American Lottery: Ghanaian Lawyer In US Shares Four Disadvantages Of Applying For Visa Lottery

American Lottery: Ghanaian Lawyer In US Shares Four Disadvantages Of Applying For Visa Lottery

  • The US Department of State has opened the 2025 Diversity Visa Programme for registration from October 4 to November 7, 2023
  • A Ghanaian lawyer in America, AK Poku, has been educating potential applicants on what to do and how to apply
  • She has also shared some adverse effects on an individual who applies for the Diversity Visa Programme

A Ghanaian lawyer in America has explained that even though applying for the American Visa lottery is good, it may have some downsides.

The woman said four main dangers are associated with applying for the American Visa lottery.

In a video on YouTube, AK Poku said applicants must know the disadvantages of applying before they do.

American Lottery: Ghanaian lawyer in US shares seven the disadvantages applying for Visa Lottery
AK Poku posing for the camera Photo credit: Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

The American Immigration lawyer said the US Department of State will get access to all your data after you fill out the form and submit it.

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She explained that the information you submit “can and will be used against you where necessary.”

AK Poku said the second disadvantage is that an applicant may face challenges when applying for a non-immigrant visa, mainly if a person has applied several times.

The lawyer explained that one will have to prove that they have non-immigrant intents and will return since there is evidence that the person wants to stay in the US.

Another downside is that inconsistent information will affect future applications. For instance, if one applies for the lottery visa and indicates they are married, the next time they fill out another form, they must choose separated if they are no longer with their partners.

According to AK Poku, if the person selects single, it raises questions and may cause a visa denial.

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The third effect is a deportation, expedited removal or a ban. The lawyer explained that because the US Department of State now has all your information, misinformation may cause them to deport or ban you from travelling to the country.

The lawyer advised anybody who wants to apply for the American Visa Lottery Programme to think carefully before doing so since it has consequences.

“My final advice will be to think carefully before you apply for the American Visa Lottery Programme because the information you submit and the fact of participating can affect you. It doesn’t affect everybody. You can apply, and you will be fine, but this is just a warning. If you believe you have other means of immigrating to the US, then you may not want to apply. If you want to apply, then surely go ahead and apply, but in subsequent applications, it could have an impact.”

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