GCB internet banking: application and online services

GCB internet banking: application and online services

Remember the old days where you had to queue in order to get assistance or the days you were stranded at the ATM trying to withdraw funds? Well those days are over and done with since the launch of the GCB internet banking. Customers have access to their money at the comfort of their homes without having to queue at the bank.

GCB internet banking: Application and online services

Over the past years, the number of people with internet bank accounts has skyrocketed. This can be related to our dependence on the internet in almost all aspects of our life. GCB internet banking hasn’t been left behind. Since the onset of internet banking, the bank has made substantial moves and investments in the rapidly growing sector.

GCB Ghana internet banking

GCB internet banking is one of the most used in Ghana. The process for opening account is very simple especially with the launch of the GCB internet banking app. You can stay up-to-date with your finances and access all your accounts through your phone. With the use of a unique password, User ID you can access your accounts from anywhere at any time. For security purposes, users of GCB bank internet banking are advised not to use computers provided at cyber cafés.

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GCB internet banking: Application and online services
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The benefit of GCB internet banking is that you can choose your own banking hours by having access to your accounts 24/7. You are able to make bank transactions at your own convenience from anywhere in the world as long as there is access to the internet. You can also monitor your banking transactions anytime and from any place. It also has a secure, convenient and efficient protocol to ensure maximum benefit from your online banking.

GCB internet banking registration

For procedure on how to register for GCB internet banking, you will require to provide the following details at the nearest GCB bank branch spread all through Ghana. You will provide your full name as it appears in your Ghana Identification card. Also, the date of birth. You will also state your postal address. You will be required to provide your bank account number. And lastly you will provide your fixed mobile number and email address where you can be reached.

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The registration for GCB internet banking sign up is for individuals who already hold an account at the GCB bank. But you can open a bank account at any GCB bank near you. Once you have opened the account, you can apply for an application form to use Ghana Commercial Bank internet banking.

GCB internet banking: Application and online services
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GCB internet banking application form

To apply for the internet banking service, you have to download the GCB Internet Banking application form, from the official website; http://www.gcb.com.gh/ Here below are the details that the application form will contain:

Full names of the customer and any former names. Your current occupation and telephone number. You will also avail details on your email address and residential address. You will fill in your account number. You are advised to carefully read and accept the Terms and Conditions. You will access the internet banking service through a device such as mobile phone or PC.

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GCB internet banking: Application and online services
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The customer also shall remain solely responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the device and the associated hardware and software. After filling the application form, you are required to submit it to any GCB bank branch near you or by fax, courier or as a scanned email attachment through email. Alternatively, you can visit the GCB branches near you and request for the application form. Once you have completed filling the information, you can submit at the branch.

Ghana Commercial Bank products services

Once you have registered for the GCB internet banking the following services will be made available. You will be able to order cheque books. You will also check on your status enquiry of cheque leaflets in customer’s cheque book to find out whether the leaflet has been used, stopped or unused. You can also stop payments of cheques. You can also check on the current exchange rates.

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You will also be eligible to view your account details and balances. You can also download your account activities for future references. You can also have internal funds transfers between your own account at GCB. You can also have internal funds transfers to third party accounts at GCB. Also, it applies for domestic funds transfer to accounts at other banks. You can also request for standing instructions and payment of salaries of employees and third parties who own a GCB account.

GCB internet banking: Application and online services

Once you have registered for the GCB banking service, you will receive a USER ID, Login password and transaction password. You will use the USER ID to log into the internet application. You will use the Login Password as a security code to be authenticated as a valid user. You will receive it in form of a sealed envelope by the bank.

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After you use it for the first time, you are advised to change it promptly and adopt a new password that is familiar to you. The password should be complex and not an easy guess. The transaction password is also another layer of security to authorize all your transactions.

GCB safety security measures

Since internet banking can be prone of hacking and other illegal activities that may lead to loss of money by the customer, GCB internet site uses a highly secure 128-bit SSL encryption. It also provides a unique User ID and login password through virtual keyboard. It also has an automatic logout feature if the session remains inactive for five minutes.

In case your Login Password has been compromised or tampered with, log onto the Internet banking service and change your password. Call the GCB bank ltd Internet banking help desk immediately to report the fact that your password has been compromised and that you have subsequently changed the password.

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Disable your access until the Bank has taken the necessary precaution steps to ensure you are full protected. The procedure of disabling your access is sent to you via email upon completion of the registration process.

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