Sally Mann Claims Ashanti Men Do Not Prefer Educated And High-Standard Women, Causes Stir

Sally Mann Claims Ashanti Men Do Not Prefer Educated And High-Standard Women, Causes Stir

  • Sally Mann, in a discussion on GTV’s late-night entertainment show Spectacle, claimed that Ashanti men did not prefer high-standard women
  • The controversial media personality alluded that most educated women had issues getting married compared to their uneducated colleagues
  • Her claim has sparked reactions on social media, with some folks, mostly Ashantis, disagreeing with the statement while others agreed
  • Relationship advisor Dennis Ackah engaged with on the topic and shared some insights on the topic

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Controversial media personality Sally Mann, on GTV’s late-night entertainment show Spectacle, made a claim that has since sparked a heated debate on social media. Sally Mann suggested that Ashanti men do not prefer high-standard women, implying that educated women face more challenges in getting married compared to their less-educated counterparts.

Sally Mann
Ghanaian media personality Sally Mann Photo Source: real_vimlady
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Sally Mann’s comments have stirred a hornet’s nest, with many Ghanaians sharing their opinion on the matter. The majority of the responses have come from the Ashanti community, with many disagreeing with Sally Mann’s assertion. They argued that her statement was tribalistic and not a true reflection of how Ashanti men choose their partners.

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On the other hand, some social media users agreed with Sally Mann’s viewpoint. Some of them suggested that high-standard women were not submissive and respectful towards men.

Relationship advisor shares opinion on controversial comment

Dennis Ackah, a relationship advisor in a conversation with, shared why it may seem some men are intimidated by successful women and said the phenomena was not limited to a particular group of men. He said:

Any man can feel intimidated by a successful woman. It has nothing to do with tribe or where that person is from. Men are socially wired to be provided, so when that role is seemingly taken away from them, some men may feel their masculinity has been threatened. A successful woman will not have the same dependence on a man as her less successful counterparts will, and this sometimes breeds fear in some men.

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Sally Mann sparks reactions gathered some reactions from social media users.

kwabenapoku said:

And this nonsense is based on what analysis...and research?

diana.fosuaa wrote:

True paaaaa. They feel terrified if they meet a woman with vision

nhyira_herbals said:

Truth! They prefer low grade women they can control

official80sbaby commented:

Men worldwide prefer soft women, go ask Arab & Chinese man….

dineroyrn1 said:

Yes, because you (those)women think they can work and provide for themselves so they don’t want to submit to a man

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