Hiei: 10 interesting things you need to know about the YuYu Hakusho demon

Hiei: 10 interesting things you need to know about the YuYu Hakusho demon

Hiei is a famous demon character in the Yu Yu Hakusho anime series. Interestingly, he is the least original member of the group. Having had a challenging childhood, he has grown to seclude himself from the rest of the world and has a hard time admitting his feelings. How well do you know him? Read on to find out?

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yu yu hakusho hiei
Hiei looking ready to devour an enemy. Photo: @honeyshooky
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Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei is a character known for being extremely proud. However, not once or twice has he nearly gotten killed as a result of his pride. So, why is he a unique character?

10 interesting things you need to know about Hiei

Read on if you have been curious to know more about him or the mystery behind his name.

1. He is similar to a character from Patalliro

Togashi revealed that Hiei's character is an inspiration from the 1980s series known as Patalliro. A manga set on an Island in a bid to collect diamonds and the story unfolds with the ten-year-old Island's king, Patalliro VIII, who resembles Hiei.

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2. Hiei's third eye has been in other anime

Hiei meaning
Hiei the Yu Yu Hakusho demon. Photo: @kiIlunyan
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The character has a Jagan third eye on his face. It is also previously witnessed in the series Get Backers, where Ban Mido has access to a Jagan. However, his eye can only be used thrice in a day and causes the person who comes into contact with it to fall into a one-minute-long illusion.

3. He could be almost 100 years old

Hiei was born to an ice maiden and had a twin sister known as Yukina. It is believed that Hiei is almost a century old. Besides, his twin sister's race do not hit puberty until they hit 100 years old.

4. He was initially an A-class demon

What kind of demon is Hiei? It was revealed that Hiei was originally an A-class and strong demon. He gained his powers even before the beginning of the series by the age of five. However, gaining the Jagan eye was the start of him losing his powers.

5. He has hidden skills

Before the Jagan eye was implanted on his face, Hiei fought with his hands. His doctor alerted him that his strength would be lost. The doctor taught him how to use a sword to defend himself while he regained his strength. Despite having regained his power, he continues to embrace the sword.

6. He is the son of an ice maiden

He has had a challenging life as he was detested by the women of his mother's tribe. This is after he was born a son to his ice maiden mother, who was a member of a tribe of all females.

Thus, he was considered a cursed kid. Also, he was chased away off the mountain where he was born. He was raised instead by bandits in the world of Makai.

7. He is a good character

Is Hiei a bad guy?
Youko Kurama and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho are T4T. Photo: @urfavaret4t
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Is Hiei a bad guy? No. When he was first introduced in the series, he came out as a crook as he had stolen a weapon referred to as the Conjuring Blade, which could change people into demons.

8. He is among the most popular characters in the series

Fans have always warmly received the character. He was voted as the first, second, and third most popular character in 1993, 1994, and 1995 by the Japanese magazine Animage.

He was voted as the fifth-best male character in the 1990s by the Japanese series Newtype.

9. He has superpowers

Hiei has never lost a fight in Yu Yu Hakusho. He has also never lost a match during the Dark Tournament, even when his teammates almost called it quits.

10. He has appeared several times in Hunter X Hunter

Interestingly, he has appeared in Togashi's second major series, Hunter X Hunter. He also appears as a spectator in Gon's arm wrestling challenge in Yorknew City.

Hiei has proven that he is far away from one of the most popular characters in the series. His presence in the anime series saw his character voted as the most popular in the 1990s.

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