ICA Ghana registration 2018 forms and deadlines

ICA Ghana registration 2018 forms and deadlines

Education is not enough to say that you have the expertise in a given field. The proficiency is measured by proven record that backs up the purported claims that indeed one is a professional or has exceptional acumen is a certain thing. This prompted the Government of Ghana to establish an oversight body that will regulate and give accreditation to public accountants who qualify to carry out audits for companies in the country. This then led to the ICA Ghana registration which is done twice yearly for one to go through the exams and thereafter be recognized as a certified accountant who can practice accounting in Ghana.

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The body that does this is the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana established by an act of parliament and carries the mandate to vet and give the accreditation to qualified persons who henceforth acquire the title CA after their names implying a certified accountant, a designation only the notable persons have. This therefore means that there are various stages one must go through, pass the bars according to the laid down threshold to satisfy the panel that they are qualified.

This whole thing begins when one sends an application expressing interest to go through the ICA Ghana courses. This if followed by an invitation letter, enrollment, ICA Ghana registration form, before they are given the membership. It is an in depth process by worthwhile since there is need to release to the market professionals who are well able to perform tasks ahead of then and do them with due diligence.

ICA Ghana student registration form

ica ghana registration, ica ghana registration 2018, ica ghana exams registration form

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These are forms used to show that a student is indeed interested to sit for the various courses offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana. It should be noted that examinations are administered twice in a year; in the month of May and in November. It therefore goes without saying that the ICA Ghana examination registration forms should be filled and submitted twice. This should be done two months before the date of the examination commencement lest one cannot sit for the exams.

Of course there are time frames given to allow students to have enough time to fill the ICA Ghana exams registration forms. In 2018 for instance the ICA Ghana exams for the month of May had the ICA Ghana registration deadline of 18th of April, 2018. This means those students who register thereafter will not be considered for the May exams for obvious reasons that the examination body needs time to prepare for the exams and have the necessary logistics in place as per the number of student registered to sit for the exams; this is as per the ICA 2018 registration regulations.

The ICA Ghana exams registration form is an easy to do document. One is expected to get the ICA Ghana Secretariat in hard copy then fill up and submit alongside other documents needed during registration. Alternatively, students can access the form from the official website www.icagh.com and just like in the latter case fill up the details asked in the forms and submit to the relevant offices.

The examination entry forms for the May 2018 ICA exams have already been uploaded at the official pages for the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana ready for downloading and filling up. The student is expected to pen down personal details about themselves such as their names, student registration number, physical address, location, mobile phone numbers, and e-mail address that is in use.

Similarly, there are important examination details that the student should provide information relating to the same. He or she must answer the questions about the examination centre to which they are going to sit for the examination, the examination level they are in, and the courses they are taking during that particular examination period. They are organized in level 1 through to 3 and the student should indicate the ICA Ghana courses being undertaken. Remember the board allows student to take a minimum of two courses for each academic period.

Following after the personal and examination details are the examination rules which the student should read carefully through and sign there below as an affirmation that they pledge to abide by the examination rules and regulation as they are outlined. The student should then submit this document to the ICAG offices for exams processing. However, should the student have further queries or desire to make clarification on a few things here and there, they can write to info@icagh.com and will be responded to in optimality.

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ICA Ghana registration 2018 procedure

ica ghana registration, ica ghana registration 2018, ica ghana exams registration form

Source: icagh.com

Sometimes, we are short of knowledge about what to do posed in different situations which often makes harder to sail through this state. It even becomes more tensed when venturing into a world of uncertainty in a matter there is very pivotal in your life. This is the solace that brings you the relief from all this pressure with the ICA 2018 registration;

  • Visit the ICAG offices your entire nearest examination center and pick an ICAG 2018 registration form.
  • Alternatively, get online to their official website page via the link www.icagh.com look for the registration forms prompt, click on it and the registration forms for the year 2018 will pop up. Download and print this pdf document.
  • Fill up all the prompts therein with all honesty.
  • The ICA Ghana student registration forms that will not have been filled in completion will not be considered. It is therefore necessary to be keen when entering details as failing to respond to all sections will lead to automatic disqualification.
  • Pay the ICAG Registration fees either through the mobile money transfer which has the 0557964560 as the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana as the pay bill.
  • The money can also be paid via the bank. There are four banks that facilitate this service; the Ecobank via the bank account number 0134481289101, HFC Bank – 0020896571018, GCB Bank with account number 1011130022905 and the Barclays bank at 0000002149286.
  • Attach to the ICA Ghana registration form the money deposit form as evidence that indeed money has been paid for the examination.
  • Scan the copies in pdf format and send it to examsicag@gmail.com or examsicag1@gmail.com
  • Alternatively, send the hard copies to the ICAG Secretariat writing it to the Chief Executive, The Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana, P.O BOX GP 4268, Accra.

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The registration form will then be reviewed and responded to appropriately. Those that miss to qualify to sit for the exams will be disregarded while those that meet the threshold will be upheld. There are many reasons why an ICA Ghana examination registration form may be dropped including; failing in the previous level exams, misrepresentation or inaccurate information, late submission of registration letters among many other reasons.

Similarly, when one is applying for exemption, the process will involve payment of the ICA Ghana Exemption fees payable at the above mentioned financial institutions and banks. The level 1 exemption fee is 230 Ghanaian cedis for the local qualification and 250 Ghana cedis for the foreign qualification. The figure is not wholesome for all the papers one would desire to be exempted from. The above charge is for each paper on is seeking exemption.

In the level 2, the student is charged 300 Ghana cedis and 350 Ghana cedis for the local and foreign qualification respectively. Again the charge is per paper. However, the level 3 according to the ICA Ghana courses outline there are no exemption. The student is expected to sit for all the four exams and pass.

ICAG registration fees

ica ghana registration, ica ghana registration 2018, ica ghana exams registration form

Source: icagh.com

As I had clearly indicated in the ICA 2018 registration procedure, the student needs to pay the ICA Ghana registration fees. The registration fees for all examination levels is 120 Ghana cedis. However, there are other additional charges that make the studentship fees go up. First there is the annual subscription for the certified accountant which is 120 and 240 Ghanaian cedis for the local and foreign qualification respectively.

The examination fee for the level 1 papers is 140 Ghana cedis for each paper, 220 for paper in level 2 and 250 for papers in level 3. So therefore, this means that if for instance, you are sitting for May examination with two papers for the level 2, you will need to pay 440 Ghana cedis as the examination fees, if in level 3 you will pay 500 Ghana cedis and so on and so forth. The confirmation / transcript for local qualification are free for three copies.

The ICAG fees for the student therefore comprises of these entire fees breakdown. In case the student is applying for exemption the exemption fee will also be summed up along with the other charges to give the definite gross figure the student should pay to sit for the exams. Clearly, this is not a walk in the park as a lot of money has to be poured in order to obtain this certification.

All the money is payable either through the bank or through the money transfer option. If payment is made through the bank, it should be clearly stated that the money is deposited to the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana’s account for the student- full names needed, registration number and the purpose for the payment. The above fee need not to be paid in lump sum if in financial constraints, the ICAG registration fees is the most important since it’s the step toward sitting for the examination. It should be paid in first and comprises of the registration fee of Ghana cedis 120 and annual subscription of 120 equal to the latter, totaling to an amount of 260 Ghana cedis. Other studentship fees can be paid later but before the student sits for the examination lest they will not sit for it after all. This is just how serious the ICA Ghana registration 2018 is and the ICAG registration fees are the 2018/2019 new schedule that is effective as from the 9th of January 2018.

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ICA Ghana courses

Ideally, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana is an institution of higher learning and just as is with other schools, there are programs run. The ICAG run two programs concurrently; the Professional program and the technician program it should be worthwhile knowing that the Institute of Chartered Accountants as mentioned above is an accredited body tasked with ensuring that accountancy practice level is done in a professional way.

In fact it is certified and linked to world know accountancy bodies such as the Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa and the world’s oversight body, the International Federation of Accountants abbreviated as IFAC. This means that the courses and examinations offered meet the threshold for teaching and learning to fully equip the students with the necessary knowledge in order to be relevant in the corporate environment that is not only competitive but also dynamic. Below are the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana courses; they are administered in level 1, 2 and 3. Level one being the entry level and level 3 the most advanced after which one received the certified accountant designation.

ica ghana registration, ica ghana registration 2018, ica ghana exams registration form

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Level 1

Level 1 is the basic or the entry level according to the ICA course outline. There are four ICA Ghana courses that seek to enlighten the student on how to go about business or corporate management, the accounting procedures and the applicable law. The courses are; Financial Accounting with the course code 1.1, Business Management and Information System 1.2, Business and Corporate Law 1.3 and finally the Quantitative Tools in Business with code number 1.4.

It is expected that the student sit for all the four papers and produce an exemplary performance before they proceed on with level 2. However, in the case where the student seeks and exemption in a particular course and their wish is genuinely validated, then they may sit for lesser paper in level 1. The examination fee per paper is 140 Ghana cedis along with the annual subscription and registration fees each is 120 ghana cedis.

Level 2

After successful convincing the board through good performance in level 1 the student is then allowed to do the level 2 ICA Ghana courses. The course herein are Financial reporting code 2.1, Management Accounting 2.2, Audit and Assurance 2.3, Financial Management 2.4, Public Sector Accounting and Finance and finally Corporate Strategy, Ethics and Governance. These are the only six courses in level 2.

Students should sit for at least two papers since the exemption are still allowed up to this level. However, the student must pass in order to move to level 3 of study. The exemption policy in this level is rather interesting. For instance a student who holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce with a major in the Accounting option may be exempted for the level 1 papers and some papers in level two such as Financial Management and Audit and Assurance. The criterion for exemption is subject to how convincing the student can show that they have undertaken the course before. The only course that is not subject to exemption in level 2 is code number 2.5 – Public Sector Accounting and Finance.

However, the ICA Ghana exemption fees of 230 Ghana cedis in level one paper and 300 in level 2 papers apply. Cumulatively, the student will pay the registration fee, annual subscription fees and the examination fee for the courses they are to take and not those they are exempted from.

Level 3

This is a very sensitive level because it is very advance and introduces the student into the practical corporate world environment and operation. There are no exemptions for the courses offered in this level and therefore all students are expected to sit for all the papers.

The ICA Ghana courses in level 3 are Corporate Reporting code 3.1, Advanced Audit and Assurance 3.2, Advanced Financial Management 3.3 and taxation and Fiscal policy code number 3.4. an ICAG fees 2018 for the examination per papers applies of 250 Ghana cedis for each paper sat for. This is in excess of the registration fee and the annual subscription fees. In cares the student is a foreigner, they may be require to pay an extra 50 Ghana cedis as the transcript fee.

Having successfully gone through the three levels, the student can await the formal accreditations form the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana. He or she then received the Certified Accountant title an honorary title which is abbreviated as CA after the official names. They then apply to be members of the Institute Chartered Accountants Ghana by filling up a membership form.

The membership form acknowledges that the applicant has consciously conceded to become a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana. They affirmatively declare that they have been through the mother institute, being trained on the various ICA Ghana courses and successfully qualified to be an accountant under this body. Further on they agree to abide by the rules, regulation and the professional code of conduct.

In this declaration, the applicant provides factual information about their identity, age, occupation, education, physical address, nationality, date of birth among other personal details. Since this body desires to have its member uphold a professional image and be people of high moral standing and integrity, members have to abide by their provision. In fact, if one changes their work environment, occupation or residence they should send an alert to the organization. However, the good thing about being a member is that you get to be protected as a practicing accountant and can audit any company in Ghana including those in oil and gas exploration.

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Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana examination centers

ica ghana registration, ica ghana registration 2018, ica ghana exams registration form

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Well, there are many examination centers cut across the country from whence a student can sit for their ICA Ghana exams. The Head Office what is fondly referred to as the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana Secretarial is in Accra located along the ICAG Complex Trinity Avenue, Okponglo, and East Legon. However, there are other subsidiaries or satellite campuses of this reputable institution located in Takoradi, Kumasi, Ho, Sunyani, Wa, Bolgatanga, Tamale, Cape Coast and better still are other overseas in London, New York and Liberia.

Ideally any service one can be given at the head office is uniformly advance even at the ICAG branches spread all over. The courses done are as per the ICA Ghana courses schedule alongside the exams. Practically everything including the ICA Ghana student registration forms is at the branches level. However, if there is need to make further enquiry about the examination centers, you can write directly to the studentservices@icagh.com or check them out on their official website page for due information.

Institute of Charted Accountants Ghana

ica ghana registration, ica ghana registration 2018, ica ghana exams registration form

Source: icagh.com

This is an independent professional accountancy organization established through an Act of parliament - Act 170 of 1963 and mandated to oversee and ensure optimal practices of accountancy. It is the sole defining factor of the best and worst accounting practices including giving accreditation to those who have satisfactorily qualified to be termed as certified accountants to better still have the title designation.

Other than this, the ICAG ensures that the certified accountant go through professional training and exams prepared solely by themselves. It checks through to have the syllabus and examination in check so that it is relevance to the corporate world today. Similarly, the professional body also signs in member who would desire to be linked or associated with this esteemed group of accountancy professionals. The benefit of being a member here in is that, you then belong to a group of profession who the Companies Code, Act 179 OF 1963 recognizes and allows auditing small to large sized companies in any sector of the economy in Ghana.

ICAG is headed by an eleven executive members who are also chartered accountants certified by the body. The top position of the organization’s presidency runs for a period of two year after which a new president should assume office. ICAG is worldwide recognized by the International Federation of Accountants – IFAC and regionally by the Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa. If one then desires to be ranked high in their accountancy profession, then they need to go through the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana courses and thereafter become members of the same body.

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