell, opened up about his journey in the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, in a conversation with Kwaku Manu. He detailed how the renowned Nigerian actor Osita Iheme, popularly called Pawpaw, played a pivotal role in shaping his acting career.

Enoch Darko
Ghanaian actor Enoch Darko Photo Source: Watabombshell
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Watabombshell, who has been making waves in Nollywood, shared that it was Pawpaw who mentored him when he first started featuring in Nigerian films. The actor expressed his gratitude towards Osita, stating that the Nigerian film legend taught him the ropes of acting and helped him polish his skills.

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Watabombshell was visibly moved as he recounted his experiences with Iheme. He described Pawpaw as a humble and respected figure in the industry. He mentioned that Nigerian film stars were generally helpful in comparison to Ghanaian stars. He mentioned that many stars in Nollywood were willing to help fellow actors and upcoming stars, but this was not the case in Ghana.

Watabombshell gets many talking

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I really love Nigerians. Even when my mother died, no single Ghanaians as my friend came, but my Nigerian friends gave me money

adaneborngreat wrote:

my lecturer once said this, that before Nigeria man will criticize you he will first tap into ur blessings before

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Kwami Tilapia 33 commented:

Nigeria are proud of ur success Ghana envy ur success

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