Joselyn Dumas on how she almost has plastic surgery

Joselyn Dumas on how she almost has plastic surgery

Joselyn Dumas, the vivacious Ghanaian actress and television personality, has revealed and she once almost had plastic surgery done on her body in the past but never went through with it.

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Joselyn Dumas on how she almost has plastic surgery

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According to Joselyn Dumas, contrary to popular speculations, she revealed she has never had any form of cosmetic surgery done on her body, ever. Believe or not, Joselyn Dumas recently revealed that she is naturally blessed with beauty features she has.

Touching on beauty trends currently being taken up by Ghanaian women - and some men - today on her talks show "Keeping It Real", the conversation shifted towards cosmetic enhancements.

Now it's previously been speculated that Joselyn Dumas' curves may be the result of some sort of cosmetic procedure, whether it be injections or full on surgery. But asked by Ghanaian Make-up artist Sandra Don Arthur if she ever had any work done on her behind, Joselyn revealed that she's never had any work done on her hips and back.

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I haven’t done anything, I’m naturally endowed.” the actress said. "Like people have naturally thick lips, some people [like myself] have small waists and big hips."

The super popular actress went on to say that she's never used any waist trainers either, and that she didn't want the public to think she uses those products.

"I work hard, I go to the gym. I’ve had people asking me on Instagram if I wanted to promote their waist trainers," said Joselyn.

Nevertheless, Joselyn Dumas did admit to almost having some cosmetic work done on her face. She revealed that she almost had face filling injections in order to remove laugh lines on her face, but added that in the end she decided against it.

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