The best 30 pool toys you should get for babies and toddlers

The best 30 pool toys you should get for babies and toddlers

For those with babies and toddlers, ensuring pool time is safe and fun is crucial. The right pool toys translate to endless fun and help develop motor skills, sensory perception, and water confidence. Explore the best pool toys for babies and toddlers.

Pool toys for kids
Baby float with canopy, animal-shaped toys, and baby pool seats are some of the best pool toys for kids. Photo: @babytotoddlers1, @HumbleWarrior10, @CrazySalesAus on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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When purchasing pool toys for kids, consider how easy they are to clean and store and any potential safety issues. Toys that are safe for adults may not be suitable for children, particularly inexperienced swimmers.

Best pool toys for babies and toddlers

Going to the pool with your kids for a swim is great, but what you bring to play with makes it even more enjoyable. Here is a list of some of the best pool toys for toddlers and babies to help them enjoy their pool time.

1. Stacking cups

Yellow, blue, and green stacking cups.
Yellow, blue, and green stacking cups that are numbered. Photo:, @towfiqu-barbhuiya
Source: UGC

Stacking cups are versatile and simple. They allow your child to pour, scoop, and splash water. They are ideal for improving fine motor skills and are easy for little hands to hold.

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2. Inflatable water play mats

Inflatable water play mats are some of the best inflatable pool toys. These mats can be filled with water before being placed on the pool floor. They are ideal for tummy time and sensory development, providing a unique water play experience without complete immersion.

3. Inflatable baby float with canopy

These floats provide babies a safe and comfortable way to enjoy the water. The canopy protects your child from the sun, and the tight seat keeps them stable, making them the best swim toys for toddlers.

4. Light up floating toys

These toys light up when they touch water, capturing your child's attention and adding to the magic of pool time. Look for ones that are waterproof and suitable for little hands.

5. Waterproof bath books

Waterproof bath books
Colourful waterproof bath books for toddlers. Photo: @thrift_ease, @sarah.rpsi on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Waterproof bathbooks are made of water-resistant materials. They can be read and played with in the pool, promoting early literacy in a fun environment.

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6. Baby spring float

Baby spring float
Babies in pink (L) and blue baby spring floats. Photo: @spitupandsitups, @everydayreading on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

These floats, with a soft mesh seat and an adjustable backrest, are ideal for toddlers and babies. They frequently come with built-in grips for extra stability, making them perfect for first-time water experiences.

7. Floating pool thermometer toys

Floating pool thermometer
Floating pool thermometers in different shapes. Photo: @CalliforniaD, @KidsSmarter on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC

These stunning thermometres come in various fun shapes, including ducks and turtles. They assess water temperature while serving as toys, making them useful and fun.

8. Inflatable kids pool

Inflatable kids pool
Inflatable kid's pool in the backyard. Photo: @Diyaa427, @arivomkadaioffi on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What can I use as a pool toy? A small inflatable pool is ideal for introducing babies to water play in a safe and shallow environment. They can splash and play safely with supervision.

9. Foam pool noodles

Foam pool noodles are lightweight and versatile. They can provide support, engage in imaginative play, or create floating structures. They are classic pool toys that offer endless entertainment.

10. Waterproof pool balls

Waterproof pool balls
Coloured waterproof pool balls for babies. Photo:, @karen-pamplona
Source: UGC

These soft and safe balls are intended explicitly for water play, enabling children to throw, catch, and splash. Many parents wonder, "How many pool balls are there?" While every set is different, having a few bright-coloured, lightweight balls can keep children engaged for hours.

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11. Baby kickboards

Printed (L) and plain blue kickboards for kids. Photo: @woodcroft_college, @drewbrophy on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Small kickboards in different shapes are ideal for children learning to swim. They promote and encourage good kicking skills, making swim practice enjoyable.

12. Floating musical toys

Musical toys that float and play melodies when they touch the water offer a sensory-rich experience. These pool toys stimulate auditory senses and add a musical element to pool play.

13. Animal-shaped water blasters

Animal-shaped water blasters
Blue, pink, and green animal-shaped water blasters. Photo: @targetdealfinder on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Easy-to-use water blasters shaped like animals are ideal pool toys for babies and toddlers. They provide fun water spraying action while fostering interactive play and developing fine motor skills.

14. Floating octopus ring toss game

Floating octopus ring toss game
A colourful floating octopus ring toss game. Photo: @Eva92V on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: Twitter

This is an interactive game where kids fling rings onto an octopus' tentacles. It improves aiming and coordination, making poolside activities more enjoyable.

15. Floating building blocks

Building blocks
Blue building blocks for babies. Photo:, @karen-pamplona
Source: UGC

These blocks are designed to float and stick together, allowing children to build in the water. They promote creativity and fine motor abilities, making pool time enjoyable and educational.

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16. Waterproof dolls

Waterproof dolls can withstand water play, allowing your baby or toddler to play with their favourite toy in the pool. These dolls are ideal for imaginative play and comfort.

17. Bubble machines

Bubble machines
A 132 (L) and 32 holes bubble machine. Photo: @FatKidDeals, @Kaydees on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Bubble machines are some of the best pool toys for kids. Set one up by the poolside for endless bubble entertainment. Bubbles provide a magical element to pool time, delighting babies and toddlers.

18. Diving toys

Diving toys
Diving toys in different shapes. Photo: @allmamaschildren, @saekotw on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Soft, easy-to-grab diving toys encourage toddlers to reach for them in the water. These pool toys promote underwater confidence and swimming skills, making them ideal for young learners.

19. Water activity table

Water activity table
A baby playing with water (L) and a brown water activity table. Photo: @mysticchic24, @brookieleighbee on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Water activity tables are ideal for poolside play. They include various water activities and toys to keep children entertained while they splash and play. They are perfect for improving motor skills and engaging in imaginative play.

20. Inflatable water slide

An inflatable water slide can be placed on the pool's side for a bit more excitement. These slides offer endless fun and are ideal for babies and older kids looking for a thrilling water experience.

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21. Floating ABC mat

A floating ABC mat is one of the top pool toys for toddlers. Its detachable foam letters combine educational play and poolside fun. Toddlers may learn the alphabet and practise spelling while having fun in the water.

22. Floating water drums

Floating water drums
Pink and yellow drum sets. Photo: on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Floating water drums can be played with drumsticks, promoting musical exploration and rhythm in the water. They give kids a fun method of making music while enjoying the pool.

23. Animal-shaped pool floats

Unicorn pool float
A unicorn pool floats on a swimming pool. Photo:, @kindelmedia
Source: UGC

Brightly coloured and fun-shaped floats allow babies and toddlers to ride on their favourite animals, like unicorns and whales. These pool toys are entertaining and provide a safe area for babies to sit as they enjoy the water.

24. Inflatable splash pads

Inflatable splash pads
Yellow and blue inflatable splash pads. Photo: @stealsrus_com, @amzn_deals_us on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Inflatable splash pads offer a gentle spray of water, making them ideal for babies who are not yet ready for total pool immersion. These pads are suitable for cooling and splashing around without going deep in water.

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25. Floating baby pool seat

Floating baby pool seat
Differently shaped floating baby pool seats. Photo: @LuckysCornR, @GYOBY_TOYS on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Pool seats let your infant sit comfortably while floating. It gives kids a sense of freedom on the water while keeping them safe and secure.

26. Inflatable baby water mat

These mats can be filled with water and used inside and outside the pool, providing a distinct tactile experience. They are ideal for sensory play and tummy time, stimulating your baby's curiosity.

27. Floating activity rings

These rings float in the water and come with various attachments, including mirrors and beads, to stimulate your baby's senses. These pool toys are perfect for keeping babies entertained and engaged.

28. Pool letters and numbers

Pool letters and numbers
Colourful pool letters and numbers for babies and toddlers. Photo: @All4Babies1
Source: Twitter

When wet, these foam pieces stick to the pool's side and serve as an educative toy. Toddlers may learn letters and numbers while playing, mixing fun and learning.

29. Stack and pour buckets

Stack and pour buckets
Colourful stack and pour buckets with animal faces. Photo: @peek_a_boo_store on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Sometimes, the simplest toys are the most popular. These stack-and-pour buckets feature beautiful animal faces and are great for use in the bath or pool.

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30. Classic water blasters

Classic water blasters
Multi-coloured classic water blasters. Photo: @adams61num, @turner39sba on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Water guns are a popular summertime gadget, but water blasters are much more enjoyable. These pool toys provide maximum engagement and fun, while the trigger-free design keeps younger children safe. Water blusters are also excellent pool toys for adults.

What are swimming toys called?

Swimming toys are commonly referred to as pool toys. These toys were made specifically for use in and near water areas such as swimming pools, beaches, and bathtubs. They come in different sizes and shapes, as listed above.

What are the benefits of pool toys?

Pool toys have many benefits, including improving motor skills and coordination in children engaging in throwing, catching, and swimming activities.

Pool toys encourage sensory development and imaginative play, keeping children entertained and fostering creativity. They can also assist young children in developing water confidence and safety awareness, making swimming more pleasurable and educational.

Is it OK to leave pool toys in the pool?

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It is generally not advisable to leave pool toys in the pool since prolonged exposure to chlorine and sunshine can deteriorate them, lowering their lifespan and safety.

Additionally, leaving toys in the pool might pose a safety risk by enticing unsupervised children who might reach for them and fall in. To maintain the longevity of the toys, they should be removed from the pool and stored appropriately after each usage.

Choosing the appropriate pool toys can provide a fun and safe environment for your younger children to enjoy the water. Opt for safe and educational toys, and keep your babies and toddlers under constant supervision around or in the pool. recently published an article on rare squishmallows. Squishmallows are extremely squishy characters, similar to pillows. They have a marshmallow-like texture and are spongy and lightweight, making them excellent travel support and bedtime companions.

Rare squishmallows include Jack the Cat, Avery the Duck, and Blossom the Sheep. Discover details about these squishy characters and others in this category.


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