LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

Shopping for a Smart TV today in Ghana can be overwhelming. The market has lots of brands that stand out and give you many options from which you can choose the best. A better way of simplifying things is to go for a product that best fits what you want, including things like 4K, NanoCell, OLED, and price. Most consumers prefer LG TVs. But before you can buy one, you need to know the best devices out there, where to get them, and the various LG TV prices in Ghana.

LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

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One of the reasons LG TVs are popular is their better picture quality. The devices also have better uniformity, unique build, and wide colour gamut. Unlike many TV brands, LG TVs perform well when it comes to improving lower resolution content.

Without such a feature, low-resolution videos can take up less than half the space of the screen. For example, if you have a 1080p set, it will upscale a 720p video and display it in full-screen mode, hence giving you improved viewing experience.

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Is LG a good TV to buy?

LG TVs are some of the cheapest, high-end televisions available in Ghana. These TVs are often high performance and boast of some of the best features. A typical LG TV is usually brighter than most TVs. It can handle glare well, can upscale low-resolution videos, and has excellent default colour accuracy.

LG TVs are worth buying, especially for those people that want to use them for watching movies, sports, and gaming. Also, their excellent picture quality makes them ideal for a PC monitor. As one of the oldest TV brands, LG has maintained its reputation in producing superior televisions at an array of prices that fit every consumer.

How much is LG Smart TV in Ghana?

LG TV prices in Ghana depend on the size of the device. Also, the features or technology added to the TV can dictate prices. For example, a 32 inch HD Digital LED LG Smart TV can start from GH₵800. You can also go for the high-end TVs, such as the 86 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR LED LG Smart TV, which costs GH₵30,000.

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While you should consider price when buying these devices, factor in things like design, durability, picture quality, and variety. By variety, this means looking for technologies like LED, LCD, OLED, and NanoCell, among others. Regardless of the price point, go for an LG TV that has wide viewing angles, better response time, and low contrast ratio.

To help you make a better decision, these are LG TV prices in Ghana for the most common models and where to buy them.

1. LG 50UN7300PUF Smart 4K UHD TV

LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

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LG 50UN7300PUF is a 50 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV that comes with Alexa. The device has a QUAD CORE Processor that makes it three times faster than traditional TVs. That allows for smoother multitasking, especially when browsing the web, downloading apps, booting it up, or playing a video game.

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Furthermore, it runs on webOS, which is a platform that makes the TV run fast, easy to navigate between apps, and provides a lot of functionality for both interacting with devices like Alexa. With its Active HDR, the TV provides delicate detail and lifelike colour with an array of contrast.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity and works well with Apple Airplay. You can buy the LG 50UN7300PUF Alexa Built-In 50" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV for GH₵2,454.00 from Ubuy.

2. LG 32LH512U Digital Satellite TV

LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

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LG 32LH512U is a 32 inch Full HD Digital Satellite TV that comes with an LED display and built-in games. One thing about the device is it has a screen resolution of 1366x768. That means you can hardly make any difference between the picture quality, regardless of whether you are watching a 720p or 1080p video.

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The TV has a refresh rate of between 60Hz. Thus, it refreshes 60 times per second to eliminate tearing when playing video games and allowing for a smoother image. It also features USB and HDMI connectivity, Dolby Digital sound, HEVC decoder, and Dynamic Colour. You can find the device in most LG Ghana online stores, such as Zoobashop, for GH₵1,498.99.

3. LG 32LK510BPVD Digital Satellite LED TV

LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

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The LG 32LK510BPVD is a 32 inch LED TV with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 Pixels. It comes with Dynamic Colour that enhances images and stylish frames that make the design more glaring with a modern taste. The device features noise reduction technology that helps to block noises around outlines, especially those created during digital transmission.

The TV has an upscaling feature that helps to improve the quality of lower-resolution videos. You can connect other devices to it using a USB and HDMI port. When you look at LG LED TV prices in Ghana for 32 inch TVs, the LG 32LK510BPVD is among the most affordable devices. It is available at the Melcom online store for GH₵879.00.

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4. LG 49LK5100PVB Smart Satellite TV

LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

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LG 49LK5100PVB is a 49 inch Full HD Satellite Smart TV that allows you to watch videos in true 1080p high-definition sharpness. The device boasts of clear images and is full of subtle details that you will not notice when watching low-resolution content. Furthermore, its Dynamic Colour feature makes colours more vivid, clearer, and natural.

LG introduced a Surround Sound effect to the device. That helps to recreate sounds and get a feel of what is happening around you using the built-in speaker without adding extra equipment.

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The device is also the best for home entertainment because you can connect several gadgets using HDMI, USB, and DVB-T2/C/S2 for local broadcasting. When comparing LG Smart TV prices in Ghana, you will find that the Compughana online shop has the best deal for the device at GH₵2,679.00.

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5. LG 43LM6300 Smart Satellite HD TV

LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

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LG 43LM6300 is a 43 inch Smart Satellite HD TV that features ultra luminance to enable people to enjoy brighter whites and darker blacks. The local dimming technology added to the TV helps to lift brightness scenes in a video and bring to life dark shadows. It also features the immersive multi-channel sound effect to create seven virtual channels that produce ULTRA Surround sound.

As a Smart TV, it has a sleek design. It is slim, seamless, and offers better picture quality. You can use it to install apps, browse the web, play video games, and connect other devices using HDMI and USB ports. When going through LG Smart TV prices in Ghana, the LG 43LM6300 is a bargain. Grab it from Jumia for GH₵2,199.00.

6. LG 55UM7300AUE

LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

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LG 55UM7300AUE is a 55 inch Class 4K Smart UHD TV with AI ThinQ. AI ThinQ is a feature that unlocks the device’s ability to control the TV in many ways. You can operate it with Google Assistant or Alexa and navigate through apps and browse the web without touching a remote

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As a Smart TV, the device comes with a Quad-Core Processor that helps to improve the performance of the set and enhance pictures. The TV will deliver vivid colours in 4K and display images in 100% colour accuracy.

Its sleek design makes it a centrepiece of your home theatre and will add some aesthetics to your space. You can buy the Smart TV from Tonation from GH₵3,799.00.

7. LG 49UK6400PVC

LG TV prices in Ghana: Which is the best and cheapest option?

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LG 49UK6400PVC is a 49-inch Ultra HD Smart LED TV with 4K Active HDR. It has a Quad-Core Processor that works continually to reduce distracting noise and enhances sharpness. The TV is ideal for watching low-resolution content by upscaling images to near 4K picture quality.

The TV has in-built speakers that offer a rich and multidimensional sound experience. LG introduced smart features into the set for user convenience.

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These include webOS for app installation and interactivity, music player, web browser, quick access, and Bluetooth connectivity. Although it is a high-end device, you can buy it from the Goodluckafrica shop for only GH₵3,199.00.

Which is the best and cheapest Smart TV?

Nowadays, you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a decent TV. Many traditional and new brands are competing to produce the best Smart TVs at affordable prices. Even the cheapest TV on the market can deliver a better viewing experience and allow you to use it in different ways, including PC monitor, gaming, and watching movies.

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If you are looking for the cheapest Smart TV, consider:

1. Hisense

Hisense TVs are available in an array of sizes and come with lots of features. Prices for a 32 inch Hisense device start from GH₵900 to around GH₵2,000. Larger models such as 42, 55, and 65 inch come at affordable prices too.

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2. Sharp

Sharp TVs have decent value if you choose the best one. Many of them have the latest features that fit your entertainment needs. You can get the Sharp 2T-C32BC6NX Digital Satellite LED TV for only GH₵ 679.

3. TCL

TCL TVs offer high picture quality and excellent features at low prices. Although the devices are not feature-packed or well-built, they are less expensive and have better value. You can buy the TCL Tv-65P8M 4k 65” Android Smart AI for only GH₵5,000.

LG TVs are some of the cheapest television devices on the market. When comparing LG TV prices in Ghana, you will find that a 32 inch set only goes for around GH₵800.00. If you want to go for a bigger screen, such as 55 inches, you will get one for around GH₵3,800.00.

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