What is the Picuki app: What does it do, and how does it work

What is the Picuki app: What does it do, and how does it work

Accessing Instagram profiles and content without an account is possible, but you will have a partial experience. Such limitation has prompted some developers to create third-party websites and apps that allow full access without registration. One such app is Picuki. Discover more about it, including its features and functions.

A screenshot of Picuki website homepage
Picuki app allows you to access Instagram without logging in. Photo: picuki.com (modified by author)
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Instagram boasts over 2.4 billion users as of early 2024. The popularity of the social platform has prompted many to explore the app. But with some limitations, including following, liking or leaving comments on IG without an account, what can third-party apps like Picuki offer? The website has a lot of benefits worth exploring.

What is the Picuki app?

What Is Picuki Instagram viewer? Picuki is a third-party Instagram website that allows users to view or download videos, images, and stories from public profiles on Instagram. The online tool is easy to use, requiring no software installation.

How does Picuki work?

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The platform allows users to access Instagram content using an official Instagram Basic API (Application Programming Interface). The interface allows Picuki access to account information like photos and videos.

How to use Picuki to view Instagram anonymously

The Picuki website search result page.
A screenshot of the Picuki app search result page with an Instagram account. Photo: picuki.com
Source: UGC

To use the Picuki website, one must have a working internet connection and browser. Follow the steps below to view any public Instagram account anonymously:

  1. On your internet browser, visit the Picuki webpage.
  2. You'll find a search tab on the homepage with options to input a username, tag or URL.
  3. Enter the username, tag or URL of the account you intend to view (only works with accounts set to public privacy).
  4. Click the search button to locate the intended account.
  5. You will be redirected to the profiles or tag section; choose either. The profile option leads to the searched account, while the tag option leads to posts with the hashtag.
  6. If you click the profile option, you can view stories or posts with the option to download photos or videos.

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Picuki features

The online platform is unique, offering users various features. Here are some of the app's features:

The website uses a search engine function to locate any public Instagram account. Users can use this feature to enter the Instagram usernames, tags or URLs of the accounts they intend to view.

Download option

Picuki allows users to view or download photos or videos from posts. The images are downloadable in JPEG format, while the videos are in MP4 format.

Photo Editor

Screenshot of the Picuki app photo editor
The Picuki app's image editor feature. Photo: picuki.com
Source: UGC

The Picuki Instagram editor tool lets users edit and enhance photos with filters, effects and more. Additional editor functions include crop and resizing functionality and adding text, stickers, or collages.

Instagram stories and highlights

Users can view Instagram stories of people without them knowing. The stories function is on the top left of the page alongside the tags, posts, followers, following, and stats options.

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Analytics feature

Picuki offers insights into the Instagram accounts searched, providing data about the followers, following, and account stats.

Hashtag search feature

The hashtag search feature allows users to search for relevant hashtags and see the top posts associated with them. The hashtags feature is ideal for marketing, especially for businesses interested in increasing their brand's visibility.

Is Picuki anonymous to view Instagram?

Yes, it is. The tool lets users anonymously view stories, photos, and videos of public Instagram profiles. This function means account holders will not know you viewed their profiles or Instagram stories.

Is Picuki for Instagram safe to use?

Yes, it is. According to Scam Adviser, Picuki received high reviews from various users, with the platform giving it a 100 over 100 Trustscore. The platform's positives include no malware or phishing software detected.

Is Picuki for Instagram free?

The website is free and requires no registration and authentication. Once you open the platform, you can search for and view public profiles with no restrictions.

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Above are the features and functions of the Picuki app. The platform is an online tool that allows users to view public Instagram profiles without an account. The platform is free to use, offering users anonymous and seamless Instagram browsing.

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