Short online courses in Ghana

Short online courses in Ghana

Ghana has become one of the most sought after destinations for students from other countries. As the internet continues to make the world one big global village, education has not been left behind either. Online courses in Ghana have given the opening for studying to almost everyone, notwithstanding their commitments.

Short online courses in Ghana

Online short courses in Ghana

A course is a specific training program. It usually takes place on campus but can be delivered online. Those who want to acquire particular knowledge in a certain subject are the ones who take courses.

Ghana offers a great university education particularly from the improved lecturer-student association. The Ghanaian system of education has been attracting an international crowd of students. Ghana several accredited tertiary institutions with the University of Accra as the top university in the whole nation.

Free online courses are trending now. Several colleges and institutions in Ghana and other sites provide free online courses, certificate programs, some degree programs, and education resources for teachers and professors

Online courses offer flexiblility and comfort for aspirants, adjunct in becoming well-versed with particular subjects, and yield specialty also for same. Affordable and endorsed online courses are offered by many reputable online colleges in various subjects. Some of these are English, language, and management among others that produced only opportunities.

In today's hectic schedule due to work and individual obligation, online study is a salient way to pursue online professional courses in Ghana, and gives ultimate flexibility of learning. An individual can opt out part time or full time programs to accessing learning via online. Studying online yields really a flexibleness as you can access learning at your own schedule of day or night, completely fits you to complete your study and necessary assignments at own defined times.

Online university in Ghana


About online courses in Ghana

Different online courses are offered to allow individuals to access learning in favourite courses, but most are unable to pursue such courses due to its expensive course fees. So, some colleges are designed also some cheap online courses to facilitate someone who could not afford for expensive courses and easily accomplish their degree programs to build better career possibilities. Yielding flexibility to working people who wish for advancing their career, boast many courses including arts, science, commerce, and various other professional courses.

Perhaps you are looking for best courses to shape your career in superior ways! Online courses could are the perfect solutions for an individual when it comes to berried degree courses that produce higher career possibilities in future. Hundreds of courses online are available for you, offering by majority of online colleges with the intent to fostering knowledge of aspirants to build career in respected field. It is benefited to earn online degree in desired field as it yields chances to make an advancement in current job.

An individual who yet accomplished accredited online courses, could be considered by employer and hired at best salary packages in respective field of profession. Earning accredited degree programs seem to be easier, better and faster than regular courses, also appreciated amongst industries and give a suitable platform individual to make a different in professional life.

As online programs become more and more popular around the planet, many degree courses are especially designed to allow individual to seek specialty in particular subjects and can furnish a reason why to make a change in career. Programs like online English courses could be judged as superior career programs for individual who have proficiency in English literature and seek career opportunities in same field.

During coursework, individual can find quality learning through guidance of well-qualified online tutor who help in solving any mystifying topics. Learning on own schedule, one can discuss about many topics with tutor and online study materials are prepared by well-experienced professionals, covers many cutting-edge topics to advance individual's skills.

Online short courses in Ghana


Fits to individual's lifestyles, the online language courses can be considered as advanced courses, allow individual to get specialization in particular language, in which they are interested. Coursework is available with various language, facilitates individual to make them able to speak and write and understand some individual language. Mostly, it has seen that several person having not knowledge of particular language, faces some problems in that spheres. So, if you wish to seek profession in some different spheres, you must earn language course online could be very adjunct.

Get in touch with other students in same field, discuss with tutors and able to access easily thousands of free e-books, an individual can also pursue online management courses very simply. It is better for individual who are time-poor person and can't able to pursue courses according to their desires. It yields individual freedom to you and you can give your personal endeavor in studying management courses online to build better opportunities in future.

Online studies are ideal for students whose scheduling obligations would make it difficult to register for a full-time tertiary education or further studies. Offered for specific programs, diplomas, associate’s degrees and certificate programs, online studies are a valuable choice for those who want to further their education. The results the student achieves after successfully completing online studies and graduating is similar to the one a graduate attending a full-time on campus program would be awarded. Innovative e-learning technology has made it more conducive than before to be successful in online education, whether in degree, diplomas, certification or course.

Online courses and certificates

Lasting from a couple of days to one year, online courses come in many shapes, sizes, disciplines and topics. Whether one wants to get credits for further higher education, acquire a new skill or get additional updated training, pursuing courses via online university in Ghana is an excellent choice.

Online certificates can be obtained in various areas of specialization and usually take about a few months to finish. Students, graduates and working professionals can take advantage of the development of short courses training in the field of their choice through an online certificate program. These certificates are available for those with demanding schedules or those who are geographically separated from their regions of study.

Short online courses in Ghana

Benefits of online studies

Online studies are very beneficial in numerous ways. In addition to providing the knowledge and sharpening skills online programs provide a lot of flexibility to be enjoyed. Working professionals are advantaged when it comes to online courses .Both work and study can be attended to without foregoing their duties at work. Students with care-giving or other responsibilities also can also enlist for online studies. It is also conceivable to live anywhere in the globe while learning at an academic institute of one’s choice, as online study does away with the need to commute to campus daily.

Cost online short courses in Ghana

The cost of online short courses in Ghana vary widely. The tuition will depend on the course, subject, school and country. It is important to get information directly from the university, community college or technical school offering the online program for tuition rates. Using the contact form on this website, you can request more information from the school about costs of taking an online study program.

Career improvement to expect with online studies

On completion of an online course one is able to clearly see the improvement. Higher education, whether in any form of a certificate to a degree, enables individuals attain their career goals. These days employers recognize online studies graduates in the same way as their employees who have graduated from on campus programs.

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Short courses in GIMPA

Established in 1961, the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration as a collaboration between the Ghana Government and the United Nations (UN) special fund project. It was started as one of the main strategic institutions to develop the public administrative system, to equip civil servants with administrative and professional capability, and to plan and manage national, regional and local services.

Short online courses in Ghana


The following are some of the Short Courses in GIMPA

School of Technology

  • Certificate in Social Media for Effective Marketing
  • Certificate Academic Writing and Publishing

IT & Management Courses

  • Certificate in ICT (CICT)
  • Certificate in ICT for Project Management (CIPM)
  • Certificate in Telecommunications Management
  • Certificate in IT Management
  • Certificate in Information Systems Requirements Analysis (CIRA)

Web Tech. & Programming Courses

  • Advanced Certificate in Web Technologies with .Net Framework (ACWT)
  • Advanced Certificate in Web Programming with .Net Framework (ACWP)

Database Courses

  • Advanced Certificate in Database Programming with .Net Framework (ACDP)
  • Certificate in Microsoft Server Database Administration (CSDA)
  • Certificate in SQL Expertise in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (CSQL)

Courses at KNUST

Short online courses in Ghana


Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is a university found in the Kumasi region of Ghana. It is the second public university founded in Ghana.

The university is currently ranked the best in the whole of Ghana and also in the West of Africa by the university ranking.

The vision of the university is to be globally recognised as the premier institution of excellence in the African continent for teaching in Science and Technology for improvement; producing high competence graduates empowered with knowledge and expertise.

The university is famous for the quality of education offered. Courses at KNUST are self-motivated. In addition to science courses, there are also business courses offered at KNUST. The courses are from different disciplines including; Engineering Arts Sciences Law.

There has been a rise in the demand for quality and further university education because of the huge population of the youth in Ghana. KNUST has 11 affiliate universities that teach some of the short courses in Ghana in their campuses.

Application for these courses is open to both international and local students who have qualified for the various courses.

Short courses online with certificates

Massive Open Online Courses – MOOCs and Open Courseware – OCW are causing a progressive movement in human development and progressively bridging the gap between the educated and uneducated.

Online professional courses in Ghana


With online courses, anyone from any part of the world can gain knowledge in any field of interest for free or almost. All you need is a computer; laptop, tablet or Smartphone – internet connection, commitment and a self-made schedule. You can even get a certificate on completing the short courses online free through some of these sites.

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Khan Academy
  • Edx
  • University of the People

Most people are taking advantage of such short courses online with certificates. It gives them the opportunity to advance in their careers with minimal disruption of their schedule.

Short courses scholarships in Ghana are offered by different institutions and organizations such as the UNESCO. Full UNESCO scholarships for short courses now open to nationals of developing countries.

Short courses scholarships


Training scholarships & short course scholarship grants for international students. Short course grants.

The fellowships applicants get under this scheme are of short term duration and run up to 6 months at most and are proposed for specific training at the postgraduate level.

Priority goes to those individuals who are promising and qualified specialists who pursue to undertake advanced research or to upgrade their skills and knowledge of innovative developments in their area of study or work.

Short online courses in Ghana have proven to be efficient for many students. Most people are now enjoying studying at their own time and at the convenience of their own space.

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