25 beautiful African braids for kids

25 beautiful African braids for kids

Christmas season is a few weeks away, and girls, just like everyone else, want to look picture-perfect. With most kids getting brand new outfits, what other better way to make your daughter stand out than with a one-of-a-kind, stylish braid hairstyle? What makes African braids the ideal hairstyle for kids apart from sealing your daughter’s hair moisture is the fact that they are a protective style that promotes hair growth. Braids hairstyles flatter all kids, complement any outfit, and make girls look so adorable. So, as a parent, let your kid have fun playing around without worrying that they will look unkempt by having their hair done in one of these hairdos.

African braids for kids

SOURCE: Pinterest, @Sherri Cooper

Most of the time, little girls want the latest braid hairstyle mainly because they want to show off to their friends while their mothers choose a hairstyle that will make their daughters look amazing yet save on preparation time. With braids, you can do both. And the best part about these braided hairstyles is that they are easy to make and are low maintenance which means your kid will spend less time in the salon yet come out looking like a little fashionista.

Latest African braids hairstyles for kids

With so many hairstyles out there, which are the latest and the most age-appropriate for your kids? I bet you do not want your kid to have a common hairstyle. We also understand how hard it is for young girls to sit still for a long time while the hairstylist completes the hairdo. Therefore, we have rounded up less intricate braid hairstyles that are also stylish and practical.

Whether it’s your daughter, niece or sister, with one of these 25 best African braids for kids hairstyle, she will look picture-perfect and get to enjoy her holiday season as stylishly as possible.

1. Ponytail African braids for kids

African braids for kids

SOURCE: saintsofficialauthentic.com

Kids love ponytails. Ponytail hairstyles are the go-to hairstyles for many girls because they are practical since they pull the hair away from the face. With these ponytail braids, your girl can run around and have fun without you(the parent) worrying about her messing up the hairstyle. But just like any other hairstyle, the ponytail has undergone different variations and can feature a unique design that will make your kid stand out. What’s to love about this ponytail braid is that you can give it an edge by decorating with it coloured beads because kids are not limited to what colors they can have on their hair. To make the hairstyle even more memorable for the kid, let her choose the colours and the size of beads she wants to have on her hair.

2. Crochet braids for kids

beautiful African braids for kids

SOURCE: hardeeplive.com

If you want your kid to have the latest hairstyle which is super comfortable yet takes less time to install, then crotchet braids are your best friend. You can opt to get your daughter thin or large crochet braids, straight or curly. In case you prefer your kid to use fewer crochet braids to maintain the natural hair look, then a partial crochet braid hairstyle will be ideal for that. While using many crochet braids at once gives hair volume, using a few braids extension is a great way to let your kid experiment with crochet braids.

3. Yarn braids hairstyle for kids

braids for kids

SOURCE: hairstylesdiary.com

Yarn braids can also be elegant and classy even on kids. The trick is to go for a hairstyle length that is easy to manage and that which complements the kid's face shape. If your kid has fragile hair, then it is best to make the yarn braids less tight. That way, you will not damage her hair.

Yarn braids are super light which makes them comfy and ideal for kids. You can style your braids up or down or even switch things up a bit and mix two different brightly coloured yarns. If you plan to make the yarn braids thick, then use few braids to prevent the hair from becoming too bulky which will make them a bit heavy on a kid's head and hard to style especially if the braids are short and thick.


Just like box or twist braids, yarn braids can also be accessorized with beads, flowers, a cute hair clip or coloured rubber bands installed on the hair ends. Another way to make yarn braids unique is to blend different shades of yarns like brown and black or grey and black which give a funky ombre effect that will make the kid stand out.

4. Coloured long box braids

African braids for kids

SOURCE: almjhol.com

Most hairstylists will tell you that it is not advisable to expose your kid's hair to the harsh chemicals found in dyes. But does that mean that your kid should not have coloured hair? Of course not. Thanks to coloured braids, your kid can have any hair colour she wants from red, pink, grey to blue.

Kids love colours and bright objects and what better way to represent that than with colored braid hairstyles? Unlike applying hair dye, coloured braids do not add any chemicals to the hair. Instead, braids offer a protective element to the hair and will not limit you to one colour.

5. Bantu knots-inspired African braids

Bantu knots done using braid extensions are a flattering hairstyle even for kids. You can opt to make small or large Bantu knots. Either way, your kid will look like an African princess. This hairstyle can be done on natural or relaxed hair as the coiled buns will protect your kid’s hair. Do not forget to moisturize the hair to prevent breakage. For added dimension, accessorize the braids with beads. The black hair is also absolutely flattering to all skin tones, and the beads add a brightening effect for those who think black braids are a little dull.

6. Ombre braids

Ombre braids allow any kid to experiment with colours as the braids can be plaited in any different colour combination. While most parents allow their kids to braid safe colours such as brown and blonde, the best way to showcase your kid's active lifestyle and creativity is to go for bold colours like blue, green, orange, and red. Ombre braids also do not restrict one to a particular colour or a specific length. Instead, you can opt to use more than three colours. If it is your kids first time trying out ombre braids, then it is best to stick to a few bold braid shades. The addition of blue ombre braids gives the hairstyle a bright and unique look that is not too shouting.

7. Cute black braids

braids for kids

SOURCE: Pinterest, @Kassy.C

No doubt, most kids go for black hair because it is cute and will complement any outfit. But do you know that you can use bright accessories to make your black hair stand out? Black braids are also versatile, meaning that you can style them in so many different ways depending on the length. The black shade makes it easier to add any accessory.

8. Updo braids with a bun

braids for kids

SOURCE: fezfestival.org

Are you looking for a cute braided look for your kid? Breathe life into your kid's hair this festive season by getting her hair done in this one-of-a-kind updo braids with a bun hairstyle. This African hair braiding hairstyle gives your kid's hair an elegant look. With this updo, your kid will also not think about styling her hair. Plus, there is something interesting and eye-catching about doing braids in a catchy design.

9. Pigtail bun braids

African braids for kids

SOURCE: Pinterest, @Michelle D

Pigtails are age-appropriate for kids so you cannot go wrong with this hairstyle. The braids are styled into tow buns and worn on the sides of the head. The hairstyle is great for kids with short hair as the braids will add length and make the buns look voluminous.

10. Side-swept cornrow-inspired braids with beads

Do you still think that cornrows are not that chic? Well, these side-swept cornrow braids with beads will change your mind. Cornrows come in different patterns and style, so for moms who love simplicity, then these straight braided hairstyles for black girls will be perfect. The side-swept cornrows and beads give the style a dramatic look perfect for the holidays.

11. Lemonade braids

Lemonade braid styles for kids are inspired by Queen B who is not only a fashionista but also a trendsetter. The braids are plaited to sit on the side. The hairstyle includes white bead accessories that are stylish and give the whole hairstyle a wow effect. So, if you want a simple braid hairstyle that will make a statement, then go for these lemonade-inspired braids.

12. Stunning curly braids for kids

African braids for kids

SOURCE: janques.com

Whether you prefer keeping curls at the ends of the braids or fully curled braids, curls can make any girl look feminine and cute. What makes this particular braid hairstyle great for a festive season is the fact that it makes use of braids styled into a bun. The curls are placed at the back of the head to create hair volume. This hairstyle for kids is ideal for those with thin hair. The metallic hair accessories draw attention to the youthfulness of the girl child.

13. Hair braided into two ponytails

African braids for kids

SOURCE: eatsmilebreathe.com

Why allow your kid to have a hairstyle with the standard one ponytail when she can have two? Braids that make use of two ponytails are one of the most beautiful hairstyles for little girls. The hairstyle is age- appropriate and the braids which are pulled back highlight the girl’s soft facial features. You can even tie the ponytail with a cute hair band to give the hairstyle a fresh look.

14. Half up, half down braid style

braids for kids

SOURCE: Pinterest, @Dabreeka Osborne

Braids can sometimes look monotonous if they are not styled properly. However, the half up, half down hairstyle is ideal for kids as the style is easy to implement and it will only take a few minutes to get done. The style is achieved by plaiting half the braids going up, and the remaining half are done going downwards. The braids for this hairstyle are designed to create a unique pattern.

15. Afro kinky twist for kids

African braids for kids

SOURCE: braidstylesbyprudence.com

Afro kinky twist braids are one of the latest hairstyles that fit both kids and adults. This protective style looks just like standard twist braids which make them so much fun to style. What makes afro kinky twists a must-try this season is the fact that they make it easier to experiment with hair extensions of different lengths and colours so that you can come up with a style that is your own. This jet black kinky hairstyle has a charm of its own that will make any girl look amazing.

16. Goddess braids

braids for African kids

SOURCE: pinosy.com

The goddess braided hairstyle is a protective style that can be done on either natural or relaxed hair. It is also low maintenance and gives hair a break which promotes growth. These types of braided hairstyles can last up to a month and can be done in any braid colour that can highlight the unique pattern of the goddess braid.

17. Fishtails micro braids styles

African braids for kids

SOURCE: Pinterest, @Boujie Gal

Let your kid make a statement by getting this adorable fishtail braid hairstyle. This hairdo is simple yet chic while the Mohawk and cornrow braids take the creativity to a whole new level. What we love about this hairstyle is that the black braids allow the fishtail to stand out and make a statement on its own. So, even though there are two beautiful hair designs, they all blend seamlessly to make the kid stand out.

18. Beautiful zig-zag braids

African braids for kids

SOURCE: kidswithcurls.wordpress.com

Zig-zag braids are one of the hairstyles that never seem to get outdated. Hip-hop musicians and basketball players loved to rock this hairstyle way back in the 90s. Even now, we are still seeing many girls rocking this hairstyle. The zig-zag hairstyle will never go out of style because it combines artistic presentation and the beauty of the hair. All you need to create this simple look is to make cornrows in a zig-zag pattern using braid extensions.

19. Black braids with curly ends

African braids for kids

SOURCE: sipaa.org

If you do not want simple straight braids, then opt for braids with curly ends. This black braid hairstyle is easy to achieve, and it requires straight braids which are then curled and dipped into hot water. You can choose to make the curls loose and wavy or tightly coiled.

20. Bob box braids

African braids for kids

SOURCE: inflexa.com

Whatever the occasion is, bob braids are stylish. The short or shoulder-length braids are ideal for kids as they can have fun without worrying about how to keep the braids away from the face. This is one of the African braid styles that will give everyone who sees it hair envy. The bob box braids above feature thick purple-black braids that sit just below the shoulders.

21. Mohawk braids

braids for kids

SOURCE: hairstylesdiary.com

Fashion trends come and go, but the Mohawk always crops up every year. If your kid has not yet braided a Mohawk, then this holiday season is the perfect time to try the style. While the Mohawk tends to have a simple, eye-catching design, it is also trendy and beautiful especially on kids. Unlike the punk Mohawk that requires shaved sides, this Mohawk hairstyle with braids will allow your daughter to keep her hair. In fact, the braids will promote hair growth.

22. Halo braid hairstyle for kids

African braids for kids

SOURCE: hairstylesdiary.com

Are you looking for a casual African braid hairstyle? Then get the protective halo braid. In this hairstyle, braids are used to create a cute halo and the white beads and purple hair ribbon add a contrasting element that makes the hair beautiful. This braid style is ideal for kids with both long and short hair as the braids will add length.

23. Fulani-inspired African braids for kids

African braids for kids

SOURCE: orlandowhite.com

Fulani braids are a must try this year. This hairstyle traces its roots in the western parts of Africa. But that does not mean that if you are not from there you can’t try this chic hairstyle. What’s to love about Fulani braids is that they have a unique pattern. Hair cuffs or beads are strategically placed on the hair ends and at different points of the hair to give the style an authentic look.

24. Senegalese twist hairstyle for kids

braids for kids

SOURCE: hairstyling.com

Senegalese twists are one of the best hairstyles for kids that promote healthy hair growth. The style is created using two strand braids which are twisted from the roots of your kid’s natural hair all the way to the ends. The best hair extensions for making this style are synthetic braids which are easily available in many beauty stores.

25. Double bun braids hairstyle with a few braids left hanging at the back

African braids for kids

SOURCE: piktag.com

Double bun braids are a head turner. This is a hairstyle that many girls love and if you opt for multi-coloured braids, then keep the rest of the kid's outfit neutral to avoid overshadowing the hair. This hair braiding hairstyle is great for kids as it is easy to maintain, undoing the style is quick, and it protects brittle hair.

There are various African braids for kids hairstyles. Apart from making your daughter look beautiful when done by a professional, these braids prevent hair breakage and seal in moisture. Whether you prefer thin or thick braids, short or long, your kid will look beautiful with any of the above braid styles.

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