Ghana education service syllabus for all subjects

Ghana education service syllabus for all subjects

Education significantly improved in Ghana over the last years compared to pre-colonial times. It now has a syllabus that matches that of any other developed country from around the world, which is, of course, a huge achievement and a sign of commitment and persistence of the Ghanaian people. It has different programs that suit the needs and requirements of each Ghanaian student, and which also guarantees that all students are going to be well educated before they join universities or complete their higher education elsewhere. If you are a teacher or a student, read down below to check the Ghana education service syllabus and get any information you may need about it.

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Ghanaian Students

Core subjects of the GES syllabus

The core subjects of the GES syllabus for SHS are very diverse and also important for each student’s general information. They mainly include Social Studies, Literature in English, Integrate Science, Core Mathematics, and ICT core. This definitely proves the overall improvement of the education system in Ghana over the last years. If you are eager to know more detailed information about the SHS syllabus of those subjects, you may find all the information you need in the list below:

Social Studies syllabus

Social Studies, in general, is essential for students to know about the history, culture, and environment of their home country. The Ghanaian society, for example, is very diverse to some extent, as it has a lot of people of different traditions and beliefs. The study of Social Studies helps students understand their society better and know more about their people. You can click here for the SHS syllabus download of Social Studies.

Literature in English syllabus

English literature is studied in many schools around the world with the main aim of improving the English language skills of many students. In addition, it helps students understand the most common traits of human nature and how to react to challenges in everyday life situations. The study of literature, in general, not only helps students deal with their own personal and life problems, but also makes them understand how people tend to have the same reactions although they are from different cultures and backgrounds. Click here to download the complete syllabus of English literature.

Integrated Science syllabus

The study of science increases the curiosity of students when it comes to discovering more scientific facts and exploring their surrounding environment. No one can deny that a student with a deep scientific knowledge is more capable of solving common everyday problems by discovering creative scientific solutions. He will also be more aware of the most common problems and issues that endanger the environment and many creatures on Earth. Click here to download the full syllabus of integrated science.

Core Mathematics syllabus

Almost everything in our daily life is based on mathematical calculations and equations starting from the daily shopping till the launching of rockets into outer space. Mathematics also helps students have a basic understanding of logic, and the new syllabus of mathematics in Ghana is mainly designed to equip Ghanaian students with the necessary skills required for solving everyday life problems. Click here to download the full mathematics syllabus for SHS.

ICT core syllabus

The new syllabus is designed specially to let students understand the most basic rules and concepts of of ICT and the information processing cycle. Information communication technology now has many applications in life, and it is definitely necessary for senior high school students to understand its basic concepts, as its many applications can be found in almost every organization. Click here to download the latest syllabus of ICT core.

The visual arts program of the GES syllabus

A visual arts program is definitely very necessary in every educational system, as it develops the sense of arts and creativity for many students, and lets them know more about sculpture, photography, and graphic design. Many students may know nothing about such artistic works but this program in Ghana gives each student a chance to develop a skill in an unusual field of art. Below you may find more related information about the Ghana education service syllabus in the visual arts program for senior high school students.


The study program is designed to let students understand the importance of textiles in many and various life applications. It will also help develop the interest of students in the textiles industry and make them consider it as a future career opportunity. Click here to view the syllabus of textiles.


The syllabus for sculpture in Ghana aims to let Ghanaian students understand the cultural significance of sculpture, and also develop their sense of patriotism and pride of their homeland. Sculpture is very popular in Ghana, and it is a huge symbol of its rich culture and history. Click here to download the full syllabus of sculpture.

Picture making

With the major advances done in many fields of technology, picture making has also developed significantly over the years. The study of picture making in Ghana is designed to help students develop their creativity by using indigenous and basic tools in picture making and to develop their patriotism and cultural values. Here is the full syllabus of picture making.


The study of leather work in Ghana aims to develop the creativity of young students, as they will gain new technical skills while using materials, tools, and instruments to make leather products themselves. Students may also start considering a career in leatherwork after studying it, or even take it as a hobby. Here is the full syllabus of leatherwork.

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Jewelry is used a lot in many occasions and cultural festivals where even chiefs and men of state use it to adorn themselves. Ghana is also famous with its traditional metal and jewelry work that keeps impressing the whole world. Click here to view the full syllabus of jewelry in Ghanaian schools.

Graphic Design

Applications of graphic design can be found almost everywhere. Any brand, company, or even store needs a graphic designer for its products coverings, brochures, or website. Graphic design is also necessary for marketing and advertisement. It is mainly the mitigation of art and technology, which makes it an important subject for Ghanaian students so that they can develop their art and technological skills. Here is the link for the syllabus of graphic design.

General Knowledge in Art

General knowledge in Art is mainly a composite subject that is made of other subjects like general art concepts, art history, and art appreciation. The main vision of teaching this subject is to provide Ghanaian students with a broad-based knowledge in the practice and the theory of visual art. It is also set to let students appreciate art as an important and integral part of their daily lives. Here is the link for the syllabus of the General Knowledge in Art.


Many people may think that ceramics are only used on the floors of our homes, but that is definitely not the case. There are many international artists nowadays who form amazing drawings using small ceramic particles. This course mainly covers the principles of the practice of ceramics and its history. It also has an introduction to ceramic tools, raw materials, and equipment. Click here to view the whole syllabus.

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Basketry is another component of visual arts that has been practiced for hundreds of years since the beginning of life on earth, as it is easy to get its raw materials, and its products are also useful. The subject mainly covers the tools and equipment used in basketry and its cultural and economic importance. It also teaches students about the necessary entrepreneurial skills needed to start a business in basketry, and about the main concepts of the design and the making of basketry items. Click here to view the whole syllabus.

The Technical Program of the GES syllabus

The Technical Program of the GES teaches students about metalwork, electronics, auto mechanics, technical drawing, and applied electricity. Learning such subjects at this age gives all students a good chance to determine their future careers and what they would like to work in after finishing high school. Below you will find all the necessary information about the Ghana education service syllabus of the technical program for senior high school students in Ghana.


After learning some of the basic principles of woodwork, students will be able to use simple tools in order to make simple craft pieces. They will also attain a good basic knowledge of design and planning. Students will mainly learn about the tools required for woodwork, the design and making of woodwork, and the used materials as well. In addition, they will study the necessary safety precautions and will be able to do the surface preparation and finishing by themselves. Here is a link to the whole syllabus of woodwork.

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Technical Drawing

This subject is also important for students to acquire valuable skills when it comes to imaginative thinking, geometry, solid geometry, and mechanical engineering. In general, the design of any machine is based on technical drawing, and that is why this subject is very important, especially for students who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering. Here is the link for the syllabus of technical drawing.


Metalwork is, of course, not an easy skill to learn, as it requires a lot of work and effort to come up with a professionally made piece of metalwork. In this subject, students will study general safety, metalwork tools, methods of joining pieces of metal, sheet metal work, cutting tools, and heat treatment. In addition, students will study about hand forging, design and making, and the coolants used in cutting metal. Here is the link for the whole syllabus of metalwork.


Almost everything in our daily lives nowadays is based on electronic components. All home devices like televisions, modern refrigerators, washing machines, computers, microwaves, and security systems are based on electronic components. Students will start by studying some basic concepts of electronics and electric and magnetic fields and then they will advance into studying measuring instruments, digital electronics, communication systems, amplifiers, and electronic control systems. Understanding electronics will let students understand how everything around us works. Here is the link to the syllabus of electronics.

Building Construction

Ghana is a growing nation with a predicted capacity for fast growth in the near future, and that is why the study of building construction is very important because Ghana needs many professionals who are experienced in housing and infrastructure. In this subject, students will mainly study superstructure work, roofs, building and construction materials, building drawings, wall construction, maintenance, and substructure work. Here is the link for the syllabus of building construction.

Auto Mechanics

The study of this subject will help all Ghanaian students gain the necessary practical skills to work on current and modern vehicles. Students will study the history of motor vehicles, lubrication systems, transmission systems, cooling systems, braking systems, steering systems, fuel injection systems, and suspension systems. In addition, students will have a chance to study modern vehicle electronic systems, ignition systems, fuel systems, and engines operation systems. Such systems are implemented in almost any vehicle that operates on fuel, and some of them are still used in modern electric vehicles. Here is the link to the syllabus of auto mechanics.

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Auto Mechanics

Applied Electricity

Ghana is following a plan that focusses on industrial transformation, and that is why it needs many people who are experienced in the maintenance and repair of electronic equipment and electrical systems and installations. Such people also need to have problem-solving skills. Students will start by studying safety precautions, direct current, magnetic and electric fields, and electromagnetism. After that, they will start studying alternating current systems, transformers, power supply systems, semiconductor diodes, amplifiers, and measuring instruments. Here is the link to the syllabus of applied electricity.

The Science Program of the GES syllabus

The new syllabus for the science program has two main subjects; physical education and elective mathematics, which will be discussed in brief below.

Physical Education

The new syllabus for physical education is mainly based on the comments, observations, and reports of schoolteachers and parents as well. Students will study the necessary safety precautions to prevent or treat injuries. In addition, students will get a chance to know a lot about most of the well-known and popular sports of today’s world. Here is a link to the whole syllabus.

Elective Mathematics

The study of elective mathematics covers algebra, coordinate geometry, vectors and mechanics, logic, trigonometry, calculus, matrices and transformation, and statistics and probabilities. Here is the link to the full syllabus of elective mathematics.

The GES teaching syllabus for Information and Communications Technology

The syllabus for information and communications technology has only one subject, which is very important for the development of Ghanaian students in the fields of modern technology. The syllabus is designed to help students acquire modern ICT literacy, proficiency in information technology, and many of the basic skills need for the IT market. Students will start by studying introductions to information and communications technology in everyday life, computer hardware and software, programming, and data processing systems. In the last year, students will study networking and website design. Here is a link to the syllabus.

The GES teaching syllabus for Home Economics

The study of home economics not only teaches students how to be sustainable and manage their expenses wisely but also it teaches them about food, nutrition, clothing, and textiles. The study of clothing and textiles aims to train Ghanaian students to be skilled in the clothing production and its management. During their studies, students will know about the career opportunities in the clothing industry, the different fibers and fabrics used, the necessary tools and equipment, and the creative fabric crafts. Here is the link to the syllabus of clothing and textiles, which is one of the main subjects of home economics.

The GES teaching syllabus for General Arts

The study of general arts in senior high schools in Ghana includes many useful subjects that are designed to educate students about religions, economics, music, history, literature, Ghanaian languages, geography, government, and foreign languages. This makes it very important so that all Ghanaian students would be educated enough about many worldly facts, cultures, religions, and traditions. Below is the syllabus for the main subjects of General Arts that are taught in Ghanaian high schools.

West African Traditional Religion

All traditional Africans are religious, as religion seems to inspire African people to do good and avoid evil in all its ways. Students will study religious personalities, sources of W.A.T.R, religion and stress management, W.A.T.R and reproductive health, and new religious movement. Here is the link to the full syllabus for West African Traditional Religion Studies.


In Ghana, music is performed in many different life situations like birth, marriage, death, festivals, ceremonies, puberty, and religious rites. Students will study the theory of music, history, and literature of music, compositional techniques, musicianship, Ghanaian music, and computer application to music. Here is a link to the full syllabus of the study of Music in Ghanaian senior high schools.

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Music in Ghana


The economics syllabus for SHS in Ghana is mainly designed to let students understand some basic economic concepts, the roles of consumers, and the economic development policies. Students will study economic systems, price theory, and the factors of production in the first year. In the second and third years, they will mainly study prices of factors of production, public finance, the theory of costs and revenue, and distributive trade. Here is a link to the full syllabus of economics.

Literature in English

English literature is studied in many countries around the world. The study of English literature in Ghanaian schools aims to develop the literary skills of the students and their love for reading, appreciate the main traits of human nature that can be found in all humans wherever they are from, and appreciate the reactions of people to different critical and dramatic life situations. Here is a link to the full syllabus of English literature.

Islamic Religious Studies

Many people in today’s world turn to the Qur’an and hadith as sources of inspiration, consolation, and relaxation from the daily stresses and issues. Experience has proven that people who relate to the Qur’an and hadith find their lives more meaningful, rewarding and worth living. Students will study Arabia before Islam, the life of prophet Mohamed, the Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic law, the pillars of Islam, marriage, and divorce in Islam, and Islam in Western Africa. Here is the link to the full syllabus.


History is taught in all schools and in all countries because of its importance. Students need to know about the traditions of their ancestors and the big major historical events that led to the world in which we live today. Students will study landmarks of African history, cultures and civilizations of Ghana from the earliest times to ad 1900, and the history of Ghana from ad 1900 to 1991. Here is the link to the full syllabus of history.


The subject refers to the study of the dynamics of politics, the state, and the relationship between the ruler and his population. Students will study government: scope, concepts and principles, organs of government, state structure and constitutions, political processes, the evolution of the Ghanaian state, political and constitutional development in Ghana international relations and organizations, and the fourth republic of Ghana and public administration. Here is the link to the full syllabus.


The study of Geography is important for students to know about other countries of the world, the composition of the surface of the Earth, and the nature of the physical and human environment. It also enables students to know about the different kinds of natural disasters that face many people on the planet and about the environmental effects of pollution and global warming. Here is the link to the full syllabus of Geography.

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The language is not only spoken in France but in some African countries as well because France occupied countries in Africa during colonial times. The study of French in Ghanaian schools aims to enable students to communicate in French in everyday situations, at the workplace, and on the job market. Students will mainly study grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and structure. Here is the link the syllabus of the French language.

Christian Religious Studies

The Bible is used all over the world by many religious people, and the study of the teachings of the Bible helps students understand its role in the lives of many people as a source of guidance. It also teaches about personal and social values that are important for the individual growth and development of people. Students will study the creation and the fall of mankind, God’s covenant with humankind, the supremacy of God, and the divine call. Here is the link to the full syllabus of Christian religious studies.

The GES teaching syllabus for Agriculture

The teaching syllabus for agriculture in Ghana is designed to let students know about many self-depending activities on which they can depend to make a living in the future after starting their own businesses. Students can also acquire inspiration for future agricultural projects in Ghana after studying the main subjects in the syllabus for Agriculture. Those subjects include general agriculture, forestry, fisheries, crop husbandry and horticulture, and animal husbandry. You may find the syllabus of those subjects below.

General Agriculture

Agriculture is very important for Ghana’s national economy, as many people work in agriculture, and it generates a lot of income for the country. Students will study soil uses and management, farm mechanization, sustainable agriculture, plant nutrients, farm power, and irrigation and drainage. Here is a link to the full syllabus of general agriculture.


Forestry plays a very vital role in the protection of the environment and the prevention of climate change, as trees naturally consume carbon dioxide, which is one of the main gases that lead to global warming and climate change. Students will study introduction to forest ecology, ecological zones of Ghana, land tenure system, forest policy, and law, introduction to wildlife, plant parts, and tree identification, deforestation, and plantation establishment. Here is a link to the full syllabus.

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Fishing is the mainly the most dominant economic activity on the coasts of Ghana on the Atlantic Ocean, along with the shores of the Volta Lake, in big rivers, and in other water resources in Ghana. Students will study fishing activities, fish biology, fish farming, fish utilization, fisheries management, and entrepreneurship in fisheries. Here is the link to the full syllabus of fisheries.

Crop Husbandry and Horticulture

The new syllabus aims to increase the students’ interest in the matter at an early age and also further prepare them with some basic facts and knowledge when it comes to entrepreneurial skills in Crop Husbandry, Horticulture, and other related vocations. Students will study vocations in crop husbandry and horticulture, cultivation of tree crops, and landscaping. Here is the link to the full syllabus of Crop Husbandry and Horticulture.

Animal Husbandry

There is an urgent requirement to take steps in order to minimize the production constraints of livestock, change the attitudes of the people, and also take appropriate measures that may enhance the production of livestock in Ghana. Students will study an introduction to animal husbandry, animal health, and ruminant production. Here is a link to the full syllabus.

The GES teaching syllabus for Business Programs

The GES syllabus for business programs includes all the necessary programs for any student to pursue a career in accounting, business, or management. Below you may find the whole syllabus for all its subjects.


In this subject, students will study the typewriter hardware, tabulation, legal documents, and other related subjects. Here is a link to the full syllabus.

Financial Accounting

Students will study nature and functions of accounting, the accounting equations, public sector accounting, and other related subjects. Here is a link to the full syllabus.

Cost Accounting

The study of cost accounting aims to let students use the principles of cost in costing and pricing of products and activities, and appreciate the need to apply cost accounting principles in everyday life. Here is a link to the full syllabus.

Clerical Office Duties

This subject aims to let students acquire skills in performing basic secretarial duties effectively and efficiently, and develop problem-solving skills in dealing with secretarial issues in the office. Here is a link to the full syllabus.

Business Management

The study of business management is among the most important ones, as it lets students acquire basic concepts and procedures for managing a profitable business organization. Here is a link to the full syllabus.

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