Nigerian Man After Relocating To Ghana Compares Himself To People Living In US: "Ghana Is My Abroad"

Nigerian Man After Relocating To Ghana Compares Himself To People Living In US: "Ghana Is My Abroad"

  • A video of a young Nigerian man praising Ghana is trending on social media
  • He revealed that he has no regrets about relocating to Ghana, as he now owns his own company
  • Many people who commented on the video praised him for using his experience to inspire other people

A young Nigerian man, who recently relocated to Ghana to seek greener pastures, has no regrets about his decision.

In a video on TikTok, the young man @defunnyboytv, who was spotted working at a construction site, said he now owns a company and is happy with the work he does for a living.

Photo of a Ghanaian man
Nigerian man praises Ghana Photo credit: @defunnyboytv/TikTok
Source: TikTok

Labelling Ghana as his abroad, he said confidently that he was better off than some African migrants working as cleaners in Canada and the USA.

He also urged gainfully employed Ghanaians to be happy and stop trying to tarnish the country's image.

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At the time of writing the report, the video by the young man had raked in over 3000 likes and 200 comments.

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I have been living in Ghana for five years

In an interview with, @defunnyboytv explained that he has lived in Ghana for five years and has reached the conclusion that it is possible to be successful in the country.

"I have been in Ghana for 5 years now. Yes, traveling abroad is not a guarantee of success. Though there are better opportunities in some countries, when you check well, you will realize that the richest men in Ghana and in Nigeria are not living abroad. Traveling to the UK or USA for professional work is fantastic, but spending GH¢150,000 to go to the USA or UK when you don't have a profession is unwise to me. A lot of people are doing fine in Ghana.

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"If God wants to bless you in Ghana, he will bless you. Those who are lazy here in Ghana will not make it abroad because you don't just pick money from the floor like that in abroad. You will have to work extra hard for you to be okay."

Netizens are divided over the comments of the young man

Social media users who thronged the comment section of the video shared varied opinions regarding the statement made by the man.

iconicspeedy stated:

Ghana is your Europe because you feel comfortable there

Danny commented:

God bless your hustle bro

Kobby added:

You will certainly make it my guy. The way forward is to be your own boss

Nibro Yadoba indicated:

good reason . solid guy by all standard

user4363277357512 stated:

You are saying the truth

Eddymens_countryboy added:

We really have problems as Africans, bless up bro

Ghanaian man who relocated to Turkey to seek greener pastures regrets

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Earlier, reported that a young Ghanaian man who travelled to Turkey wants to return home.

Gabriel Atobrah, who works as a factory hand in Turkey and has been there since 2018, said his expectations for going to the country have not been met.

In a video, he said he was lied to by some people who created the impression that life there was very rosy.

He admitted that his mindset that success in Ghana is not achievable also led him to travel outside the country.


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