Top trending Akwaboah songs

Top trending Akwaboah songs

Akwaboah is one of the famous star artists of our music industry. He is mainly popular for his lyrics and his melodious tracks. His new album 'Matters of the Heart' was on the trending list when it was released on the 13th of May, 2018. Akwaboah was the winner of the Ghana Music Awards in 2010 for his lyrics, and he has been nominated almost every year in some of the categories since then. Akwaboah songs certainly define the genre of classical music.

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In this article, we shared some of Akwaboah's best songs. That's not all, we also listed all his songs, sorted the best ones and embedded the YouTube links so you can watch his video songs here.

A few things about Akwaboah

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Akwaboah, the famous songwriter and lyricist of our country was born in Mampong, Beposo Ghana. He is mainly popular for his high-life and hip-life genre songs. He has worked with several famous artists and has helped them release studio albums. In 2016, he signed with Sarkcess music and the news were trending all over. He produced the Mary album by Sarkodie which won the BET award.

His creations were nominated in the Ghana Music Awards. In 2010, he won the music awards for the track Daa Ke Daa, in the Best songwriter of the year category. In 2013, again, he was nominated in the songwriter category of the year. After that, in 2014, he was nominated for new artist award and in 2016, he was nominated for two categories, Best Collaboration of the year and for the Best male voice of the year.

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Music journey of Akwaboah

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Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr., aka Akwaboah Jnr, is a popular singer, lyricist and a producer from Ghana. He is very good at playing the synthesizer and has shown his talents while working with some international artists including John Legend and Hugh Masekela. He has also helped a lot of musicians to make their way to the music industry. He said that he started music when he was a 10-year-old boy.

He told his fans about his life and how he struggled to be a popular musician. He said when he was still a kid; he wanted to be a big star in the film industry. ‘Nsroma’, ‘I Do Love You’, ‘Daa Ke Daa’ these are some awesome creations of Akwaboah Jnr. He has worked with many famous people and the list is very big. Akwaboah said to his fans that,

“I should say at the age of 10. I actually didn’t know what I was writing. I was just writing stuff at home with dad. Sometimes I wrote songs that were already in the system.”

He later realized his potential and applied it to his career and has since become a successful artist.

Akwaboah songs list

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We sorted out all Kwadwo Akwaboah songs for you, here is the list. We tried to cover Akwaboah all songs in the list.

  1. ****o (feat. Sarkodie)
  2. Hye Me Bo
  3. I Do Love You
  4. Hold Me Down
  5. I Do Love You (Remix) [feat. Ice Prince]
  6. Forget
  7. Forever ( ft Okyeame Kwame)
  8. Obiba
  9. Naadu
  10. Mesan Agye Wo (I'll Take You Back)
  11. Akwaboah – Hold Me Down Ft. Efya & Txt | Ha
  12. Akwaboah - Me Kosekose Wo Metrim (Highlife)
  13. Akwaboah-Hye Me Bo
  14. Nsroma ft. Becca - Akwaboah - Unknown album
  15. Medo {Prod by @martinokeys}
  17. Mesan Agye Wo
  18. Anadwo fa yi
  19. Hwemebi na ko
  20. Forget ft. Strongman (Prod. by Apya)
  21. I Do Love You - Akwaboah - Unknown album
  22. Onua pa due
  23. Mesan agye wo
  24. I Do Love You (Remix) (feat. Ice Prince)
  25. Foreva ft. Okyeame Kwame.
  26. Forget (feat. Strongman)
  27. HWE E BI NA KO
  28. ****o ft Sarkodie
  29. I Do Love You (Remix) ft Ice Prince | MP3NAIJ
  30. Akwaboah - Nsroma (Feat. Becca)
  32. Forever (feat. Okyeame Kwame)
  35. GhanaExpo
  36. Medo (My love)
  37. Number One
  38. Dance Floor
  39. Me Pa Wo Kyew
  40. Matters of the Heart
  41. Let You Go
  42. Open Your Heart
  43. Love Unfair
  44. Worship (Medley)

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More about Akwaboah's songs

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Some of his best songs are listed below:

1. Sarkodie - Mewu ft. Akwaboah

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Artist: Sarkodie ft. Akwaboah

Album: Mary

This is one of the popular songs of Akwaboah, and it has received a total of 706k views on YouTube. You can check the song on the SoundCloud if you would like to listen to the mp3 track. The video of the song was directed by GYO, Phamous Philms. The song was published on the Official Sarkodie channel on 10th July 2015. The video received a total of four thousand positive responses. If you are looking for an mp3 soundtrack then you can download the song with this link mentioned on the video description. Subscribe to the channel for videos like this.

2. Strongman - Transformer ft. Akwaboah

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Artist: Strongman ft. Akwaboah

Akwaboah transformer is one of the best songs of 2017. The song was added to YouTube on 17th June 2017 in Sarkcess Music TV Channel, which has a total of 25k subscribers. The video has a total of 582k views on YouTube and has received over 5k positive responses. The video was directed by Vertex and the song has been performed by Strongman.

3. Akwaboah - I Do Love You

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Artist: Akwaboah

The video was directed by Gilbert Asante and knockout Concepts, it is one of the finest songs of Akwaboah. The Akwaboah I do love you song got a total of 560k views on YouTube and over three thousand likes. On 1st October, the song was published on his YouTube channel. Akwaboah Jnr I do love you video is produced by the Laceup Media group. The channel isn’t that popular because he doesn’t upload his works on the channel. Akwaboah’s YouTube has over four thousand subscribers. If you like to stay updated then subscribe to the channel for future updates.

4 . Akwaboah- Hye Me Bo

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Artist: Akwaboah

Album: Hye Me Bo

The song was released on March 2nd, 2018 on the official Sarkcess Music TV and on YouTube and it has already received a total of over four thousand likes. Akwaboah Hye me bo video has 170k views on YouTube and has received positive responses so far. This is one of the latest tracks of Akwaboah. The video was directed by North Production and Sarkcess music.

5. Akwaboah - Hello ft. Sarkodie

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Artist: Akwaboah ft. Sarkodie

Album: Hello (feat. Sarkodie)

Akwaboah Hello was published on October 28th, 2016 on Sarkcess Music TV channel and has gained a total of 276k views on YouTube. The video has a total of more than two hundred likes and a huge amount of positive responses. Xpress Philms has produced the video and famous artist Sarkodie was featured in the song. The video was directed by Xbills Ebenzer where he showed his real talent.

6. Akwaboah - Matters Of The Heart (Album listening session)

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Artist: Akwaboah

This is not an actual song. In this video, Akwaboah and the featured artists including Sarkodie, Strongman, Efya, TxT and Nigeria’s Shyi Shay expressed their feeling about the song and Akwaboah. The video was published on 4th May 2018 and they talked about the recent album ‘Matters of the Heart’. The session was held on Accra City hotel by Akwaboah himself, he invited the featured artists and media persons in the session. This is one of Akwaboah’s most anticipated album of 2018. The video was edited by Derek Yeboah.

7. Akwaboah – Naadu

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Artist: Akwaboah

Album: Naadu

This isn’t a video song. This is a link of a YouTube audio song. The video is licensed by Tune core and was published on 21st April 2017. The Akwaboah Naadu audio was produced by Skinny wills and uploaded to the Sarkcess Music channel on YouTube. You can follow the YouTube channel by simply clicking on the subscribe button. The song has a total of 26k views and over 300 likes.

8. Akwaboah Ft. Becca – Nsroma

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Artist: Akwaboah and Becca

This is a live performance of Akwaboah and Becca in the 10th-anniversary concert. The video was uploaded on 23rd October 2017. There are multiple videos of Akwaboah Nsroma on YouTube. This one happens to be popular among the crowd, which was uploaded 5 years ago on 18th April 2013 in an unofficial channel. The video reached over 300k views on YouTube. This is one of the best songs of Akwaboah. The melody is a soothing one. Check the audio song, you will love it. For more Akwaboah Jnr songs try all remixes on YouTube.

9. Akwaboah - Medo (My Love)

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Artist: Akwaboah

Akwaboah Medo is one of his famous songs on YouTube. The song was released long ago but the picture slide video was uploaded on YouTube on 5th September 2014 in Akwaboah’s own YouTube channel. The song has a total of 10k views and over 500 likes. Seems like that the video received a large number of positive responses on YouTube. The song was produced by Martiokeys as mentioned in the video description.

10. Akwaboah - Forget ft. Strongman

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Artist: Akwaboah and Strongman

Album: Matters of the Heart

The song was published on 11th May 2018 on YouTube. Listen to this Akwaboah new song from the recent album. Akwaboah Forget has received over 155k views on YouTube and a total of 3.2k likes. The video of the song was directed by Christopher Daniels and Visionario Media. The song was produced by Sarkcess Music and published on their YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel for more audio video songs like this. For more Akwaboah latest songs try out the new album. You will love it.

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