Cornrow rasta styles: Top 10 in 2020 (photos)

Cornrow rasta styles: Top 10 in 2020 (photos)

Rasta styles commonly referred to as braids, is one of the oldest hairstyles that will never go out of fashion. Making the long or short braids give a lady a perfect, trendy, and an adorable look everyday. What most woman love about braids is that they protect and gives a break to that hair that has styling solutions or chemicals ingredient solutions. Read on for the top 10 African Rasta hairstyles that will give you an inspiration to embrace them as your next hairstyle.

Rasta styles

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Cornrow rasta styles for women 2020

Most women refer to this beautiful Rasta braid style to as monitor/ flat braids. This style requires little maintenance because they are braid lines that just lay flat or have curvilinear designs against your head; very simple though one can make them into different unique styles. For those girls who need a trendy look, can put beads or the co wry shells to be more fashionable.

Cornrow Rasta styles is the best during hot unbearable summers. This is because you can easily swim with the style. Below is an image of the top trendy Cornrow Rasta style that will make you continue to fall in love with the hairstyle. All you require to do is to apply enough oil on your scalp to protect it from direct sunlight. You can also find a comfortable headgear to wear whenever you are sleeping if you want the style to last for at least weeks.

1. Latest cornrow with flat braid lines style

If you want to look awesome with the top style, it is best you use the long braid. You will look simple yet fabulous and stylish. You will never go wrong with this cornrow hairstyle.

Rasta styles

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2. Latest cornrow with curvilinear designs

Most women especially youngsters will go for the curvilinear designed braids because they give them that trendy and fashionable look they want. Go for the long braid and they will never disappoint you with this cornrow style. It is a multi-occasion style and will blend well especially with a trendy wear.

Rasta styles

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Short rasta hairstyles

If you want to go for the shorts braids, be ready to rock with the bob box braids styles, twist short braids, short crotchet braids, and short kinky styles that will definitely give you that attractive look that you have always wanted. The interesting bit about the short braids is that they save your time and money spent when compared to the long braid styles. Here is among the short latest Rasta hairstyle for that will make you admire the adorable look.

1. Short box braids

You can choose to make the pencil/ wide bob box braid and look awesome. There a various colors of the short braids that will definitely give you that fabulous look you have always wanted from shouting to dull colors. The long or the short box braid styles can be left non-styled and still look amazing. Here is a short braid style that have greatly made many women prefer it among the many short bob Rasta braids hairstyles.

rasta styles

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2. Kinky short twist braids

Kinky amazing styles for the short twist braids are endless competing with the newer styles coming up day in day. It protects your hair and it is made by twisting the kinky braid from your hairline root going upward to the top end. What’s your favorite color? Well, you can make the short Rasta girl hairstyle with kinky braids from the various colors and extensions available. Here is the latest kinky style that will look awesome to any lady.

rasta styles

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3. Short twist braids

The short Senegalese twist are so beautiful that no short hair woman can resist them. They save your time & money and still look trendy and super amazing. If you applied your natural hair with styling solutions, this hairstyle will give a break to the hair and protect it. Choose Senegalese color short twist of your own and rock with it as your next hairstyle.

Rasta styles


4. Crochet short braids

Are you an impatient woman? Well, short crotchet braids is the hairstyle for you. They take the shortest time to be made and save your time. You can put the beads or the cowry shells for a more elegant look. The image below is there to give you inspirations to prefer the short crotchet Rasta hairstyles for your next look. It is a multi-occasion style that well-blends with beautiful accessories and a fabulous African wears for a Ghanaian women. You should definitely try out this crotchet style and I bet you take a second of regret.

Rasta styles

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Long rasta hairstyles in Ghana

Many Ghanaians prefer the long braids because they can be styled differently giving you a newer look everyday. Yes, they take longer to be made, but they will ever give you endless beautiful look with the various colors available. Read and see the top long Rasta Hairstyle pictures that will make you try out the amazing hairstyle.

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1. Long box rasta braids hairstyle

The long box braids are awesome. Right? It is always good to try out the long braids hairstyle that will take a long time to make with an assurance that you will definitely look awesome. If you want to save your time, you can go for the long medium or wide braids, but if you are a patient women then go for the pencil ones.

Always keep in mind that after the long box braids of your color of choice has been made, it is always good to arrange them and make a ponytail that you can tie with a headband. This is because they need to relax for at least 2 days before you start to style them. Here is an image of the latest style of the long box braid.

Rasta styles

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Do you know how to make it? Well, it is commonly known as high bun Up do and this is a step by step way on how to style it.

Step 1 – Split your long braids into two equals sections from the center of your head.

Step 2 – Make a ponytail with your upper equal of the long braids and tie it with a hairband. Twist the upper section and wrap it carefully and strongly from the right to the left side of the base.

Step 3 – Tuck you wrap well at the base and secure it with bobby pins.

Step 4 – The lower section remaining, you split it into two and rest the long braids on your shoulder. Some women prefer to become more unique and they therefore make 2 French braids with the lower section long Rasta. It is good to be creative as you style your fabulous box braids.

2. Long twist braids style

Senegalese long braids styles are just endless and a little bit of creativity is all you need to stand out in that occasion. Being unique does not hurt. Right? Protect your hair with the versatile twist braids and have that gorgeous look you have always wanted. Here is the top style this season that this article think you should try out.

rasta styles

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The burgundy Senegalese long twists looks fabulous. Right? Don’t stress if you don’t know how to style it because the article wish to share with you the step by step way on how to style it.

Step 1 –Arrange your long twist well and make a ponytail; tie it with an elastic band.

Step 2 – you need to separate the ponytail into two equal sections.

Step 3 – Take one of the section, twist it and carefully wrap it to the other side of the other section. Tuck it in strongly and tightly

Step 4 – take the remaining section and split it into two. Twist one split, wrap it to the other side and tuck it well from the base. Do the same with the other split.

Step 5 – secure the tucks with bobby pins and you are good to attend that event. Beautiful accessories and wears will give you a fabulous look.

3. Long kinky braids style

Kinky braids styles are always classy and that is the reason why they work perfectly on every woman. The interesting bit about the kinky braid is that it has a good texture that makes it versatile for different unique styles.

Rasta styles

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Do you know how to style this top long kinky braid style? Well, it is commonly known as the Up Do Bun. Here is a step by step way to help you out.

Step 1 – You need to start by arranging your hair well and make a ponytail; tie it with an elastic band.

Step 2 – Carefully make a twist to the ponytail and wrap it well from the front to the back base.

Step 3 – Tuck it well strongly and tightly to the elastic band.

Step 4 – use bobby pins to secure the wrap and you will definitely rock with the top style.

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4. Long crotchet braid style

Long Crotchet braids gives you that chance to have a different look everyday. This is because they have endless amazing styles that will always give you that elegant look. Here is a simple, but latest style for the long crotchet braids.

Rasta styles

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