Ghanaian Man Sells House To Relocate To Canada, Laments After Six Months Without A Job

Ghanaian Man Sells House To Relocate To Canada, Laments After Six Months Without A Job

  • A Ghanaian man living abroad has cautioned fellow Ghanaians against selling their properties to relocate abroad
  • He noted in a video that contrary to the popular narrative out there, living abroad is not as rosy as has been portrayed
  • To buttress his point, he shared the story of another Ghanaian man who relocated to Canada with hopes of securing a job but after six month, he could not find any

A Ghanaian man based in Canada has advised his fellow countrymen to refrain from selling their properties, especially houses, with the sole intention of traveling abroad with proceeds made from the sales.

His advice stems from the story of another Ghanaian man living in Canada, Nana Kay (not his real name) who sold his three-bedroom house in Ghana just to seek greener pastures abroad but has since regretted it.

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Ghanaian man sells house to relocate to Canada, laments after six months without a job
Man devastated after relocating abroad without finding a job (Photo Credit: @Alvarez)
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In a video, TikTok user @Killa Bee noted that Nana Kay travelled with high expectations of making it after a month.

"He (Nana Kay) had been following narratives online that portrayed life abroad as all rosy and so he was expecting to get a job a day after getting to Canada.”
"After a month he was expecting to get enough money from the job so he could send some home to his parents who were living in the house he sold, to rent another house but that didn't happen.”

According to Killa Bee, Nana Kay has been jobless for six months and has since been lingering with regrets over his decision to relocate abroad.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to video, some share similar experiences

Netizens who thronged the comments session could not help but sympathise with Nana Kay over his predicament, others also shared similar experiences.

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@Abboulaitaufic wrote:

"I wanted to sell my house and pick up to come to Canada. God being so good I didn't sell them. I came to Canada in September and am going back in April to Ghana. If I had sold my house and car hmmm."

@MarrixGHCA wrote:

"Hmmm now finding a job in Canada is like waiting for a ship at the airport, no hope I tell u."

GH lady recently relocates abroad, laments over cold weather

Earlier, reported on a story about a young Ghanaian lady who relocated but expressed regret over her decision due to unfavorable weather conditions.

In a video shared on TikTok, she revealed that she passionately wanted to travel and had resorted to various means including praying on the Alpha Hour altar just to see her dream come true.

Eventually, she got the opportunity to travel but regretted it since the cold weather was unbearable.

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