The top 50 creepy facts most people don't know: Journey into the unknown

The top 50 creepy facts most people don't know: Journey into the unknown

The world is packed with enigmatic events and phenomena. Some are weird because there is no rational explanation for them. Others, however, are totally beyond reason and human imagination and trying to explain them makes people more confused and terrified. Discover some creepy facts that most people are unaware of.

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Disturbing facts can send shivers down your spine. Photo: @olly, (modified by author)
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Scary facts are entertaining to share at gatherings to get everyone's hearts racing and to start a conversation. These facts can also be terrific icebreakers if you're a little unconventional. You will be shocked by the reactions you receive when you inform a stranger that it is possible to die from laughing.

Creepy facts most people don't know

There are numerous facts that many individuals have yet to discover. Most people are fascinated by lesser-known topics, whether good, awful, bizarre, eerie, or scary. A healthy truth can make you grin, whilst a disturbing fact can send shivers down your spine, but it's always intriguing to learn about all those creepy facts. Here are some weird facts that are true.

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1. Certain plants can "scream" when they are in distress

According to researchers, some plants make ultrasonic sounds when stressed, especially when they are dehydrated or have their leaves chopped. These noises are too powerful for humans to perceive but may be detected using specialised technology.

2. A typical person walks past 36 murders in their lifetime

According to statistics and the typical lifespan, you will unwittingly stroll past around 36 killers over your lifetime. This creepy fact about humans demonstrates how little you know about the individuals you meet daily.

3. Tiny mites live on your eyelashes

Demodex mites are tiny critters that dwell on your brows and eyelashes and within the pores inside your skin. While they are generally innocuous, they may trigger skin inflammation or irritation in some circumstances.

4. A person sheds approximately 40 pounds of skin

People constantly lose dead skin cells, which new ones substitute. A person is expected to shed around 40 pounds of skin over their lifetime.

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5. There could be up to 10 million dust mites living in your bed

Dust mites in a pillow
There could be up to 10 million dust mites living in your bed. Photo: Selva Negra
Source: Getty Images

Microscopic organisms called dust mites prefer warm, humid settings, like mattresses. They prey on dead skin cells and, in some instances, might trigger allergies.

6. It is common for kids to hear "voices"

Many kids have sensory hallucinations, or "voices," as a natural part of their growth and development. These voices often fade as the youngster ages and do not suggest any psychological difficulties.

7. Dead bodies are still able to move

Rigour mortis, induced by a buildup of calcium in the muscles, allows the muscles to relax and twitch even after death. This can make a body appear moving, even when not alive.

8. The human body contains millions of microscopic species

Human bodies have billions of bacteria, fungi, and other tiny organisms known as the microbiome. Most of these creatures are harmless or helpful, but the notion that individuals are never alone is unsettling.

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9. Your birthday has a higher risk of death than any other day

Did you know that you have a 14% higher chance of passing away on your birthday than on any other day? It is true! This strange phenomenon is known as the "birthday effect," it could be caused by factors such as increased stress, alcohol, or risky behaviour on your birthday.

10. Cats can recognise their owner's voice, yet they frequently ignore it

A woman is smilling at the cat
Cats can recognise their owner's voice, yet they frequently ignore it. Photo: Don Mason
Source: Getty Images

Cats can recognise their caregiver's voice from an outsider's, although they rarely respond. This is because, unlike dogs, cats have not been domesticated to accept human demands and are more self-sufficient by nature.

11. The deceased outweigh the living on earth

There are approximately 15 dead people for every person that lives today. This suggests that the number of individuals who have lived and passed away far exceeds the present global population.

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12. The typical person will spend six years of their existence dreaming

What are the scary facts about sleep? Individuals spend nearly one-third of their lives sleeping, with an average of two hours of dreaming per night. After accounting for a typical lifespan, this amounts to six years spent dreaming.

13. The brain is constantly consuming itself

The process by which cells enclose and devour smaller cells or molecules to expel them from the body is known as phagocytosis. Not only does phagocytosis not cause injury, but it also preserves your grey matter.

14. 7.5% less blood reaches the brain when a tie is worn

An investigation conducted in 2018 discovered that sporting a necktie can lower blood flow to the brain by as much as 7.5%, which can result in headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Ties are also excellent germ carriers and can constrict your beautiful eyes.

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15. The sun produces a sound that you cannot hear

The sun has sound in the form of pressure waves. The wavelength of the sun's pressure waves can be gauged in hundreds of miles, indicating that they are far outside the range of human hearing.

16. Deaf persons are known to utilise sign language when asleep

A woman and a daughter communicating in sign language
Deaf persons are known to utilise sign language when asleep. Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc
Source: Getty Images

A case investigation of a 71-year-old man with frequent eye movement disorder and severe deafness revealed that he used proficient sign language while sleeping, and researchers could decipher what he was dreaming about owing to those signs.

17. Bacterial cells outnumber human cells in the body

The average human contains approximately fifty-six per cent bacteria. This was identified in a 2016 study and is significantly lower than previous estimates of 90%. However, because bacteria are so light in weight, every individual is more than 99.7% human.

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18. During the hot weather, your nails grow faster

This is most likely due to increased blood circulation to the fingers. You may also be less worried when on vacation, making you less prone to nibbling away at them.

19. You recall more dreams when you sleep badly

According to research, if you have trouble falling asleep and wake up frequently during the night, you'll be more likely to remember the details of your dreams. Additionally, when you wake up after a dream, you are more likely to recall it.

20. Trees would collapse if the earth's size doubled

This is due to a doubling of surface gravity. It would also prevent dogs and larger animals from running without breaking their legs.

21. Animals can perceive time differently than humans

Smaller animals perceive their surroundings as moving more slowly than humans. Reptiles, for example, perceive time slower than cats and dogs. The brain's ability to comprehend incoming information determines how rapidly time is perceived.

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22. It's possible to die from laughing

Many people have died as a result of extreme laughter, which can cause cardiac arrest or suffocation. Comedy programmes should come with caution.

23. Snakes can consume their tails

When a snake is anxious, it might confuse its tail for prey and attempt to eat it, a strange behaviour known as "Ophiophagy", which can result in the snake's death if it does not realise its error in time.

24. There is a fungus that controls ants' thoughts

A dead ant on a leaf
There is a fungus that controls ants' thoughts. Photo: Reza Saputra
Source: Getty Images

A parasitic fungus called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis infects ants and takes over their brains. The fungus then eats the insides of the afflicted ant and produces spores that infect new ants, forcing the ant to crawl to a high place and adhere to a leaf or twig. It has been dubbed the "Zombie Ant fungus" because of this unsettling process.

25. A parasite replaces a fish's tongue

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The parasitic crustacean, known as the "tongue-eating louse", clings to fish tongues and feeds on the blood vessels until the tongue decays. The fish can subsequently continue utilising its mouth properly because the parasite essentially serves as its new tongue.

26. Bacteria that create body odour consume your sweat

The bacteria on your skin degrade the proteins in your sweat, resulting in a foul-smelling waste. This, rather than sweat, is what generates body odour.

27. There is a fish with human-like teeth

The sheepshead fish possesses teeth that closely mimic human teeth, including molars and incisors. These teeth allow the fish to break the shells of its victims, which include crustaceans and molluscs.

28. Many cemeteries have a "devil's chair"

Stone chairs, known as "devil's chairs", can be seen in graves worldwide. The bereaved commonly used these chairs to sit and weep, but folklore and myths have given them a negative reputation. Some myths say the devil will arrive if you rest in one at midnight.

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29. The catacombs underneath Paris

What are creepy facts from history? There's a massive network of passageways and rooms beneath Paris, filled with the bones of almost six million individuals! They built these catacombs in the eighteenth century because the city's cemeteries were overcrowded.

30. The infamous "crying boy" painting

In the 1980s, several incidents of house fires in England were associated with a picture titled "The Crying Boy." In every instance, the artwork was discovered intact despite the debris. This sparked rumours that the picture was cursed, and numerous individuals burned their copies in terror.

31. Some people have an additional bone in their knee

An x-ray of a child knee
Some people have an additional bone in their knee. Photo: Angkhan
Source: Getty Images

Some people have the fabella, a tiny bone the size of a sesame seed, placed behind their knee. It is classified as a vestigial structure, which means it no longer serves any use in the human body. A fabella can be painful and uncomfortable at times.

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32. The Bermuda Triangle's spooky reputation

The Bermuda Triangle, located in the western Atlantic Ocean, has historically been linked to inexplicable disappearances of ships and planes. Although many disappearances might be attributed to natural causes or human error, the region's dark reputation keeps drawing attention and chill.

33. The bizarre tale of the Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is a mythological ghost ship that is claimed to be destined to cruise the seas indefinitely, never reaching port. The ship is frequently regarded as a warning of disaster, and its outward appearance is considered a bad omen to people who see it.

34. The ghostly visage of the ghost shark

The ghost shark, commonly known as the chimaera, is an underwater fish with a cartilaginous structure and a disturbing, ghost-like appearance. Their light-coloured, translucent skin and big, lifeless eyes make them one of the most terrifying creatures in the ocean.

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35. The mysterious phenomenon of sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a terrible condition in which a person awakens but cannot move or talk, typically accompanied by a sense of being pressurised on the chest and a demonic presence in the room. The phenomena relate to various cultural myths and stories, including meetings with demons and evil spirits.

36. Cotard's Syndrome: The Walking Dead

Cotard's syndrome is an exceedingly unusual mental condition in which the sufferer feels they are deceased, lack any existence, or have lost their bodily functions or blood. The hallucination might be so intense that the sufferer neglects their own needs, believing they are no longer living.

37. The disturbing reality of sleepwalking

Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is an insomnia condition where patients conduct complicated behaviours while still asleep, like eating, walking, or driving. Sleepwalkers frequently have no remembrance of their actions and can unknowingly put themselves in trouble.

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38. The weird Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is an uncommon condition of the brain in which a person perceives their body or environment as distorted, making them appear larger or smaller than they are. The syndrome can be unsettling and frightening, leaving the affected person feeling trapped in a bizarre, dream-like universe.

39. Pigs are omnivores and can eat anything, including humans

Piglets in a pigpen feeding
Pigs are omnivores and can eat anything, including humans. Photo: Andrew Sacks
Source: Getty Images

This is one of the most creepy animal facts. Pigs are recognised for eating various foods, including fruits, vegetables, and meat. In severe situations, they have been reported to ingest human flesh, which makes them both ingenious and terrifying.

40. Trees can grow within the human lungs

In rare situations, little tree seeds or plant pieces can become trapped in a person's lungs, establishing roots and growing. The mere existence of a growing plant can cause severe difficulties, necessitating surgical removal.

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41. A person swallows approximately 1 to 2 cups of mucus daily

The body produces mucus to collect and remove foreign particles and microorganisms. Throughout the day, people subconsciously ingest mucus, consuming about 1 to 2 cups daily as it travels through the nasal passages to the stomach.

42. Dentures were once created from the teeth of the deceased

Previously, dentists removed teeth from dead people to make dentures for their surviving patients. This approach was prevalent in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

43. One rock hurtling through space can destroy humanity

This is one of the creepy space facts. Debris is common in space. While most are innocuous to individuals on Earth, it only takes a 0.6-mile-wide boulder to endanger the survival of your entire race. Even smaller rocks, measuring about 130 feet across, can cause catastrophic damage to the planet.

44. Some lizards can practically shoot blood from their eyeballs

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A minimum of eight varieties of horned lizards (Phrynosoma) can point and shoot blood from their eyeballs. They stop their head's blood supply from flowing until the pressure increases and bursts the veins in their eyelids. They employ this as a defensive tactic to disorient their attackers.

45. Eyes disclose one of the first indications of death

The eyes clouding due to a lack of oxygen and fluid reaching the corneas is one of the earliest apparent signs of death. If the eyes were open when passing away, it might occur within ten minutes and a day if they were closed. This is one of the most creepy facts about death.

46. Dogs can detect when a person is about to die

A woman and a dog in Stoney Lake, Ontario, Canada
Dogs can detect when a person is about to die. Photo: LWA
Source: Getty Images

This is a creepy dog fact. Dogs have a remarkable capacity to see when something isn't right. They frequently express their concerns by wailing or whining. It is said that dogs can smell death. They can sense when someone is about to pass away.

47. Mirrors can trigger hallucinations

What are some creepy facts about mirrors? Mirrors have been shown in research to produce hallucinations, which is a frightening fact. According to research, if you sit in a darkened room approximately 3 feet away from a mirror and gaze at your reflection for around 10 minutes, you may begin to hallucinate. This is due to minor distortions accumulating within your mirror.

48. Cows are more likely to kill you than sharks

Many individuals die every year as a result of being kicked or trampled on by a grown cow. It is also stated that cows worldwide face the same direction when grazing. That sounds like an eerie conspiracy theory.

49. Mount Everest contains over 200 frozen corpses

Climbers and Sherpa guides who die on Mount Everest are typically left behind when they fall. This is because moving a body around 20 thousand feet down the dangerous terrain would endanger the rescuers themselves.

50. Your small intestine is much longer than your height

Your small intestine is wholly coiled up in the cavity of your abdomen, making it impossible to determine its length. However, if you extended out your small intestine, it would be around four times the length of your height.

Above are some creepy facts most people don't know about. Every stride you take, every motion you make, the cosmos whispers secrets that will send chills down your spine. Life isn't always as it appears. In fact, amid the regular bustle of life, a disturbing reality exists: you may have inadvertently crossed contact with a serial killer up to 36 times. published an article featuring some interesting facts about the mother of pearl. Mother of Pearl refers to the iridescent substance that constitutes the inside layer of many mollusc shells.

What is another name for mother-of-pearl? It is also known as nacre. When it comes to organic jewellery, nacre is a popular choice. It is the only gemstone generated by a living organism from Mother Nature, which makes it the planet's most organic jewel. Check out the article for some fascinating facts about the material.


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