It Will Prevent Snake Bites: Man Invents New Toilet with Seat that Goes up Like an Elevator, Video Causes Stir

It Will Prevent Snake Bites: Man Invents New Toilet with Seat that Goes up Like an Elevator, Video Causes Stir

  • A talented man's creative toilet innovation has sent social media users into a frenzy owing to its concept
  • The weird toilet comes with an extra seat that goes up like an elevator when activated with a switch
  • Mixed reactions have trailed the innovation as many argued that it is a good creation against snake bites but not ideal for passing out faeces

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As if taking advantage of the situation of snakes showing up in toilets, a man has come up with a restroom innovation.

A video demonstration of the weird toilet innovation was shared on Instagram by @funny_african_pics.

Man builds weird toilet with elevator seat that goes up when in use
Its seat goes up like an elevator when activated Photo Credit: Alvarez, Screengrabs from video shared by @funny_african_pics
Source: UGC

Described as a very easy-to-use innovation, the toilet comes with an extra seat for its user that is right above the normal one.

How it works

Like an elevator, the extra seat moves up to a height preferred by its user when its switch is activated.

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A man sat on it comfortably as he took the elevated toilet seat to his desired height and brought it down again.

The innovator however revealed that the toilet idea was a solution to the issue of water splashing on the but*tocks of a person using the restroom, but Nigerians had other ideas about the concept and shared their thoughts on it in the comment section.

Watch the video below:

The invention sparks debate

@i_am_tanyah06 wrote:

"Did the inverter ever had a runny stomach? Where you just splash your sh*it in there? with that seat he’s giving himself a lot of work."

@taasiaa_p stated:

"Okay very easy to use prior to the recent outbreak of snake but make person no go fall."

@olu_of_nj remarked:

"All those houses dem dey sell for island at high price should have it ."

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@jibbssey opined:

"At least this one will help people that are scared of snake biting them."

@simikeisha reacted:

"What about who belle dey purge. Better ready Cox after u sheet finish na to mop full toilet o"

Social media reacts to singer Drake's automated toilet

Meanwhile, previously reported that hilarious reactions had trailed the automated toilet of singer Drake that uses button to flush.

In the video, the camera panned towards a black-coloured water closet and it revealed that it is different from the regular ones commonly seen around.

The water closet is technologically built as it comes with a computerised dashboard and buttons that control it.

A press on any of the keys can either open or close the closet. Another key could also bring out water to flush waste products. A white hand was spotted pressing keys as if to show how the water closet works.

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