Top 20 things to draw when you're bored: Fun and easy ideas

Top 20 things to draw when you're bored: Fun and easy ideas

Sometimes, boredom is inevitable; if you are faced with such situations, it is important to find things to draw when you're bored to keep your mind occupied. Drawing is about expressing human thoughts, feelings, and creativity. When you draw, you create and share your unique perspectives, inviting others to understand.

A child painting a sketch (R) and a house drawing (L)
Drawing is a powerful skill that many artists use to break negative thoughts. Photo: RyanJLane, DrPixel (modified by author)
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The art of drawing, such as doodling, is very powerful; you don't have to be bored to do it. Scientists have proven that drawing can help you calm your anxiety and break negative thought patterns. This will help you mentally and emotionally calm your nerves and your mind. Discover the things to draw when you're bored.

Things to draw when you're bored

Just like hunger, boredom can be curbed in many ways. Drawing is one of the most effective ways of keeping yourself busy. Below are cool drawing ideas for you and your kids at home, school, and workplace.

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Things to draw when you're bored in class

Some classes might not be enjoyable, even if some cool teachers may try so much to make the class lively. Sometimes, you're not interested and want to do something else. Drawing can be a good option. It keeps you busy and helps with creativity and writing skills. Here are some cool drawing ideas you can try.

1. Doodles

Face doodle on paper
Drawing helps ease your mood and reduce anxiety. Photo: Siri Stafford
Source: Getty Images

Scientists have proved that doodling on paper is a great way of dealing with anxiety. This is one of the things to draw when you're bored in class to take away some of the extra energy. Doodling is not just something done without thinking. It can also help your body feel better and give your mind a break to relax and recharge.

2. Stick figures

People drawn in stick figures
Drawing is a simple activity that anyone can do. Photo: Westend61
Source: Getty Images

Drawing stick figures is super easy because they're really simple to make. You just need dots and lines. Many people like them and usually draw them quickly with only a few lines and little detail. If you are bored in class, you can draw them as symbols to show something specific.

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3. Figure drawing

A person drawing someone on a paper
You can draw different poses of people to express how you feel at that moment. Photo: Nicola Tree
Source: Getty Images

Figure drawing means drawing people in different poses to express feelings and situations. You can use your imagination to draw these pictures or look at real people like your friends or teachers to help you.

4. Caricatures

Different faces drawn on paper
Caricatures are humorous, bringing out the desired emotions. Photo: Igor Zakowski
Source: Getty Images

Caricatures are among the cute things to draw when you're bored. They include goofy faces or cantonised faces of people. They can be sad, happy, or bring forth the desired emotion as per the artist. Drawing caricatures can also help one focus when brought down by anxiety and boredom.

5. Silhouette

Set of cat silhouettes
A silhouette outlines whatever you are drawing without details. Photo: Invision Frame Studio
Source: Getty Images

Silhouette drawing is about outlining a person or thing without any details. It's usually filled in black inside, and the shape shows the mood or form. The curves of the outline give the feeling of the drawing. It's a flexible art form where even tiny changes in size and shape can express much.

6. Eye sketch

Drawing an eye sketch is not difficult. It's a matter of getting a pencil and paper mixed with boredom in class. For a long time, many artists have liked drawing eyes. It's because eyes represent focus, truth, light, and understanding. They're symbols artists use to make people think about these ideas.

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Things to draw when you're bored for kids

Kids have a short attention span for one task. They quickly get bored and must be constantly entertained. Drawing and making crafts are great for kids to show their creativity and entertain them. But sometimes, it's tough to think of simple drawing ideas for them. Here is a list to help you.

1. Unicorns

A young girl drawing a unicorn on a paper
Unicorns are one of the things you can draw when you are bored. Photo: SDI Productions
Source: Getty Images

Unicorns top the list of cute things to draw when bored at home or for your child. To draw a unicorn, start with a big oval for the head. Add a small oval for the nose and two big ovals for the eyes. Draw a V-line for the mouth and two curved lines for the eyebrows. Lastly, put on a mane and a horn and colour to your satisfaction.

2. A house

A beautiful drawing of a house
For kids, drawings do not have to be perfect. Photo: Westend61
Source: Getty Images

Drawing a house for a kid does not have to be perfect. It is all in their imagination of what a house looks like. You can start by drawing parallel lines for the base, a triangle for the roof, a rectangle for the door, add windows and a chimney.

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3. A butterfly

A drawing of a butterfly and bees in a garden
Many kids love drawing butterflies because of their beauty. Photo: mikroman6
Source: Getty Images

Kids enjoy beautiful things, and butterflies come first on the list. Begin with a large circle in the middle. Add smaller circles on each side for wings. Add antennae and colour the butterfly. The colours can be as bright or dull as you like, according to your child's preference.

4. A puppy

A drawing of a puppy
You can start drawing puppies by first drawing a circle for the head. Photo: Juanma Hache
Source: Getty Images

Puppies are beautiful and snug, so they're a top choice for kids' drawings. Start by drawing a big oval for the head, two small circles for the eyes, and a curved line for the mouth. Add pointy ears and details like fur and legs.

5. A tree

A person drawing a tree on a paper
You can draw a simple or detailed diagram without many details. Photo: Vitranc
Source: Getty Images

Trees are easy to draw; if you can doodle, you can easily draw a tree with branches and green leaves. First, draw a big oval for the trunk. Then, add branches coming from it. Finally, put leaves on the branches. Your tree can be simple or detailed, depending on what you like.

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6. Rainbow

A drawing of a rainbow and a family holding hands
Rainbows are fun to draw because of their numerous colours. Photo: DrPixel
Source: Getty Images

Children enjoy drawing rainbows, one of the easiest things to draw. You can start by drawing a curved line on the paper and then add seven lines coming down from it, spaced evenly. After that, you can colour each rainbow part to make it vibrant. And if you want to make it even more fun, you can draw fluffy clouds in the sky to go along with the rainbow.

7. A cat

A child drawing a cat
Cats are easy to draw because they are found in many homes. Photo: portishead1
Source: Getty Images

Cats are among the cool drawing ideas because of their popularity. They can be easily found in many homes as pets, making them a popular subject for drawing. First, draw a big oval for its head to make a picture of a cat, then put two small circles for its eyes before drawing a tiny nose and mouth. Lastly, draw some lines for its whiskers on the face.

Things to draw when you're bored at home

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Drawing will be a great exercise if you are at home and have a lot of time on your hands that you don't know what to do with. Here are some great ideas of things you can draw at home, whether on a piece of paper or in your hand.

1. Hand signs

Drawing of different hand signs
Hand signs are interesting to draw because each sign stands for something. Photo: Liudmila Baskelovich
Source: Getty Images

You can make many gestures with one hand, so drawing hand signs is interesting. This art is among the fun things to draw when you're bored at home, and it will curb boredom and keep you entertained. You can start this sculpture by practising with simple lines and shapes.

2. Paper plane art

A drawing of paper planes on paper
Drawing is generally fun and relaxing. Photo: Tarchyshnik
Source: Getty Images

Many people encountered paper planes when they were young, folding a piece of paper in a plane shape and playing with it like a plane. When bored at home, you can doodle this simple image in your diary or a piece of paper.

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3. Bart Simpson's art

Bart Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated television series The Simpsons and part of the Simpson family. He is known for his rebellious character, which often goes unpunished. Bart Simpson's art may look simple, but it is complex and can consume much of your free time.

4. Music notes

Music notes are symbols for specific sounds used in musical instruments. They show both pitch and duration. Begin with the first symbol, a beam note combining two quaver notes. You can then add as many notes as you desire according to the rhythm playing in your heart.

5. Crown

A boy is standing next to a blackboard with a crown drawing.
Crowns are small and simple to draw; you can draw them anywhere, including your hand. Photo: PeopleImages
Source: Getty Images

Things to draw on your hand when bored abound, and a crown is one of them. Crowns are small and simple to sketch, so you can easily sketch them out on your palm while doodling. Begin by drawing a wide 'U' shape for the crown. Then, angle the sides slightly and add three circles. After that, draw two symmetrical curved shapes and connect them to two more rings and curves.

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6. Baby Tom

Baby Tom's character comes from the famous Tom and Jerry animation. First, draw a circle for the head and add facial guidelines before sketching ear shapes and a big circle for the body. Lastly, add guidelines for arms, legs, feet, and hands and play around with the shading and colours.

7. Planet Jupiter

A beautiful drawing of planet Jupiter and other celestial bodies.
You can easily sketch out Jupiter while you are bored at home. Photo : Tatyana Antusenok
Source: Getty Images

Jupiter is a unique planet in the solar system, making it one of the fun things to draw when you're bored. Apart from being a circle, it has a beautiful ring around it that makes it stand out among other planets. Jupiter is easy to draw; you can do this with children at home to reduce boredom.

Finding things to draw when you're bored is a fun way to keep yourself busy. Drawing is one of the best solutions in such times, for it lets you unleash your creativity and express yourself freely. The next time you're looking for something to do, grab a pencil and paper and let your imagination soar with the things to draw when bored at home or in class.

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