5 People who Received Huge Help after Displaying Rare Honesty, 1 Returned $50,000 Found on the Road

5 People who Received Huge Help after Displaying Rare Honesty, 1 Returned $50,000 Found on the Road

While some people choose to be honest, many do not hesitate to let their greed control them when they are faced with a situation that warrants them to make a choice. Some who have chosen honesty haven't regretted their decision.

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YEN.com.gh presents 5 people who have received huge help after displaying rare honesty.

1. Emmanuel Tolue

The 18-year-old bike man found $50,000 (Ghc304,500) on the road on Tuesday, October 12, and returned it to its owner.

The teenager from northeastern Liberia near the Ivory Coast border is a school dropout. He was said to have been showered with gifts by the owner of the huge sum who happened to be a businesswoman.

President George Weah of Liberia gifted the young boy $10,000 (Ghc60,900).

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In addition, the honest boy was offered a scholarship up to master's level to study in any Liberian institution of his choosing, two motorcycles as well as a chance to work in the presidential office.

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Emmanuel and President George Weah of Liberia
Emmanuel Tolue met with the president of Liberia, George Weah, who gave him N4.1m. Photo credit: BBC.co.uk, The Executive Mansion
Source: UGC

2. Julius Eze

A man identified as Julius Eze returned Ghc37,018 that was mistakenly sent to his account. The young man was commended on social media after making the disclosure.

In an exclusive interview withYEN.com.gh Julius revealed that though he had needs at the time he got the mistaken transfer, he never had the slightest temptation to keep the money.

According to the honest man, the owner of the Ghc37,018 gave him Ghc740, an act which made him really happy.

Julius Eze
Julius Eze received N50k compensation for his honesty after returning N2.5m that was mistakenly sent to his account. Photo credit: Julius Eze
Source: Facebook

3. Billy Ray Harri

Billy Ray Harri is a 55-year-old man who returned a diamond ring worth $4,000 (Ghc24,360) to its owner.

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The man who used to beg for alms received some coins from a passerby who was wearing an engagement ring. The ring accidentally dropped in the cup Billy was holding.

Billy returned the ring and was handsomely rewarded. The lady and her fiance opened a GoFundMe for Billy and their target was $1,000. They ended up raising $190,000 for the man.

Billy Ray Harri
Billy Ray Harri was handsomely rewarded after returning a diamond ring to its owner. Photo credit: Today
Source: UGC

4. Philip Okafor

A 200 level student of the University of Benin (UNIBEN), Philip Okafor, returned a wallet to its owner despite the fact that it contained a huge amount of money.

Philip's dean heard what he did and thanked him for setting a good example for others to follow. The dean gave Philip unrestricted access to his office.

About two months after, Philip was unable to pay his school fees and was going to miss his exam. He met with the dean and begged the latter to allow him to write his exam, promising that he would pay in the next session.

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To his surprise, his school fees and other charges were waved and he was given a scholarship till he completes his undergraduate studies in the varsity. The honest young man became the first recipient of the Dean’s Special Prize for Exemplary Behaviour.

Philip Okafor
Philip Okafor got scholarship at the University of Benin for his act of honesty. Photo credit: Chigozirim Silas
Source: Facebook

5. Sean Currey

A homeless man identified as Sean Currey was rewarded handsomely when he returned a wallet belonging to a grandmother.

According to Sean, he found the wallet full of cash and credit cards when he was searching for food in the trash.

The owner of the wallet is 80-year-old Evelyn Topper, whose family opened a GoFundMe for Sean. More than $50,000 was raised for the honest man.

Sean Currey
Sean Currey returned wallet full of cash and credit cards belonging to a grandmother. Photo credit: Understanding Compassion
Source: UGC

Homeless man returns Ghc65,772 cheque he saw on the floor

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh earlier reported that a homeless man, Elmer Alvarez, found a cheque of $10,800 (Ghc65,772) on the floor at a street corner.

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Instead of thinking of how to cash it, he did the most honest thing. The man decided to call the number at the back of the cheque. It should be noted that he had been living on the street for years before that incident.

He soon found out that the cheque belonged to a real estate broker called Roberta Hoskie. When the woman got the call, she did not even know that she had dropped it.

Source: Yen

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