Samsung Galaxy S7 specs and prices in Ghana

Samsung Galaxy S7 specs and prices in Ghana

When the new Samsung Galaxy S7 was released back in March 2016, it was the best smartphone Samsung had ever created. Being the flagship of the company, the model was highly anticipated to boast of the new features in the revolutionizing tech-world. With the Samsung S7 price in Ghana costing an arm and a leg, it was a worthwhile smartphone that won’t disappoint. But it has been edged out by the predecessors such as the Samsung S8 and the newly launched Samsung S9.

Samsung galaxy S7 specs and prices in Ghana


The release of the phone also saw the comeback of the microSD card slot which had been missing in the Samsung S6 and S6 edge. It also packs an amazing design. It also features a dedicated camera with a water-resistant body that has been a crafter from top quality materials. In case you are a Samsung enthusiast, the Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Ghana cedis retails around GHc2, 300 at Jumia and other outlets.


The good

  • It has an improved IP 68 waterproof design
  • It has a fantastic screen and power
  • Amazing camera experience
  • MicroSD card slot

The bad

  • Still anchored on Touchwiz and carrier bloatware
  • Does not have a user-replaceable battery
  • Poor quality of speakers
  • Fingerprint magnet

Samsung Galaxy S7 specification

  • Network Technology: GSM/ HSPA/ LTE
  • Status: Available, Released March 2016
  • Body dimensions: 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm (5.61 x 2.74 x 0.31 in)
  • Weight: 152g (5.36oz)
  • Build: Front/back glass (Gorilla Glass 4), aluminum frame
  • SIM: Single SIM (Nano-SIM) – G930F
  • Resolution: 1440 x 2560 pixels, 16:9 ratio (-577 ppi density)
  • Multi-touch: Yes
  • Card slot: MicroSD, up to 256 GB (uses SIM 2 slot) – dual SIM model only
  • Internal: 32/64 GB, 4 GB RAM


Samsung galaxy S7 specs and prices in Ghana



The design of the smartphone is worth every cent that you will spend. It has been streamlined to perfection. The manufacturers went to extreme lengths to develop unprecedented hose lines that make a smooth and solid finish. They handpicked the top-quality materials to ensure a redefined look. Both the Samsung S7 and S7 edge have perfected curve lines. The proprietary process in the making of the design was the 3D thermoforming.


Not only are the headlines changes but there are also other mild updates with the Samsung S7. The s7 has a 5.1 in Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560. The Super AMOLED has always been a major highlight of the S-series. It also has a super sharp pixel density of 577 ppi and has a quality that is top notch. It also covers a full 100% of the Srgb color gamut. This assures you a production of a pitch-perfect 0.00cd/m2 blacks and a super high contrast ratio which makes it spectacular.

This maintains a high display even when you are going through web pages, gaming or watching a video. It comes with a peak brightness of 353.74cd.m2, which is lesser brighter than most of the LCD-based smartphones. But when it is switched to Auto brightness, and a torch is shined on the adaptive light sensor, and this will increase to around 470cd/m2. It is the same technique that was harnessed in the S6 hence easier to use the phone when under bright sunshine compared to other Super AMOLED smartphones.

The Always on the Display technology is a common feature in the S-series which displays information such as the time, date and the battery status when the screen has been turned off. This makes it easier to have a glance at the information such as the date and time without necessary turning on the screen. It is also a downer that the widget is less functional like the traditional Android Marshmallow notifications.

The Always on Display feature won’t even take much of your battery’s life with only a 1% usage of the phone’s battery life within an hour after being enabled. This is enabled by the feature of the Super AMOLED screen which only illuminates the pixels that are needed to display the information.

Processor, storage and performance

Samsung seemed to have dumped the Qualcomm and its Snapdragon line of the CPUs with the previous model Galaxy S6. The previous chip was the Snapdragon’s 2015 flagship 810 had a hard time with issues of overheating. This led to the Exynos 7420 of the Samsung-mad silicon which powered the s6. The s7 comes with the powered version of the 8890 which entails eight cores with four running a 2.6 GHz while the remaining four at 1.59 GHz. The duo is paired with a Mali T880 GPU.

It also has a new custom CPU, a powerful GPU with the 4 GB RAM that gives an awesome combination. This makes it smooth to run an app, play games, and stream videos. The CPU is 30% faster than the predecessor Samsung Galaxy S6. The GPU is up to 64% faster than also the S6.

With the microSD support, users are handed the option to extend the storage capacity to suit their needs and preferences. No need to delete files, videos or photos to create space. The Samsung Galaxy S7 dual SIM card slot has also been designed to work out easily for the users. In case of need for more storage, users can insert the microSD and a SIM card. The card also can be used to accommodate two separate lines for your convenience. Users do not also need to bother to switch off the phone to switch the SIM cards.


Both of the Samsung S7 and S7 edge have a big battery capacity to give you time to stream, listen to music and chat hours on end. The enhanced CPU and GPU assure that the batteries maximize their potential use. According to the tests carried, the S7 can last 15 hours on standby while the S7 edge can last 18 hours. The time that has been indicated is for the video playback with the AOD off. For the actual battery life, their length varies depending on the user.

It also has a fast charging potential. With the big batteries in play, it has the fest charging features to give you freedom from being tethered to an outlet for many hours. The S7 takes 90 minutes to reach full charge while the S7 edge takes up 100 minutes.

The battery life of the S7 gives you an enhanced life of your day to day basis running on the 3,000 mAh battery that is managed on the incredible 17h 48 m in the continuous video playback test with the screen brightness set to the standard 170 cd/m2.

Speaker & call quality

With this phone, you can never go wrong as the call quality is so good that you get to hear the call clearly. When it comes to listening to your downloaded music, the Samsung Galaxy S7 speaker is highly dependable as the music comes out very clearly

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OS & features

The 3D glass was melded with precision for that complete finished look of the metal alloy to make it perfectly seamless and have a strong uni-body. It also comes with a comfortable grip. The grip is due to the dual-curve backs ha have been installed. It has naturally lined that flow from the thin form factor. This assures that when you are handling the device, there is a firm but comfortable grip.

Waterproof devices are becoming a necessity in today’s era of smartphones. Samsung made this clear after the inclusion of the water and dust resistance feature to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. This gives users the chance to post for pictures while at the pool or the beach. This is due to the addition of the IP (Ingress Protection) that has an overall rating of 68. The smartphone can be immersed for up to 30 minutes in 1.5 meters of water. These are the awesome Samsung Galaxy S7 features


The most awesome fact about the camera is with the low light performance. The most iconic photographic moments happen when there is low light. It does not matter whether it is indoors or after sunset. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are packed with a brighter F1.7 lens and a large 1.4 um pixels embedded on the image sensor capture to ensure more light comes from the photos in a sharp and detailed manner.

It also has the dual pixel 12 MP LENS. Every one of the pixels embedded on the image sensor comes with two photodiodes instead of one. This assures that the professional-grade dual pixel sensor focuses quickly as more precisely same as the eyes. It also has a revolutionary focus on each of the every of the single pixel on the Dual Pixel Sensor that is used for the face detection. It also enables the autofocus that is quick and seamless and captures even sudden movements in the act. This is also when the light begins to fade.

The hyperlapse enables users to capture the energy of the city in a precise and professional-grade time lapse. For users with shaky hands, this is compensated by the new Vdis technology with the clearest frames that have been stitched together to offer quality footage each moment.

The quality of the pictures of the S7 and S7 edge has improved. The phone sensor is about 12 megapixels, but due to the f/1.7 aperture, it can also handle the low-light photography with far less distortion. It also has an ever-evolving image processing nets and can make you shoot up o 4K resolution even in lower resolutions up to the 240fps.


Samsung galaxy S7 specs and prices in Ghana


The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are refined, comfortable, waterproof and expandable. In 2016, the Samsung Galaxy S7 marked the highest tier of the top shelf smartphones to enter the market. It also features the fingerprint magnet which is a fair share of the bloat ware. If you don’t mind the few smudges, you can buy Samsung Galaxy S7. It is nice to see the reintroduction of the microSD card slot and the water-proofing feature in the model.

The Galaxy flagships have been at the forefront when it comes to the imaging, and their cameras have always been at the top of their performers in the market. There is a twist of numbers when Samsung such as the uptake of fewer but larger pixels with all 12 million having the capability of phase detection. The lighting fast autofocus was a promise that was kept after the release of the Samsung S7 and S7 edge.

The launch of S8 seemed to have taken the interest from the S7 but not he respect. It has an improved and premium design that takes from the Samsung S6 and adopts new features from the Galaxy S5 that were missing in the Galaxy S6. It is a perfect comeback for both the model and the brand.

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are still a handset that deserves its respect even with the intro of S8 and S9. But the price of Samsung Galaxy S7 is too high compared to other prices that deliver the same such as Sony, HTC, and Huawei. The features of Samsung Galaxy S7 such as the fingerprint magnet is an area that needs improvement during manufacturing. With the introduction of the Android Oreo, users can update to the latest version which increases the performance.

It Is a worthwhile phone especially if you a gamer, photographer or an ardent user of tech generally. In case you are wondering how much is Samsung Galaxy S7? Well you will have to dig deep in your pocket to acquire this gadget.

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