Cute good night messages for her

Cute good night messages for her

Writing good night messages for her may not be as easy as many people make it to be. It involves knowing what she likes and telling it to her. Once you have figured out what excites her then you can coin it into a good night message and make it the last thing she thinks about when she is going to bed. Here is how to write the best good night message for your girl.

Cute good night messages

It is all good with your girl until you end the day without telling her goodnight. You may not know what happened when the net day she is all moody and reluctant to talk to you simply because you forgot to wish her a good night. To avoid such incidences always remember to show her that she is the last person on your mind before you go to bed. There is no better way to do this than to write her a good night message. Here is how to.

Sweet long good morning messages for her

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Goodnight messages

Goodnight messages for her long distance

It can be scary sometimes when the two of you are apart and can do nothing about it. However, distance does not have to be a reason why you are not in constant communication. Choose to keep your relationship alive and make each other yearn for your presence for when you will meet. This is easy to do by texting and messaging each other every chance you get. Doing it at night before bed is especially crucial as it reminds the two of you that you live for each other and that distance will never be an issue. You can model your messages based on the following quotes.

  • Baby girl you know I still watch over you even from this far. I miss you every day and hope days fly that we be together again. As you sleep think of us and may the stars shine upon you. Heavenly protection my love. Even though am not with you physically you are always in my mind. Rest for tomorrow is another hard day. Forever yours. Goodnight darling
  • When I say goodnight baby I am not only wishing you a perfect rest for the night. For me this is a way to show you that this distance will not prevent me from showing you how much I care. I hope you can feel my concern and love as you sleep. Goodnight.
  • We have talked much during the day. Or calls and texts will make more sense as you reflect on them this night. May you always know that I mean everything I say to you and no oceans keeping us apart can take that away from us. Goodnight my dear.
  • Just as we are area apart and close at heart, dreams do touch the heart and souls of our being. Let that be our truth tonight. May your dreams forever remind you of our promises to each other. Goodnight my love. Sweet dreams.
  • I may not be there to give you a hug and kiss as your sleep. Let my message remind you of how that is exactly what I want to do but this distance won’t allow. Good thing it’s only for a while. Goodnight baby.
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Good night romantic love messages for her

Sometimes we assume that all we need to do for the love of our life is to shower her with gifts. While these are good, the words that come with it make more sense to her. Do this and spend quality time with her and you will know just how great your girl can be. You can forget other message types during the day but remember to text her goodnight. This is the best way for her to know that i'ndeed she is the last thing in your mind.

good night messages


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  • I like the night for without it we would never see the stars. I love you baby for you are my star in sky.
  • One of the things I absolutely love about you baby is the fact that even the moons and stars and flowers cannot compete with you. You shine and brighten my world even as you go to sleep. Keep smiling little angel. I love you always. Goodnight.
  • I may have struggled with bad dreams before but thankfully that is now gone. You know why I close my eyes, think about you and smile all the way to dreamland. Thanks babe. Goodnight.
  • Silence comes with the night, Reflections of the day and the future make the night pregnant. But it is all incomplete without wishing you a goodnight my girl. Sleep well.
  • One reason I will treasure you for the rest of my life is the fact that I can now find a reason to smile despite the darkness in the world. You are a ray of hope and light for me. Goodnight baby.
  • As the cool wind blows and stars shine brightly, only one thing remains to complete the perfectness of the moment; that an angel should put her head on the pillows and drift off to peaceful sleep. Goodnight!
  • Am I late? Forgive me babe but I could not go to bed without letting you know that you are the most important thing in my life. I love you. Night baby.
  • So I was always this simple person that planned out his life, you know, normal and boring. Then I saw you, my heart missed a bit and the perfect thing happened. We have been on this adventurous roller coaster that I would never give up for anything in the world. I love you sweetheart. Goodnight.
  • We can look at the world together babe like the twinned souls that we are. Open your window and check out the moon with me. As you smile know that am smiling with you. Goodnight.
  • Spending even a few hours with you is enough for me my girl. You perfect my day with your presence and I will forever be grateful for you. Goodnight darling.
  • Be still for a moment hun. Can you hear that? My heart cries out for I wish I could spend tonight with you. Goodnight.
  • As the day winds down I am doing my favorite activity of the day. Staring down at your picture feels my heart with gladness for I know you have me and I have you. Our world will always be perfect no matter the storms we face. Our strong team will get through anything and I am so glad that we found each other. Goodnight.
  • You know something, the world just stopped a minute because I was thinking of you. My queen is about to get some rest. Love you baby, have a peaceful night.
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Latest good night messages for her

good night messages

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  • I have this old habit I will never stop. I hug my pillow and imagine it is you. I love you and miss you my girl. Goodnight.
  • There are things that make me sad and happy at the same time every night I retire to bed. I am happy that you are mine and belong to me yet so sad that that you are not here for me to hug you tight. Goodnight.
  • Don’t worry my munchkin. My plan is to come up with methods of how I can love you more as you sleep. Always in my mind. Goodnight love.
  • A kiss for my love. I wish I could deliver it in person. Soon it shall happen. GOODNIGHT.
  • My wish for you is that you will always be right and cool and that the moon will forever be full to light your path as you go to switch off the light. Goodnight dear.
  • Goodnight sweetheart. I will use all my might to direct my thoughts to you. I love you.
  • I dream of you dancing in my mind. I hope you dream of me too as you are my intoxication.
  • It’s still puzzling that all my life I desired to become a pilot or a cop and today all I want is to fall asleep with you right in my arms. I love you baby girl. Goodnight.
  • Romantic good night love text messages for her
  • We may be young and string but a time is coming when we will be frail and old. However, all I know is that despite age all I ever want is to have you run through my dreams all night long I love you my baby. You can never bore me. Goodnight.
  • When I sleep without you in my arms I feel empty and void. The cold is so real. I prefer sleeping and dreaming that you are right here in my arms. Goodnight love.
  • My mind tells me to start making the first step to your house. It is willing to do 1000 and more miles just to be with you tonight. Sweet dreams my girl.
  • I dream often and the content of my dream s that I will open my eye sin the morning and find you sleeping next to me. I know it will come true someday. Goodnight for now.
  • I know you are used to messages that tell you goodnight and I love you. I will be creative today. Here it comes…please smile for me love. Goodnight.
  • Sending you big….wait huge, fuzzy and warm hugs and kisses just to tell you I do love you and miss you a lot. Good night my love.
  • Many are the times we hardly get what we want. Mostly we never love what we get and at time we never want we get. Even more strange is that we never like what we get. Even so we live to love and hope for the best. Goodnight.
  • This night is bright and vibrant not because of the many stars or the shinning moon but because you are here and you love burns brighter than the furthest star in the universe.
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Missing you good night messages for her- good night messages to melt her heart

good night message


  • I wish you were here with me girl, if I say I don’t miss you I would be lying and that is not in my character. Goodnight.
  • I count the days and the months as I await my return. My greatest motivation is the fact that I know I will be coming home to you. Miss you my love. Goodnight.
  • If it were possible to transfer dream then I would gladly let you into mine. You are my source of hope and strength in this strange land. Thinking of how I will hold you again is what keeps me fighting some more. Goodnight my love.
  • They say that home is where the heart is. I have found this to be true especially when I have had to be away from you. Though not far this is the most trying moment of my existence. I miss you boo. I have just found out how much I love you. Goodnight baby.
  • Go to sleep baby. I will come home later than usual and will head straight to our bed. I will hug and kiss you so you know just how much you mean to me and how I have missed you. Goodnight
Cute messages for her to make her smile

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Good night messages for her to wake up to

good night messages

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  • I know you are already asleep. Wake up to my warm embrace and message baby. I stayed awake to wait you sleep so I could surprise you with this message. Miss you every day wife. I hope you had a great night.
  • There is a woman I would anything for. She is the one I chose and will stick to all my life. Baby even though I am away all I think of is you. Blessed night or is it morning. Forever my queen.
  • As the stars watch over you this night, may this message find you well rested in the morning? Mine is to wish you love, peace and all good things life has to offer. Goodnight baby.
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