100+ of the funniest tennis puns that serve up the laughs

100+ of the funniest tennis puns that serve up the laughs

Tennis is a popular racket sport. But aside from its social, physical and psychological benefits, did you know that the sport's terminology can make the best puns and jokes? Discover some funniest tennis puns to share with your family and friends.

tennis puns
Tennis puns are clever wordplay centred around the popular racket sport. Photo: pexels.com, @pixabay (modified by author)
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Tennis puns are clever wordplay centred around the popular racket sport. They often incorporate tennis terminology, famous player names, or references to various game-related situations.

Funniest tennis puns

The funniest tennis puns combine wit and the popular gameplay of tennis. These puns are ideal for tennis enthusiasts, turning every match into a hilarious rally of wordplay. Here are some funny tennis puns perfect for sports-related jokes.

Funny tennis puns

Funny puns for tennis will make you laugh out loud. They are creative and witty, ideal for anybody who knows the sport of rackets.

  • Did you hear about the tennis match that lasted for hours? It was an actual marathon.
  • Getting a new squash racket was a real game-changer for me.
  • I asked my racket sports instructor how to serve an ace, but he told me to take up golf instead.
  • I asked my volleyball opponent if he wanted to play doubles. He told me he was already seeing someone.
  • I love playing tennis because it's a racquet!
  • I was going to make a racquet-themed joke, but it didn't serve me well.
  • It's good tennis is a racket sport; otherwise, the players might start making a backhand deal.
  • My friend always wins at tennis. He's got the right serve-titude.
  • My coach told me to serve and volley, not surf and turf.
  • My tennis instructor told me to keep my eye on the ball. Now, I only have one eye left.
  • My tennis partner challenged me to a match, but I told her to be careful because I was in my prime.
  • Tennis players are always in love. They have an excellent match point.
  • Tennis players have a good slice of life.
  • The tennis court is full of aces, but it's not a deck of cards.
  • Volleyball is not as good as tennis – it lacks that racquet factor.
  • I always try to hit the right notes when it comes to tennis.

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Tennis dad jokes

tennis puns
Tennis dad jokes are witty one-liners comprising questions and answers. Photo: pexels.com, @gonchifacello (modified by author)
Source: UGC

If you are looking for racket sports dad jokes, the ones below are ideal. They are one-liners comprising questions and answers.

  • Did you hear they invented a new, more complex version of tennis? It's called 'elevennis'.
  • What did one tennis ball say to the other tennis ball? "See you round.."
  • How can you tell if a tennis player is happy? If they're bouncing around the court!
  • Where did the tennis players go on their dates? The tennis ball.
  • What is Serena Williams' favourite number? Tenn-is.
  • Why are fish never good tennis players? They don't like getting close to the net.
  • What was the score when they played tennis with the orange? Deuce.
  • Which state has the most tennis players? Tennis-ee.
  • Which tennis tournament never closes? The US OPEN.
  • What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a tennis court? Annette
  • Why can't I play tennis? 'Server unavailable'.
  • Why was the tennis court so loud? Because all the players raised a racket.
  • Why should owners invest in tennis balls? They have a high rate of return.
  • Why was Cinderella so bad at tennis? She had a pumpkin for a coach!
  • What do you call a tennis player who doesn't want a vaccine? No-vac Djokovic.
  • How many tennis players does it take to change a light bulb? None, because they all say, "What do you mean it was out, it was in!"
  • Two racquets started dating. Unfortunately, one was stringing the other along without tying the knot.

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Tennis puns one-liners

tennis puns
Tennis puns and one-liners are ideal for people seeking concise and meaningful jokes. Photo: pexels.com, @shvetsa (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Tennis puns one-liners will deliver the joke in a single line. They are ideal for people looking for concise and meaningful jokes.

  • A horse's favourite sport is 'stable' tennis.
  • A tennis player's favourite meal? 'Deuce' and salad.
  • Being a great tennis player takes a lot of racket.
  • Don't make a racquet, play tennis.
  • I got a second-hand tennis racquet for only £10, no strings attached.
  • I got my tennis skills from my 'grand-slam' mother.
  • I hit a good tennis shot, but it was all in 'vein' – it was out.
  • I never make excuses, but I do make backhand returns.
  • I tried playing tennis on an aeroplane, but it was just overhead service.
  • I'd tell you a tennis joke, but I don't want to 'racket' up the wrong crowd!
  • I'm hugely into tennis, so I'm not fond of it when people make a Djokovic.
  • I'm the racket scientist on the court.
  • In tennis, 'love' is not all you need.
  • In tennis, a good serve is a 'smashing' success.
  • Librarians hate tennis because of too much racket.
  • My favourite tennis move? The 'backhanded' compliment.
  • My tennis game has a lot of faults, but it's not a 'fault' of passion.
  • On the tennis court, I swing with 'love' and serve with 'spite.'
  • Tennis and waiting tables are similar; you must get the first serve right.
  • Tennis players have the best 'serve’-ival skills.
  • What is a tennis player's favourite city? Volleywood!
  • Tennis: A sport where 'love' is just a score.
  • Tennis: The sport where 'serving' is encouraged.
  • Tennis: Where 'breaking service' is not rude.
  • Tennis: Where you use a 'shot' to make a point.
  • The best time for a game is around 'tenn-ish'.
  • There's a new game called silent tennis, like regular tennis, but without the racquet.
  • Why are tennis players great musicians? They know how to hit the right chord with every stroke!
  • Why do tennis players never get married? Because love means nothing to them!
  • Why was the tennis club so noisy? Too much 'racquet'!
  • You don't have to wear glasses whilst playing tennis; It's a non-contact sport.

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Short tennis puns

tennis puns
Short tennis puns provide hilarious punchlines. Photo: pexels.com, @cottonbro (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Short tennis puns are easy to understand. They are concise, providing quick, hilarious punchlines compared to the traditional long jokes.

  • My tennis opponent was not happy with my serve. He kept returning it.
  • Why do elephants wear red tennis shoes? So they can hide in apple trees.
  • I am not surprised by the high divorce rate among tennis players; love means nothing to them.
  • Love means nothing to a tennis player but everything to a spectator.
  • What do you serve but not eat? A tennis ball.
  • Why did the tennis coach cross the road twice? To get to the other side of the court!
  • Tennis players don't mind balls flying at them; they hope for a 'set point!'
  • Tennis players never get hitched; they get engaged in rallies.
  • What was the score when the lemon played tennis with the orange? Deuce.
  • The tennis ball wanted to propose but couldn't find a racket.
  • If a tennis player loses their temper, what do they throw? A racket!
  • What comes before tennis? Nine-is.
  • In what sport do waitpersons do well? Tennis, because they're such great servers.

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Hilarious tennis puns for Instagram

tennis puns
Instagram tennis puns are catchy, witty and creative. Photo: pexels.com, @pixabay (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Instagram is a great platform to share your hilarious tennis puns. These Instagram puns are catchy, witty and creative, ideal for tennis enthusiasts to showcase on their bios.

  • I am always leaving it all on the court.
  • Always strive for excellence in tennis.
  • Chasing greatness, one match at a time.
  • I am chasing my tennis dreams, one tournament at a time.
  • Chasing success, one rally at a time.
  • Forehand winner.
  • I am forever serving up aces.
  • I don't always play tennis, but when I do, I ace it.
  • I have a racquet-y sense of humour, especially in tennis.
  • I love you like Serena loves a winning serve, no strings attached!
  • I'm not usually one to backhand compliments, but you're a real ace.
  • I'm the racket to your ball, always ready to volley with you!
  • I've got a wicked forehand and an even wickeder sense of humour.
  • Love means nothing to me unless it's followed by '15' and '30'.
  • My court, my rules.
  • Stay hungry, stay focused.
  • Tennis is my escape from reality.
  • Tennis is my happy place.
  • Tennis is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle.
  • Tennis, where you can be the best version of yourself!
  • The love of the game is all that matters.
  • The reward of hard work.
  • We may not be at Wimbledon, but our love game is still top-seeded.
  • Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is.
  • You aced my heart; now let's go for a match point.
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
  • You're the net to my court, always keeping things in play.

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What are tennis puns?

They are jokes that involve wordplay of various terminology used in tennis. Examples include "love", which means 'nil' or 'zero', deuce a 40-40 tie, racket, and serve, among others.

Who are tennis puns for?

They are ideal for tennis enthusiasts who understand the game. You can also use them on regular sports fans as some puns comprise standard terms like net and racket.

Are tennis puns ideal for kids?

It all depends on the context of the joke. There are tennis puns for adults and others for the general audience, including kids.

Above are some funniest tennis puns and jokes you can share with your family and friends. Tennis puns are a terrific way to brighten someone's day, especially a tennis fan. Their witty expressions incorporate tennis terminology and wonderful wordplay with a humorous twist.

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