Ghana Education Service recruitment: Latest news

Ghana Education Service recruitment: Latest news

GES basically stands for Ghana Education Service. It is a part of the Ministry of Education in Ghana and is responsible for the institution of the national education curriculum. It is also considered as the parent agency within the Ministry of Education as it comes up with certain measures that are vital for learners. This post briefs you on Ghana Education Services latest news and recruitment for 2018.

Ghana education service recruitment


GES recruitment 2018

In the year 2018, the government has a plan of recruiting eight thousand teachers with the intention of improving the teaching work force across all senior high school countrywide. This was announced by the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo while he was on a three day working visit around the Volta region. He also unveiled a plague to commission a hostel built for Keta Nurses Training School so as to honor Major Rtd. Courage Quashigah. The President says that this decision was made so that the teachers were made available for the 180,000 students to be enrolled under the Free Senior High school programme this year. In fact, he stated that education has and will always remain one of the top priorities for the government and insisted that the facilities dealing with the infrastructure will be expanded in the schools. This is so that the increasing numbers can be well accommodated.

All you need to know about the 2019/2020 GES recruitment

Ghana Education Service recruitment 2018

The 2018 GES recruitment is a bit more different to the one in late 2017 as it deals with the teaching staff. The Ghana Education Service recruitment 2017, held late last year, was dealing more with the non teaching staff. The 2017 GES recruitment had limited positions and the vacancies were advertised soon after the clearance was received from the Ministry of Finance. For one to be registered in the GES, they must first have fulfilled the various requirements.

Requirements for the GES recruitment

Some of those requirements include: being a Ghanaian citizen by law, completing your tertiary education and having applied for different postings. Also, one is required to have a valid national ID and a birth certificate too. The shortlist from the Ghana Education Service has been a major concern to many teachers in the country. For one to be able to access this list for the short listed applicants, they must first register with the Ghana Education Service.

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GES recruitment 2018


Condition of service for teachers in Ghana

The procedure is quite simple in both GES recruitment 2017 and GES recruitment 2018; it includes applying, as long as you have studied education in any university or college. The mode of application is diverse as it can be achieved both digitally (online) and through analogue means (manually) depending on one’s acquaintance to technology. The manual forms are filled to the letter and later, taken back to any GES branch within Ghana. The teachers are thereafter trained by the service then, learn about communication skills, how to handle the students, teaching ethics among many other things. After this training, the teacher is now well equipped to handle different types of students and it is only at this juncture that the posting of newly trained teachers takes place. The GES encourages the individuals that had applied with the service to remain keen and frequently check for postings to see if they have been short listed. However, if an individual is not short listed, they can always count on a next time opportunity. GES recruitments happen every year.

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Benefits of GES shortlisted applicants

There are quite a number of benefits that come along with one being a member of the Ghana Education Service postings. Some of them are as mentioned hereafter: the teachers registered with this service are better paid as compared to those in private schools. They also get free training from the service since it is a platform that voices concerns of all teachers across the country. The teachers are ensured of being well protected and getting promotions within the Ghana Education Service.

In the GES posting shortlist, an individual is considered to have qualified to become a certified teacher after being short listed and appearing in the postings. When it comes to checking the GES postings, one must have registered with them and should be in the postings list. Some of the individuals fail to make the list since they probably had some missing marks or they never completed the classes as required. However, this is only on some few occasions; the service takes this exercise seriously and this means that they can only select somebody that is well equipped with the knowledge that is required of them.

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GES posting forms

These GES posting forms should and must be filled keenly. Some of the very important fields to be field are the mandatory fields. Guidance on how to fill the forms is also available if one is not sure on what to fill. There are also updates available on the Ghana Education Service postings. To get these updates, all a person is required to do is buy an appointment voucher at GHS 10. The voucher is preferably bought with an MTN mobile money account and it is used for the purposes of registration.

Despite the strict nature of the service, there have been some complaints since some people have not appeared in the postings from the GES recruitment 2017 and GES recruitment 2018. This has been an issue since it means that some of the teachers’ careers cannot go on and it has been widely addressed. This matter should be looked into so as to promote a sense of job security for teachers and be able to fill teaching vacancies in Ghana.

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