150+ women empowerment quotes that are inspiring and impactful

150+ women empowerment quotes that are inspiring and impactful

Due to the patriarchal nature of many societies in the world, women find themselves marginalized and even discriminated against. Sad as it may be, quite a lot has been invested through numerous attempts to uplift women and most of them are paying. This struggle cannot be concluded without an avalanche of women empowerment quotes to raise their morale.

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women empowerment quotes
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Gone are the days when all women had to do was sit around in the house and rely on men for all their needs. In today’s world, women have been empowered and have a space in society. It is access to education coupled with empowerment quotes for women that has made them achieve great strides in the fight for equality.

Female empowerment quotes

There is no shortage of genuine quotes to empower women so that they pursue dignified lives. Below are inspirational quotes for empowering women:

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  • Drawing joy from life ought to be a woman’s best cosmetic.
  • Every woman has the right to be beautiful.
  • When a woman stands for herself, she stands up for all women.
  • A call for women to be fierce does not mean they stop being compassionate because they are the ones who hold the world from falling into chaos.
  • Feminism is not just about women; it is for all people to live fuller lives.
  • Progress comes not by dancing better than others, but by dancing better than the self.
  • Women should not apologize for their femaleness and femininity but they should be respected for it.
  • Feminism is not about making women stronger because they are already strong; it is about changing how the world perceives that strength.
  • Women, like men, have no reason not to try to do the impossible.
  • Failure should not be a stop sign but a challenge to try harder.
  • You go to a man when you want something said but if you want something done you will go to a woman.
  • Let the question not be who is going to let me; but who is going to stop me!
  • Always focus on the self because you can’t please everyone.
  • Even little girls should know that they are valuable and powerful.
  • Women need to be involved at all levels from the top because that is how the conversation is reshaped.
  • Beautiful people are not necessarily good but good people are always beautiful.
  • A woman’s calling is to be a first-rate version of herself and not a second rate version of someone else.
  • We can’t all succeed if half of us are held back. All women should be brave and embrace their strength in order to fulfil their potential.
  • The world needs women who are so strong they actually are gentle.
  • Believing in your inner abilities gives you the confidence to have outer strength.

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women empowerment quotes
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  • Confidence is not a birthright but it is self-taught.
  • Optimism is hope that brings achievement. Without it, there can be no confidence.
  • Confidence is a journey whose destination is always a success.
  • It is possible to make it to the very top without having to stomp on other people.
  • Nothing else matters as long as you know who you are and what you stand for.
  • Women who are keen on being successful should not give attention to doubtful people because they can kill dreams.
  • Life can shrink or expand depending on your courage.
  • If you are tired of being a doormat then you will have to get off the floor.
  • Never compromise yourself because you are all you’ve got.
  • The easiest way to give up your power is by thinking you don’t have any.
  • The bravest thing you can do is to know who you are and where you want to go.

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Short women empowerment quotes

Good quotes should be brief and clear in order for them to be understood by many people. Below are some of the best quotes on women empowerment:

  • A society in which women are empowered is less violent in every way.
  • Educating a woman is educating an entire generation.
  • Every woman’s success ought to be an inspiration to all other women.
  • Women are the backbone of all successful societies.
  • Equality for women is progress for all people.
  • Like men, women deserve every chance and opportunity in the world.
  • Regardless of the problem, women should always be part of the solution.
  • They will urge you to wait for your turn and seek permission from the right people. Do it anyway!
  • No woman can be free unless all women are free.
  • No one can make women inferior without their consent so they shouldn’t give it.
  • The only way for women to do it is to actually do it!
  • Do it as long as it empowers you because you cannot make everyone like you.
  • Changing the destiny of women starts with them reshaping their perception of themselves.
  • A woman who knows her worth cannot auction her freedom for any price.
  • Change cannot come without women learning to embrace their power!
  • No man can be successful without a woman.
  • Criticism should be taken seriously when there is truth in it because it is meant to help you learn.
  • People only realize how important their voices are when they are silenced.
  • All people have their dark sides but not everyone allows themselves to be defined by them.
  • You are beautiful just as you are but more powerful than you will ever know.
  • Success is measured by building a life you are proud to live.

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women empowerment quotes
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  • The beauty of women is that they always do things they don’t know how to do and learn from them.
  • Successful women are not liked, but as long as they don’t give up they will always get the respect they deserve.
  • If you want to be irreplaceable you must be willing to be different.
  • Nobody should rob you of your imagination, because that’s your place in the world.
  • Life becomes easier when women become their own best friends.
  • Women have no option but to learn to play the game as men do.
  • Live up to your own expectations as long as you follow your beliefs, values and moral compass.
  • Even if they chain you just know that nothing can lock the freedom of your mind.
  • Kings rule the kingdom, but it is the queens who move the board.

Empowered strong woman quotes

Even the strongest of women need to be encouraged not to give up on the fight for equality. For the women who are industry leaders, you can use businesswoman quotes like:

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  • A woman is like a perfect circle because she has the power to create, nurture, and transform.
  • A strong woman thinks like a queen because queens have never been afraid of failure. To them, failure is a stepping stone to greatness.
  • A woman’s guess is a lot more accurate than a man’s certainty.
  • Women need to learn that power is not given but taken.
  • A woman with a voice is a strong woman.
  • A woman can be so strong and yet gentle because real power is found in how a person thinks.
  • A strong woman does not walk away from a challenge but looks it in the eye and gives it a wink.
  • Whenever you need a strong person to lean on just look in the mirror.
  • A woman is no different from a teabag, you won’t know how strong she is until she is put in hot water.
  • Strong women raise their voices not to shout but for the voiceless to be heard.
  • Women may not control all the things that happen to them, but they will never allow themselves to be reduced by those things.
  • Strong women invite themselves to the decision table because their lives are at stake.
  • The world needs strong women because it is they who lift and build others.
  • Little girls are made of courage, determination, sacrifice, toughness, guts and talent.
  • Self-accomplished girls are the prettiest girls.
  • Instead of complaining, do something about it!
  • Strong women do not live down to expectations but they come out and do remarkable things.
  • Life should not be about what your experiences are, but how you respond to them.
  • It is okay to have doubt as long as it motivates you hence you should not be afraid of it.
women empowerment quotes
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  • The real fear should not be in our inadequacy but in us being powerful beyond measure.
  • Your strength should come from the things that make you different or weird.
  • Strong people define success on their own terms and achieve it by their own rules.
  • For every successful woman, there are several men trying to pull her down.
  • When the going gets tough, strong women apply makeup and march on.
  • Big minds discuss ideas and events, and small minds discuss people.
  • In the midst of storms, don’t be afraid but learn to sail your ship.
  • May we know strong women, may we be them and may we raise them.
  • You can’t be born with courage, you just have to become it.
  • The beauty with everything is that it is within your power and your power within you.
  • You can never be wrong if you always do what your conscience tells you.
  • Taking care of yourself gives you strength for all the people in your life.

Inspirational women empowerment quotes

The progression of women’s rights has been anchored on revolutionary leaders who crafted moving inspirational quotes for women. Women can be inspired to better themselves through quotes such as:

  • Successful women are the heroines of their lives, not the victims!
  • The moment you know what respect tastes like, you will understand that it is better than attention.
  • Women should seek not to have power over men but over themselves.
  • The fastest way society can be changed is through the mobilization of women.
  • A woman who understands the challenges of running a home understands the challenges of running a country.
  • It is the right of women to belong to all places where decisions are made.
  • Gender diversity is not just about promoting women but also for all people who want progress.
  • Successful women never dreamt about success, they worked for it!
  • A woman should be two things. Who and what she wants.
  • The dreams of even the smallest girls matter and are valid because the world is theirs to conquer.
  • A feminist is a person who promotes equality and the full humanity of both women and men.
  • No woman should be stopped from making decisions about her own body because it is her basic right.
  • When women’s rights are under attack the whole world should fight back.
  • An intelligent woman knows that justice is not served from men’s chivalry but something to fight for at all costs.
  • If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.
  • Women who conquered the world did so because they never took anything for granted.
  • Think of yourself the way you would want the world to see you.
  • If you look at what you have achieved in life, you will always achieve more. If you look at what you haven’t achieved, you will never achieve enough.
  • Confidence in your abilities and being tough to follow through is the best way forward.
  • If you don’t make mistakes, you are probably not making decisions.
women empowerment quotes
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  • If the idea is good just do it. It is easier to apologize than to get permission.
  • Always pursue the things that please you because it is not the job of other people to like you, it’s yours!
  • It requires a tremendous amount of work to be the best, so you should buckle up and embrace it.
  • Success never comes to those who give or take an excuse.
  • A man must do what a man must do, a woman must do what a man can’t.
  • Silence will never protect anyone!
  • Don’t crumble just because you met someone who can’t handle the real you.
  • Live your life because no one else will.
  • If they try to burry you just sprout back like seeds.
  • Be like water, soft enough to give life and tough enough to drown it away.

Confidence girl empowerment quotes

Without confidence, it is practically impossible for people to accomplish their goals. Confidence means a person has self-belief and the desire to stretch their limits to new heights. Below are some effective confidence girl empowerment quotes:

  • A witty woman is a treasure, and a witty beauty is power!
  • The best protection a woman needs is courage!
  • When united, there is no limit to what women can accomplish.
  • Fearlessness is like a muscle that requires everyday exercise to be stronger.
  • Confidence is like a precious gem that women must wear at all times.
  • The most courageous thing a woman can do is to think for herself, aloud!
  • No woman became successful without taking chances. Women must learn to seize the moment without delay.
  • Confidence does not mean always being right but not being afraid of being wrong.
  • Strong women should bring down barriers and make it easy for other women to achieve power.
  • Without confidence, nothing can be achieved.
  • What a man can do, a woman can do better.
  • Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can possess.
  • It is a good thing that women have had to overcome more challenges because it makes them stronger and ready to drive the world forward.
  • Women need not be perfect but as long as they are 100% committed it is all that matters.
  • No one can determine a confident woman’s story, she says if she is beautiful and if she is strong no matter what others think.
  • If you are not given a seat at the table, just bring a folding chair.
  • Confidence makes imperfect women perfect.
  • As long as you believe you can, know that you are halfway there.
  • Sometimes you have to appear that you are confident even if you are not.
women empowerment quotes
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  • With confidence, a woman can make anything look good.
  • Confident women do not allow other people’s insecurities to be their own.
  • Not a single thing can be achieved by women who are not courageous.
  • The confidence of women is worth more than any currency.
  • Women need to realize that they are born fierce, strong and full of fire. Nothing can hold them back because their passion burns brighter than their fear.
  • The most beautiful outfit a woman can rock is confidence.
  • Being a confident woman means being mature enough to accept yourself the way you are.
  • Court confidence and you will never worry about how you feel about yourself.
  • Confidence is something that keeps growing day by day and ultimately makes us better versions of ourselves.
  • Women find confidence in standing tall even when they are being trampled on by others.
  • The only way to better yourself is by stopping running away from yourself.
  • Confidence is the purest form of beauty a woman can have.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are empowering quotes? These are quotes that are meant to make people stronger and more confident in confronting things touching on their rights.
  2. What are good women empowerment quotes? These are quotes that have the ability to rally women to take charge of their lives.
  3. What do you say to inspire a woman? Share women's inspirational quotes time and again.
  4. What are some strong woman quotes? They are the kind of quotes that encourage women to rely on their strengths in their quest to improve themselves.
  5. How do you empower women? By building trust, listening to feedback, offering suggestions and recognizing where there are limitations.

2020 ushered in Kamala Harris as the first female Vice President of the USA, thus, signifying that women are steadily occupying their rightful space in society. This necessitates even more women empowerment quotes to inspire other females. At the end of the day, the message to be passed is that women can be equally good at anything like men if not better.

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