25 funniest prank call ideas: Call ideas to try on your friends and family

25 funniest prank call ideas: Call ideas to try on your friends and family

Prank calls are the easiest and most effective method for fooling your pals in minutes. You can explore your humorous side by messing with phone conversations with friends, family, or whomever. The best aspect is that you can fool many people with the same trick as you watch their reactions. Discover the most amusing prank call ideas of all time.

prank call ideas
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Everyone can agree that picking up a prank call is one of the most frustrating things in the world, but being the genius behind a humorous hoax is a pleasure. Whether you're searching for a fun way to spend the time at a sleepover with your friends or want to make TikTok's next viral prank clip, you'll need a good game strategy before making that call.

25 funniest prank call ideas

Pranking loved ones or allies is the finest method to entertain yourself, but it must be done properly not to affect the person you are contacting. The following are some of the best prank calls to inspire you.

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1. Free pickup

Call someone and inquire about collecting free underwear or any other silly product available at their home. If they say you are calling the wrong number, argue that it is the one published in the newspaper. Have a different individual call about the same free product pickup a few hours later, or use an entirely distinct voice.

2. Long lost friend

Call someone and pretend to be a high school or college acquaintance they haven't spoken to in years. If they inquire about your name during the chat, act irritated that they don't recognise you. Create progressively ludicrous stories from your imagined life together.

3. Random survey

This is another funny prank-call idea to try. Call an unknown number and explain that you're conducting a study for a lifestyle firm and would like to ask some questions in return for a gift card. Ensure the survey questions are as realistic or ludicrous as you want, and observe how long you can keep the respondent irritated.

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4. Out of toilet paper

Call a number and pretend you're in a hotel or restaurant, complaining about the lack of toilet paper. Demand that someone from the company deliver you toilet paper right now because you're in the midst of "business." If they refuse, sound irritated and demand an emergency.

5. I saw you

Are you looking for some good prank call ideas? Call a friend or family member and tell them you saw them someplace and waved, but they snubbed you. They will probably apologise and claim they didn't see you.

6. Blind date

Call a random individual or someone you know and tell them you're looking forward to seeing them for a romantic dinner tonight. If the individual you phoned appears perplexed, persist and pretend that you believe they're joking about having forgotten the date. Inform them that you will meet them in a local coffee shop.

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prank call ideas
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7. You called me

Call a number, and ask them why they contacted you if someone answers. Act perplexed if they claim you're the one who reached them first and then insist they're the one who rang you.

8. Muffled voice

Call someone on your contact list, and as soon as they answer, put your hand across your mouth and start speaking. They won't comprehend what you're saying since your voice is muffled. Because this isn't an apparent prank call, they'll remain on the line to figure out what you're saying.

9. Fake complaint

Call a person and ask whether it is the customer care department of a firm. Without giving them a chance to say "no," launch into your criticism about the phoney company, making it as absurd as possible. If they laugh at your claim, make sure to address it.

10. Happy birthday prank

Call anyone on your contact list and begin singing Happy Birthday as soon as they answer. Continue through the song without stopping to let them speak. When you're done singing, a relative or friend will likely claim it's not their birthday. Act startled or make a joke regarding how you know they're faking their birthday.

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11. Fake reference

Call someone and tell them you're phoning as a professional reference for a mutual friend or family. If they accept to be a reference, begin by asking reasonably typical inquiries and progress to progressively bizarre ones.

12. Ask a stranger for advice

This is one of the funniest prank call ideas. Call anybody in your contact list and, after receiving the call, ask for help on a stupid issue. You may need assistance with your partner, who prefers his teddy bear to you, or you can't decide what to eat at a restaurant, and the waiter is on his way back.

13. Sign for a package

Call an arbitrary number and inform them that a parcel is being delivered to their front door and that they must sign for it. If they say you have an incorrect number, give them their address to persuade them.

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14. Fake food delivery

Dial a number at random. Inform the person that their dinner has arrived and the delivery person is waiting for them on their front doorstep. Hang up before they can dispute that they didn't order any food. In any case, most individuals will feel obligated to check their front door for a delivery.

15. Free tickets

To pull off this prank call, you must convince somebody that you are phoning from a radio station. If the person you're pranking answers a few silly trivia questions, they'll win "two tickets" to a concert or event.

prank call ideas
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16. Lucky winner

Call someone and tell them they've won a lifetime donation of dog Pizza Hut pizzas, toothbrushes, or any other ridiculous but realistic reward. If you can persuade the fortunate winner that they genuinely won, you will win the prank call.

17. Why did you hang up on me?

Call a person and, when they respond, exclaim angrily, "Why did you hang up on me?" Whether you're acquainted with them, they'll probably start arguing that they didn't hang up on you. Keep the conversation continuing for as long as possible before they realise it's a hoax and hang up.

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18. Order of dancers

Call your victim and attempt to find out the progress of an order of foreign dancers planned to perform for them. To make it more authentic, play club music or atmospheric crowd noise in the backdrop of your call.

19. Haunted house

Call someone and convince them that a person died thirty years ago at their property and that the place is haunted. Extra points if you can persuade the individual that it is a genuine haunting or if they share their ghost encounters!

20. Find the secret affair

Call someone, preferably someone you know, and inform them that you are from a radio station. Pretend to be a radio station employee and engage them in a conversation on an engaging topic, such as requesting them to dedicate a piece of music to their lover.

21. Be the fake mobile operator

Dial a friend's phone or a random number and claim to be from the phone's operating provider. Inform them that you have phoned for a monthly mobile phone inspection and request that they repeat anything you say to ensure the phone is active. You can use funny sentences like "I bathe with my horse daily."

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22. Confirm booking from the adult toy store

Make a phone call to a companion and pretend you're the CEO of an adult toy business. Inform them that their orders for adult toys have been verified and are being dispatched to their address. They may get the products at any time and should thus be present at the address.

23. Would you prefer a free trip or $5000 cash?

These are popular types of prank calls that frequently succeed. Dial an arbitrary phone number and claim to be a manager from one of the most popular travel websites. Begin by introducing the firm and yourself as a key member. Applaud the person on winning a voucher and surprise them with a treat.

prank call ideas
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24. Who am I?

This is also among the best prank-call jokes ever. Start a casual chat by dialling a random number. If you successfully keep the discussion going, ask the person if they know you. Allow them to speculate for a minute before presenting your response. "How will you determine who I am when I cannot figure it out?"

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25. Is Michael there?

Call your buddy or anybody and inquire about Michael. The victim isn't Michael because there aren't many Michaels around. The victim will refute this and eventually claim that the number is incorrect. Call the number multiple times a day to irritate them.

How do you handle a prank call?

While it is reasonable to believe that most prank calls are intended to be innocuous, it is vital to highlight that those on the other end of the phone may experience genuine dread or worry as hate crimes rise.

Can you report prank calls? Report to the authorities if a prank call involves threats that target the receiver based on ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.

How can I find out who's prank-calling me?

You can use call screening applications like TrapCall or TrueCaller. You can alternatively call the individual back by dialling *69 soon after the call finishes.

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How do you block prank calls?

Register your phone number on the Do Not Call List to avoid receiving scam calls. Alternatively, you can screen the calls, send the calls to voicemail, block the numbers immediately, or use blocking apps.

Above are some of the funniest prank call ideas to try on your friends and family. Prank calls may liven up an otherwise dull day and energise you. They are a great way to make someone laugh or pass the time.

Yen.com.gh recently released a fantastic list of scary text messages to send to friends and family. It's fun to hang out with a pal who can pull off pranks.

Sending frightening text messages across the phone will generate varying emotions from people. Determine which of your buddies can handle a joke and which are overly sensitive to specific techniques.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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