100+ funny ways to say goodnight to your friends, family and someone special

100+ funny ways to say goodnight to your friends, family and someone special

Almost every conversation between family members and friends, especially at night, often ends with a summary goodnight. This is also the case with chats and text messages over social media or in other informal settings. In other words, funny ways to say goodnight are many, so adopting any style is always adorable.

funny ways to say goodnight to a guy
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When there is a bond of love between people, they always want to do what would make their loved ones happy, even in the slightest of contact, like greetings. This is why sending out a unique message to close the night chats or meeting remains meaningful. Interestingly, in case you cannot come up with the best messages, there are several humour-filled messages that you can send and make the receiver sleep chuckling.

Funny ways to say goodnight to a friend

Saying goodnight to anyone in a funny way is equivalent to relieving their mind of the day's stress and wishing them a night devoid of nightmares. Below are different funny ways to say goodnight to those you care about.

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  • Your small brother will see the boogeyman once your toes stick out beneath the blanket. Good night, and tuck in!
  • You only want your dreams to come true. So, please be sure to experience some fantastic dreams.
  • I just had a dream that aliens took you as a hostage. I'm not sure if it's good or terrible. Hey buddy, I'm kidding! Good night and a nightmare-free night to you!
  • I hope we can stand next to each other like teddy bears.
  • I cherish those dimples a lot. Right now, I need that grin; it gives me peaceful sleep.
  • I know you have a lot to say, but there is a better time. Night, buddy.
  • You may imagine sleeping beside an angel, but I prefer other positions.
  • This was a good day; let's prepare for tomorrow by sleeping peacefully.
  • This night is going to be quite lengthy. Sleep, then permit others to sleep.
  • There seems to be someone in the woods behind your house, and I just can't get rid of the impression. Sleep soundly; we'll discuss it in the morning.
  • If you need me, you know where to find me. But until then, have a splendid night's rest.
  • You can sleep now. We'll tell another dull story next, so get ready.
  • You are aware that while you sleep, you look amazing. I want you to sleep; it's not meant as praise.
  • I wish you a restful and healthy night, just like your smile.
  • Why can't we stop chatting right now and spend time together?
  • When I go to bed every day, I always have one final thought about you.

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Funny ways to say goodnight to a friend
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  • What will you be doing tonight? Because in my dream last night, you were a zombie chasing after me and trying to steal my Cheetos.
  • Welcome to the lovely dreams train. Tonight's in-flight movie will be Langoliers by Stephen King. Pleasant dreams; arrive safely at your desired location.
  • Waking up to that tiny text chime that signals bedtime is the finest part about dozing off on the couch. Good night.
  • Tonight will be the nicest dream of your life, but don't grow accustomed to it since I only stay up sometimes.
  • So that your security officer may also sleep, go to bed now.
  • Sincerely, I am looking forward to our next meeting. I hope it happens soon. Pleasant rest.
  • Please go to bed immediately! And our ambitions must also include another meeting.
  • Our day tomorrow is going to be fantastic. I'll see you later, bye!
  • Now, sleep. In your dream, your crush is waiting for you.
  • Never phone me after 11 o'clock or show up at my house to save me; just because I appear to be in distress in your dream does not indicate I require immediate assistance.
  • My sheep are falling over the fence because I am so exhausted. Until tomorrow, good night.
  • Goodnight, my love. Sleep with angels. Er, I mean, not literally, don’t be seducing those angels, bright eyes!
  • My dear, goodnight. Now, give your beauty some rest.

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Funny ways to say goodnight to your best friend

Saying goodnight most funnily is one of the ways of showing how much the bond of friendship has run between people. Here are some typical good ones to wish a good friend a peaceful and sweet nighty.

  • Why are you still online if you've already given everyone good night messages? You dumb thing, get off Facebook and get some sleep. I'm too awake; wait, good night, anyway!
  • When you have a body cushion to snuggle up to, sleep makes everything better. Sleep soundly, my buddy; I will.
  • Sleeping with one is nice when you don't have a plush toy at home.
  • When it seems like the night is slipping away, switch off your alarm and stay in bed till dawn. Goodnight.
  • My days would be dull, and my nights would be squandered without you.
  • My crush won't let me sleep, even how much I want to.
  • My brain wants to continue talking about how wonderful my day was even though I want to say goodnight.
  • Do you need a teddy bear? I could be your teddy bear.

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funny ways to say goodnight
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  • Just put me out of your mind so we can both have a good night's sleep. Good night.
  • May this night's gloom make all your ominous thoughts and nightmares appear genuine. Don't worry, and sleep well.
  • Look at you; you're simultaneously bored, worn out, and perplexed. Now you can get some rest.
  • You can keep your feet tucked under the blanket. And I sincerely hope that you will be protected from spirits and the cold.
  • You don't have to bid Facebook a good night before you turn it in. It will never return the wish.
  • Just before going to night, I adore listening to "I love you."
  • I've been having some lovely and unique dreams lately because every dream contains you.
  • It's like my dream has come true to live with you. I'm hoping to see you next to me soon.
  • It's becoming colder here, and I need your love and warmth.
  • It seems like I'll have a restless night. Well, you should go to bed. Goodbye.
  • Isn't it odd when someone falls asleep during a discussion without saying goodnight? We're relieved that this is only the beginning for us. So please accept my early goodnight.
  • I'm waiting for you and want to be in your arms right now.
  • I'm just not joining my pillow in bed, and that's making it mad. Till tomorrow, my darling friend.
  • I'm delighted you liked the fiery, spicy chilli I prepared for you, but I hope we can call a truce tonight and have pleasant dreams.
  • I'd want to chat, but I keep bumping my face with my phone. Good night, guy! I'll chat with you in the morning.
  • I will see you for breakfast in bed in the morning, so sleep soundly!
  • I wanted to say hello when I saw you this morning, but I didn't want to sprint to catch up, so I'll just say goodbye.

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Funny ways to say goodnight to a girl

There are clever ways to say goodnight to a girl, especially by making the messages as funny as possible. Girls and ladies like it more when it sounds funny, thereby keeping them smiling away at their phones.

  • I still have six nights to spend by myself while missing you.
  • I sleep well at night while you're here. All I have without you are dreams.
  • Goodnight, gorgeous; try not to think about me too much tonight!
  • Goodnight, friend; avoid allowing the bedbugs to get you; too awful they got me!
  • Goodnight, dear, and have some pleasant dreams of...nothing important to mention!
funny ways to say goodnight to your best friend
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  • Sleep well, my little princess.
  • Goodnight, the little love of my life.
  • Goodnight, and stay away from the bedbugs. However, I believe I spotted one earlier while at your place. Sleep deeply!
  • I simply wanted to send you my best wishes for a restful night. I hope you thought to look below your bed.
  • I should take a couple of hours to re-energise myself since I have used up all of the gasoline in my body. I would rather say goodnight than leave you hanging by just talking.
  • I seldom snore, but I was startled awake last night when I fell asleep reading my book by a peculiar snoring noise. And now, goodnight.
  • I really should go to bed. My inner dialogue is beginning to make sense. Goodnight.
  • I need to sleep since tomorrow is essential to me.
  • I look forward to seeing you here. I miss you terribly.
  • I like the moonlight that streams through your window at night. Nothing is quite as unsettling as envisioning the moon peeking in at you while you sleep. Night!
  • There’s nothing quite like a cosy bed on a cold winter’s night, so how about we head upstairs where it’s nice and warm.
  • Hold your teddy bear close and smile as you go off to sleep. I hope your bear doesn't give you a hug in return. Goodnight.
  • Here is your daily dosage of my message, which is meant to ward off nightmares so you may sleep soundly tonight.
  • Here are some hugs and kisses to cheer you up at night, as I usually provide attachments with my letters. Happy dreams!
  • I wish you a perfect night full of sweet dreams; I hope to see you soon in my dreams.
  • Goodnight, sweet friend; may tomorrow bring you more happiness than this one-sentence goodnight wish can possibly convey!
  • Goodnight, my friend. Have a beautiful dream about pleasant evenings that go lengthier than this particular one.
  • Goodnight, my darling buddy, and have a pleasant night of dreams free of you and me!
  • Just think happy thoughts, and you’ll drift right off to sleep!

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Funny ways to say goodnight to a guy

Good gestures leave a lasting impression on friends, colleagues, and teammates, especially when they come as funny goodnight messages. Check these out.

  • Goodbye and beautiful dreams of a more pleasant night's sleep than mine, my good friend!
  • Good night, my friend! May your slumber be as tranquil as a bird's lullaby!
  • Goodnight, my dear. May your pillow be soft and your dreams sweet.
  • Get a good night's sleep right now, my love.
  • Farewell, good buddy; it's time to get some rest; let's hope tomorrow isn't too kind to you!
funny ways to say goodnight
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  • Every time you need me, you can count on me. When no one is there to help you, you will discover me. But make sure it isn't three in the morning and that I am in town.
  • Every night about any of this time, I change into a phone bug that can access your mobile phone's frequencies and zap it. So before it's too late, I best say good night!
  • Even the sheep are now worn out. Please get some rest. Sincerely, manager, a union for sheep.
  • Due to my excessive tossing and turning before night, going to the gym in the morning is unnecessary. Well, good night.
  • Goodnight, sleep tight. I’ll be watching over you all night.
  • Goodnight darling. Remember, mosquitoes are dying to kiss you goodnight too. Close the damned window.
  • Please don't make me get the tickle monster!
  • Goodnight, dream lover. Did I mention the nerdy plaid pyjamas I imagine you in tonight are quite becoming?
  • Bro, good night. It's not just you. Do not be concerned at all; there is someone under your bed.
  • Hey, it's me, but I'm from the future. This is me tomorrow morning, time-travelling to tell you goodnight. Goodnight! Remember, wait to read this tomorrow, or the timeline will be all messed up!
  • A nightmare is waiting for you; good night. Furthermore, good luck.
  • Dream big, goodnight, and have pleasant dreams of not having to send boring goodnight texts!
  • Don't you just adore it when folks don't say goodnight? I suppose from now on, I'll be the one to send these texts.
  • Don't you enjoy it when we need to send a text to wish each other a good night even if we haven't spoken all day?
  • Remember to send the sheep to my house when you've finished counting them.
  • Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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It is always nice to end the night chats and meetings with goodnight messages and texts to create a memory. These funny ways to say goodnight to a family member, friend, partner, or colleague can always come in handy in contributing to bringing out the beauty of parting ways for a good night's rest.

Yen.com.gh shared more than 200 deep love messages you can share with your better half. Remember that claiming to love your girlfriend without expressing it through messages and gifts is not an excellent way to treat a lover.

So, whether you are young and single or have been married for some time, once you have a love affair with a lady or woman, they expect you constantly to tell them. Express your feelings best by sharing any of the deep love messages compiled in the post.

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