Free SHS in Ghana - education and policy

Free SHS in Ghana - education and policy

One of the most significant people in Africa, Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most .powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Ghana has recognized the importance of educating its citizens and this has made them embrace free SHS in Ghana. Through education, the country will manage to transform itself and meet the present economic and modern development. Free SHS is a great step towards seeing young talented Ghanaians achieving their dreams.

Free SHS in Ghana

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About free SHS policy in Ghana

The free SHS education in Ghana is an education flagship program introduced by the New Patriot Party. This concept was in agreement with the stipulation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) where Ghana is a signatory.

Some of the benefits the students will enjoy through free SHS policy are as follows:

  • Day students will get free meals at school
  • There will be no paying of fees in Technical, Agricultural, and Vocational institutions at the high school level.
  • There will be the provision of free meals, free textbooks, and free boarding facilities.
  • The fee for library books, admission, utility, science center, examination, and boarding will not be charged.

Instituting the free SHS policy in Ghana is critical to the development of the country as education is key in all aspects of life. In turn, the living standards of people will be improved, and there will also be immense wealth creation. Consequently Ghana will rank better in terms of literacy and development levels. The eligibility applies to all students who do well in their exams.

Free SHS policy

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Roles and Responsibilities for Free SHS Policy

Students are required to seek competitive advice when necessary and are also expected to share notes and form study groups.

Parents, on the other hand, are expected to support their kids by offering an accommodative and conducive learning environment at home.

Guardians can also contract a private tutor to help their children with the tough areas of study while they are at home.

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Advantages of this program include:

  • Vocational and technical will be accessible and available in all forms.
  • Parents will be able to save money which they can use to pay for the fees in tertiary institutions.
  • Through investing in their disposal incomes, progressively free SHS in Ghana will be achieved quickly.
Free SHS policy in Ghana

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Is SHS free in Ghana; those are the mind-boggling questions many people are dealing with? The program is free and available to top-performing students who could not raise enough school fees to further their high school education.

Free SHS comes with longterm benefits to the economy, its citizens and he country. The initiative will help the citizens to invest in an equity mutual fund, where they will enjoy capital gains and dividend payments.This way enterprises that depend on debt finance and equity will manage to expand their businesses. The money being saved will go into the creation of job opportunities and thus the rate of unemployment in the economy will lower.

After successfully attending and completing the free senior high school in Ghana,it is clear that we will have a generation of young people equipped to enable Ghana advance to the next level of development. Lower crime rates and more focused educated young minds simply means progress for the our country.

Free SHS education in Ghana

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By embracing introduction of free education, cost of free SHS in Ghana will no longer be an issue. Free SHS schools in Ghana could not happen at a better time, each person in Ghana has the opportunity to further their education.

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