US-Based Ghanaian Recounts Moving Out Of Home At 18: “I Needed To Save My Mum’s Marriage”

US-Based Ghanaian Recounts Moving Out Of Home At 18: “I Needed To Save My Mum’s Marriage”

  • Ghanaian Christopher Antwi left his mother's home at 18 in the US to avoid straining her marriage
  • Growing up without a father figure, adjusting to his stepfather's rules became challenging, prompting his decision to move out
  • Despite facing homelessness, he navigated independence, working two jobs and eventually finding stability with the help of a friend's father

Christopher Antwi, a Ghanaian residing in the United States, recently shared his challenging journey of independence after leaving his mother's home at 18 to prevent causing strain in her marriage.

Christopher recounted losing his biological father in childhood and living in Ghana with relatives while his mother worked abroad.

In an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV AFRICA, Christopher said after joining his mother and stepfather in the US at 17, he found it difficult to adjust to the new family dynamics, prompting his decision to move out to preserve his mother's marriage.

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US-Based Ghanaian Recounts Moving Out Of Home At 18: “I Needed To Save My Mum’s Marriage”
Christopher Antwi speaking to DJ Nyaami Photo credit: SVTV Africa Source: YouTube
Source: Youtube

Having grown up without a father figure, Christopher faced the challenge of adapting to his stepfather's rules, leading to a strain in their cohabitation.

Concerned about potentially disrupting his mother's marriage, Christopher decided to take the initiative and moved out at 18, seeking independence. However, this decision left him homeless.

Undeterred by the hardships, Christopher worked two jobs and attended college, overcoming the initial struggles to find stability.

Reflecting on the experience, he shared that he even spent some nights sleeping in his car. While his mother could have provided support, Christopher chose to forge his path to survive independently.

Eventually, a friend's father extended a helping hand, offering him a place to stay during a challenging period.

Christopher's story is one of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of independence, highlighting the complexities of familial relationships and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of personal growth and stability.

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