Boss Day 2024: Creative ideas on how to celebrate and gift your boss

Boss Day 2024: Creative ideas on how to celebrate and gift your boss

Did you know that there is a day traditionally reserved to celebrate and appreciate bosses? If you are surprised, then you are not alone. Most people aren't aware of this day, and its significance might surprise you. If you want to jump on the bandwagon and appreciate your supervisor, Boss Day is here. What do you have planned?

If this year's celebration is your first rodeo, you might wonder what gift is ideal for a work setting. The best way to approach this task is to be creative, and you might just come up with the gift of the year for your boss.

Boss Day 2024

What is Boss Day on 16 October? It's a designated holiday to celebrate and show appreciation for seniors at work. Boss Day originates from the United States, where a State Farm Insurance Company secretary in Deerfield, Illinois, registered it in 1958.

According to Giftypedia, Patricia Bays Haroski initiated the idea while working for her father and enlisted the holiday with the US Chamber of Commerce. She did this to honour her father by designating his 16 October birthday as the national Boss Day.

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How to celebrate and gift your boss

Celebrating and gifting your superior on Boss Day can be a thoughtful gesture to show appreciation and strengthen your professional relationship. However, most struggle to devise creative ways to celebrate their superiors. Here are some creative Boss Day ideas to incorporate on 16 October.

1. Buy them gifts

Boss Day gifts are creative and thoughtful. You could give your supervisor various presents based on their preferences. You could try a gourmet treat collection, a business card holder, desk toys and a high-quality notebook set.

Boss Day gifts for him include speciality alcohol (quality whiskey or wine), sports merchandise, tech gadgets and fitness products. However, follow your workplace code of ethics before presenting gifts like alcohol that may breach your workplace protocols.

2. Write a thank you note

Boss Day 2023
Happy Boss Day background with a red and blue border colour in the centre typography. Photo: Muhammad Zeeshan
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If you are on a budget, a simple thank-you note will suffice. Express gratitude for their guidance and support, but keep the message professional and sincere.

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3. Give a shopping spree voucher

A shopping spree voucher is a gift card from your manager's favourite store or online retailer. Such a present is practical and thoughtful as it offers the recipient flexibility to choose what they want.

4. Organise a celebration

Depending on your workplace, organising a festival is a way to celebrate your supervisor. You can arrange a small celebration in the office. Examples include decorating the workspace, bringing in snacks or treats, and presenting a group card signed by colleagues.

5. Create a boss appreciation wall

A boss appreciation wall is where coworkers can attach sticky notes of gratitude and admiration. For a memorable event, compile the messages into a scrapbook or frame them as a keepsake for your manager.

6. Plan a team-building

Boss day 2023
Work colleagues working together. Photo: @anniespratt
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A team-building or group activity is an ideal method to celebrate Boss Day. You could include fun games, cooking challenges, or a team-building workshop. Tailor the training to your manager's interests and encourage participation from the entire team.

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7. Organise a surprise lunch

A surprise lunch or snack bar in the office kitchen is unique and creative. Include your director's favourite dishes or snacks, and decorate the space with festive Boss Day decorations.

8. Gift a personalised present

Personalised presents are the best, especially if you and your superior have a personal relationship. For example, if your boss is a coffee lover, you could gift them a heat-changing personalised coffee mug.

9. Organise an office "roast"

Organise a light-hearted "roast" of your boss or a comedy show where team members share humorous anecdotes about work experiences. However, ensure that your manager is comfortable with the idea. Alternatively, you could hire a comedian to perform a comedy show.

10. Organise a charitable donation

Boss Day 2023
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If your manager loves donating to specific organisations, getting your coworkers to contribute to that cause in your boss's name is thoughtful. Present the donation certificate or receipt as a meaningful gift.

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  1. Is there a Boss Appreciation Day? Yes, there is. The holiday, held on 16 October yearly, celebrates and recognises hardworking bosses.
  2. Why is National Boss Day celebrated? It is celebrated to show appreciation to a great taskmaster who inspires, motivates and supports their employees.
  3. What week is National Boss Day? The celebration occurs every year in the third week of the tenth month, October.
  4. Is Boss's Day on the same day every year? Yes, it is. The holiday is marked on 16 October every year. However, if the date falls on a weekend, its commemoration moves to the next working day.
  5. Is Monday Boss Day? It depends if the Monday falls on the designated date of 16 October. If it does, then it is Boss Day.
  6. When is Office Manager Appreciation Day? The Office Manager Appreciation Month (OMAM) is celebrated the entire of September annually.

Boss's Day presents an ideal opportunity to express your appreciation and gratitude towards your employer. This annual occasion is steeped in tradition, typically characterised by exchanging heartfelt greeting cards, fragrant flowers, and thoughtful gifts.

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