Abu Sakara Advises Ghanaians To Elect A Faithful Spouse As President

Abu Sakara Advises Ghanaians To Elect A Faithful Spouse As President

  • Leader of the National Interest Movement, Dr Abu Sakara Foster, has opined that an unfaithful spouse will be unfaithful to the nation
  • He has thus urged Ghanaians to look out for presidential candidates who show commitment to their spouses as they are likely to show the same commitment to the nation
  • He was speaking in an interview on GHOne TV following the announcement of his alliance with Alan Kyerematen

The leader of the National Interest Movement, Dr Abu Sakara Foster, has shared some advice for Ghanaians as they head to the polls in December.

According to Dr Foster, Ghanaians should only consider presidential candidates faithful to their spouses.

Abu Sakara Advises Ghanaians To Elect A Faithful Spouse As President
Dr Abu Sakara says faithfulness to one's spouse is an important trait of a good president. Source: Dr Abu Sakara Foster on Facebook
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He said if one cannot be committed to one's spouse, one will likely not be committed to one's nation.

Speaking in an interview on GHOne TV, Abu Sakara said:

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“I do not like saying this too much because people take it the wrong way, but I believe if you cannot be faithful to a woman, you cannot be faithful to a nation.

“Because that is your core, that is your house, and how you run your household, and your commitment to it tells me about the commitment you can have to your nation.”

Abu Sakara and Alan Kyerematen enter an alliance

Meanwhile, Abu Sakara’s National Interest Movement and Alan Kyerematen’s Movement for Change have agreed to form an alliance to contest in the upcoming presidential elections.

The movement said Kyerematen and Sakara’s outfits have also concluded talks with several political entities to work together ahead of the 2024 polls.

Their alliance has been called the 'Alliance for Revolutionary Change', according to a recent statement.

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They want to aggressively mobilise Ghanaians from across the country, particularly the Youth and Women, irrespective of their religious, political, and ethnic affiliations, in a grand coalition to elect the first Independent Candidate as the President of the Republic of Ghana.

The Alliance plans to work towards forming an all-inclusive government of national unity.

However, Abu Sakara has dispelled claims that he will be Alan Kyerematen's running mate.

He revealed that that is yet to be decided as the movement gathers momentum.

Movement for Change under attack

YEN.com.gh reported that Dr Abu Sakara Foster also revealed that the Movement for Change announced their alliance prematurely.

On Thursday, April 4, Alan Kyerematen’s Movement of Change released a statement announcing the finalisation of an agreement to form an alliance with Abu Sakara’s National Interest Movement.

According to Abu Sakara, the agreement announcement had been forced by circumstances beyond their control.

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He stated in a press release that some detractors had tried reshaping the narrative of the alliance to discredit it, hence the need to get ahead of those detractors.

He noted that if the announcement had not been made earlier, the alliance would have suffered a major blow before it could have been launched.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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