10 best Kweku Smoke songs

10 best Kweku Smoke songs

Paul Amankwa, popularly known as Kweku Smoke, is gradually growing to be one of the biggest Ghanaian stars in the music industry. He learned how to rap by watching his brother. He slowly mastered the art and started making music on his own. Kweku Smoke songs are not only refreshing but also show a different side of the Ghanaian hip hop scene.

Kweku Smoke songs
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Kweku Smoke has written many songs that are yet to be released. In 2015, the young artist released a track with Flowking Stone of Bradez fame, but no one paid attention. Nana Boroo and new management helped the rapper rise higher.

Kweku Smoke songs

The following are the 10 best Kweku Smoke songs 2020:

1. Yedin

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Kweku Smoke featured Ghanaian hip hop king Sarkodie in this flawless track. The storytelling in the track is impeccable with the sharp visuals that help tell the story. The video is flashy as luxurious items are shown throughout the visuals.

Sarkodie came through with his verse, balancing Kweku Smoke's flow. The two artists complement each other well and have the potential to make future classics. The start and end of the video have contrasting elements, which is a great concept.

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2. Lost Title

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Kweku Smoke never disappoints with his tracks. Lost Title is another Masterpiece from the young rapper. The visuals are simple, but the bars are heavy. You can tell that Kweku Smoke has defined his style by listening to every element incorporated in the making of this track.

The background music adds a beautiful flow to the trap beats which fit the Ghanaian star. Kweku Smoke songs download can be done at Hipradar and Urbanroll.

3. You Dey Talk

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The best thing about this track is the violin that can be heard in the background. Kweku Smoke's verses are excellent, like in many of his records, but nothing tops the instrumentals. The visuals are neat, the bars fresh, and the entire sound grand.

You cannot help but applaud the talent Kweku Smoke has. Kweku Smoke having chosen a chill background with minimum distractions, perfectly conveyed the message in the track. 'You Dey Talk' is a hype jam that has been a club banger ever since it dropped.

4. ODO

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ODO is another banger from the talented Ghanaian rapper. One thing common in most Kweku smoke track is the distinct sounds one feels even when the beat plays. One can hear a classical type of music in the background, which creates a more pleasant rhythm. Kweku Smoke is a spitter.

The man never stops spitting once he starts, and that is what makes him a great rapper. You can tell that Kweku is up for any challenge when it comes to matters rapping. This and other Kweku Smoke songs mp3 download are available at Ghanasongs, and Ghxclusives.

5. Take Me Somewhere Happy

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You can feel the energy in Kweku Smoke as he raps his verses in this track. The rapper emphasizes his message as he twists some words to mak the lines spicy. Kweku Smoke is also a champion when it comes to rhyming.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the rapper rhyme a few lines while doing his thing. Kweku can rap fast if he likes or slow the pace depending on the mood of the track and the subject matter. He sounds lovely while rapping fast in 'Take Me Somewhere Happy'.

6. Coronavirus

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As the name suggests, coronavirus talks about the pandemic that has overwhelmed the world. Kweku Smoke sheds light on the effects of the virus and the damages it has caused. 'Corona Virus' by Kweku Smoke is a catchy tune despite having a sad subject matter.

The singer is seen dancing as he dons masks and gloves. Kweku Smoke sensitizes his listeners on what to do and what not to do to stay safe from the virus. This is one of Kweku Smoke latest songs you can play.

7. Dis Side

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Kweku Smoke featured Kofi Mole in this banger that is still ruling Ghanaian airwaves. This track has trap beats and a fast tempo. Kweku Smoke and Kofi Mole outdid themselves with the fast rapping.

The visuals are amazing too as everyone freely dances on the roads and under tunnels. 'Dis Side' has a replay value now with the catchy vibe the artistes give in the track. This track is one of the hottest rap songs in Ghana today.

8. Self Employed

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Kweku Smoke new songs like 'Self Employed' need one to get dancing or at least shake any part of the body. The rap star in this track talks about his achievements, minor issues, and life in general.

The concept of being at the beach for the visuals was a genius idea as it goes hand in hand with the message of being free and being in control of one's life. The dancing going on and party mode at the beach blend well with what the rapper was talking about in his song.

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9. King Dave

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Like many artistes, Kweku Smoke has had to diss a few of his fellow musicians as it is a norm in the game. 'King Dave' is a diss to Shatta Wale, another mega rap star in Ghana. In 'King Dave', Kweku Smoke talks about his skills and what he does to his adversaries.

He compares himself to King David in the bible and boasts that he is better than Shatta Wale. Kweku Smoke bars are relatively good. The diss song passed the average test. Kweku Smoke diss song download is allowed at crateshub.com and downgh.com.

10. Worldstar (Freestyle)

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If you ever doubted that Kwkeu Smoke is excellent at his art, then you need to listen to this freestyle. The man has energy, enthusiasm, and passion. You can put any established rapper against Kweku Smoke, and the youngin will easily beat them at their game.

The Worldstar freestyle is an excellent addition to Kweku Smoke tracks if you want to listen to pure bars. The freestyle is short but carries heavy lines.

Kweku Smoke is the talk of the town whenever rap discussions arise. Despite being hardworking, he had many people in the industry help him up. One major endorsement was from Sarkodie. Kweku Smoke songs continue to get airplay as he releases more records and collaborates with more artistes across Ghana. The artiste still has vitality and has more albums in the works as time progresses.

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