100 trick questions: Learn if you are a genius with the hardest questions.

100 trick questions: Learn if you are a genius with the hardest questions.

Trick questions and riddles can be fun or the bane of why you are in existence. However, they are a great way to exercise your brain. Some people love the idea of busting out their minds as they showcase their ability to outsmarting other individuals around them. You can also find some of your friends and have fun together.

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Do you think you are smart enough or more than others? Do you feel like you have more common sense than everyone else? Well, you need to think again. The following trick questions will make your mind go crazy as you try to figure out the correct answers. However, if you can’t seem to get the right answer, don’t beat yourself, it’s only for fun. Read along and give your brain a challenge.

100 trick questions for the genius

If you feel that you are smart enough, check out the trick questions below.

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Funny trick questions

  • A certain cowboy rode to one town on Friday. He stayed there for three days and then rode out of that town on Friday. How is it possible to do this?
  • A farmer had a total of 780 goats. He took one shot that managed to get them all. How was she able to do this?
  • A little girl kicked a soccer ball. The ball went 10 feet away, and then it came back. How is this possible?
  • A lady went out into the rain without any form of protection. However, not even a single hair on his head got wet. How did this happen?
  • The driver of a truck is going down through a one-way street in the wrong way. He passes more than ten traffic police officers, but none of them arrests him. Why?
  • A small boy was taken into the emergency room in the hospital. When the emergency room doctor saw him, he refused to operate on him. The doctor said, “This boy is my son.” However, the doctor was not the father of the young boy. How is that possible?

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trick questions
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  • There is an electric train that is moving towards the south at a speed of 100 meters per hour. The wind is moving towards the west at a rate of 10 meters per hour. Which direction is the smoke moving?
  • Before, it was discovered that Mount Everest was the tallest mountain, which was the tallest mountain in the entire world?
  • Bob’s father has a total of four sons. Three of these children are Momo, Meme, and Mumu. Who is the fourth child?
  • Can you mention three consecutive days without naming the words Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday?
  • How can a person go for seven days without sleeping?
  • If you count the elephant’s truck as a leg, how many legs do an elephant have?
  • I carry all the knowledge that you have, yet I am so small that you can hold me in the palm of your hand. Who am I?
  • When I start, I am very tall. However, the longer I stay while standing, the short I become. Who am I?
  • If it took ten men to build a wall, how long would it take five men to make the same wall?
  • Mrs. Johnson’s house has a bungalow that is decorated green all over, the carpets, furniture, and the walls are all in the shade of pink. What color are the stairs of the bungalow

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Trick questions and answers

  • B is the father of A. however, A is not the son of B. Is this possible, and if so, how? (A is the daughter)
  • A woman dressed in all black was walking down the road. All of a sudden, a big black vehicle without lights appeared from the corner and screeched to a halt. How did the driver of the car know that she was there? (it was during the day time)
  • How can a man drop a raw egg on the concrete floor without cracking it? (the egg cannot make the concrete floor to crack)
  • A doctor gives his patient three pills and tells him to take each medicine after every half hour. How much time will the patient take before finishing all the three pills? (a total of one hour. the patient takes the first pill right away, he takes the second pill half an hour later and the third pill after another half hour making the total time spend to be one hour)
  • A peacock belonging to Mr. Jones laid an egg in Mr. Smith’s yard. Who owns that egg? (there is no egg because peacocks don’t lay eggs, just peahens)
  • Some months 30 days, others have 31 days. How many months have 29 days? (all months have 28 days)

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100 trick questions
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  • During an airplane crash, every single individual who as onboard died. However, four survived the crash. What the possibility of this? (the four survivors were married)
  • It goes up and down, but it remains at the same place. What is it? (stairs)
  • A man threw a red stone inside the blue sea. What did the stone become? (the stone became wet)
  • How far can a person walk into the forest? (a person can only walk halfway into the woods because the rest of the time he will be working out of the woods)
  • What can a person never eat for lunch and dinner? (breakfast)
  • I become wetter and wetter the more I dry, what am I? (a towel)
  • Which is the most recent year in which the New Year was celebrated before Christmas day? (this year because New Year always come before Christmas of that same year)
  • I always go up, but I never come down. Who am I? (age)I have 100 pounds of feather and another 100 pounds of stones. Which one is heavier than the other? (none is more massive because they all have the same weight)
  • There are 15 fish in the pond, half of them drown. How many fish are left? (15, fish cannot drown)
  • Imagine that the boat you are riding in is sinking in a lake full of sharks? How would you come out alive? (To survive, stop imagining)
  • How many times can you minus 20 from 200? (you can only subtract it once because the next time you will be subtracting it from 180)
  • From 0-100, how many times does alphabet A appear? (none, there are no alphabet in number 0-100)

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Mind trick questions

  • If you place a cup on the table while it’s facing the north and you are seated on the south side of the table, which side will the handle of the cup be facing?
  • Between Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger, and their baby, who is bigger?
  • I have a head and a tail, but I have nobody. Who am I?
  • What took place after the invention of the wheel?
  • What do you use to sit on, brush your teeth with, and sleep on?
  • I am a woman, but I know where my husband is at all times. Who am I?
  • What falls but never breaks, and what breaks but never falls?
  • A man enters into a dark room with one match and finds an oil lamp, a newspaper, and some kindling wood. What did he light first?
  • There is a bowl containing ten apples. A man picks five of them away, how many does he have?
  • A plane crash occurs on the border of Canada and the United States. Where will the survivors be buried?

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trick questions
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  • Whenever you have me, you always want to share with me, but the moment you share me, you no longer have me. Who am I?
  • I cannot be thrown, but a man can catch me. What am I?
  • Which word would you use in describing a person who doesn’t have all his fingers on one hand?
  • I live the moment you feed me, but I die immediately you give me a drink. What am I?
  • What cannot be held, but it can be broken?
  • I am always coming, but I am never arriving. Who am I?

Funny mind trick questions

  • Why can’t a man living in Canada be buried in Europe?
  • Where will you land if you jump off the roof of a five-story building?
  • Which is the one thing that if you offer to another person, he or she is likely to return it to you immediately?
  • When the vice president of a country dies, who becomes the president?
  • There is a bird, a monkey, and a squirrel. All of them are racing up the coconut tree. Which one among them is likely to reach the banana first?
  • A chicken has ten eggs; a dinosaur eats one of them. How many eggs will the chicken be left with?
  • Everyone works extremely hard every day to get me, but when they get me, they give me away. Who am I?
  • There are six birds on top of the tree, and a hunter shoots one of them. How many birds are left on the tree?
  • I start with an e, I end with an e, and I have one letter. What am I?
  • A man has 300 eggs, and you take 30 of them away, how many eggs do you have?
  • Other than Tuesday and Thursday, which other days of the week begins with letter T?
  • A dog was running on the road during a blackout. How did the driver of the vehicle see the dog?
  • I am a 10-letter word, but I have thousands of words inside me. Who am I?

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trick questions
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  • What name do you give to the people who come from a country of medal?

Psychology trick questions

  • Job’s mother has three children. The first one is called May, and the second one is called June. What is the name of the third one?
  • A man was running in a race competition, and he passed the person in second place. What did he become?
  • How many sides does an oval have?
  • When you combine the two words, they hold the most letters. Which words are these?
  • In the English alphabetic order, which letter flies, sings, and stings at the same time?
  • I am a tree, but you can hold me in your arm. Who am I?
  • What do letters T and an island have in common?
  • I have married very many men, but I have never been married. Who am I?
  • It is an insect, and the first part of its name is the name of another insect. What is it?
  • The one who makes it does not want it, the one who buys it does not use it, and the one who uses it does not see it. What is it?
  • One side of the chicken has more feathers than the other. Which side is that?
  • I am a man who shaves several times in a day, but my hair is still intact. Who am I?
  • Peter has five piles of sand, and James has three piles of sand. The two decide to pull all the collection together. How many piles do they have now?
  • A rooster is standing on top of a slanted roof when it lays an egg on which side does the egg roll?
  • Why do people drink water?
  • When does 2+2 not equal to 4?
  • If you call my name, you break me. Who am I?
  • What happens when you mix pay and pear?
  • I am a three-letter word that changes a girl into a woman. Who am I?

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Trick questions with answers

trick questions
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  • Movie stars are considered to be so cool. Why? (because they have so many fans)
  • I am and black but read all over. Who am I? (The newspaper, because it is read all over)
  • What did the ocean tell the beach? (it didn’t say a thing, it waved)
  • There is an ocean without water. Where is it? (it is on the map)
  • I provide the strength and the power to walk through the walls. Who am I (the door)
  • What is always seen at the beginning of the parade? (the letter P)
  • How can a man lift an elephant with one hand? (he cannot because he will never find an elephant that has one hand)
  • Why did the cowboy ride his horse into the town? (because the horse was too heavy for him carry)
  • How many people did Moses take into the ark? (zero because Moses did not build the ark, but it was Noah)
  • A man digs a hole that is 4 feet deep, 3 feet long and 5 feet wide. How much dirt is in that hole? (none, because once the hole is dug, no dirt is left inside)
  • What has four-wheel and flies? (the truck that carries garbage)
  • I have a head during the night, but I don’t have it during it the day. What am I? (a pillow)
  • Which is the only time that Friday comes before Thursday? (i comes before Thursday in the dictionary)
  • I am white and red, and I can travel the entire world in one night. Who am I? (Santa Claus)
  • If you and I are stupid, what is standing between us? (and)
  • I occur once every minute, twice in every moment, and never in a thousand years. Who am I? (the letter M)

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Trick questions are not only entertaining but also very informative. If you want to jog your mind around, check out the ones above and find out whether you are a genius.

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