50+ breathtaking love poems for her from the heart that will make her feel special

50+ breathtaking love poems for her from the heart that will make her feel special

Love is what makes the world go round! If you have ever been in love, you might attest to how the feeling compelled you to do almost anything to please your significant other. From crazy promises to proposals, love can make you do crazy things. But there is a simple way to impress your lady–composing love poems for her from the heart to make her feel special.

love poems for her
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Love poems are some of the most heartfelt texts you can compose. With these, you can express your deepest feelings in one of the most beautiful ways possible. The poems reflect your heart to the recipient and will make her feel special. Whether you are writing for your wife or girlfriend, these love poems for her will do the trick.

Breathtaking love poems for her

Composing a love poem is not for everyone. That is why sometimes, you need help in writing one. With the collection below, you can choose a breathtaking love poem for her put a smile on the face of your wife or girlfriend.

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You melt my fear

My adoration for you melts away all doubt and fear

It shines like the sun, ever bright and clear

Gorgeous devotion that will last forever, my dear.

You light me up

Your smile is like sunshine,

A ray of hope and light;

You light me up

And make me smile.

I treasure what we share.

And that's forever mine.

Love is a haven

Your passion is my home,

A haven to call my own.

You complete me,

And your passion is a haven.

My sweet one

With you, my heart's complete,

Filled with adoration,

That's pure and sweet.

Forever together, my sweet one.

You won my heart

Your love is like a summer breeze,

Filling me with joy and ease,

With every touch, my heart is won,

Forever and always, my only one.

A warm smile

Your smile is like the sun,

Bringing warmth to everyone,

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Your laughter, a song so sweet,

With you by my side, life's complete.

You are my flame

You are the light of my life,

With you, everything feels right,

Your love, a sweet and gentle flame,

Forever burning bright, never tamed.

A simple peace

In your arms, I find my peace,

A love that lasts and will never cease.

When I'm with you, I experience a simple peace.

A calm heart

Your affection, like a gentle rain,

It soothes my soul, relieves my pain,

You calm my heart, bring me peace,

My adoration for you will never cease.

My place with you

My heart beats for you alone,

With you, my love has grown,

You light up my life with your grace,

Forever with you, I find my place.

Short love poems

love poems for her
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Short poems are ideal for when you want to keep things brief and straightforward. These simple poems will easily convey your feelings to your adored one.

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I need you

As nectar fills the flower,

Giving sustenance to the bee,

I need you every hour,

To show your love to me.

Look into my eyes

When I can't say it with words,

Look into my eyes

And you'll find infinite true love

I can't vocalize.

Unbreakable bond

My love is a promise,

An unbreakable bond

Forever I'll treasure you,

Here and beyond.

You are the only one

Like bees value honey,

And flowers love the sun,

I cherish you, my darling;

You're the only one.

A chance encounter

A chance encounter,

Just a glance,

And now my heart and soul

Don't stand a chance.

Under your spell

When I'm down, you lift me.

When I'm hurting, you make me well.

Your adoration is over the top, and

I'm forever under your spell.

My joy

My joy is complete

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When I'm with you.

Our time is sweet,

And our love is true.

Water my soul

Your affection waters my soul,

It feeds my being,

And keeps me alive.

Your devotion is my very essence,

Allowing me to thrive.

Familiar symphony

Our love is a familiar rendition note,

Played softly, a revival of peace.

Sometimes it's a crashing symphony,

Passionately played a joyful masterpiece.

Look at the moon

Tonight, look up and see the moon.

I'm looking too, and I'll be with you soon.

Gaze at the stars

When the stars are bright, and the moon is glowing,

Our river of passion will soon be flowing.

Like a river to the sea,

Bring your sweet love home to me.

Your passion is magic

Your passion is magic, a bewitchment, a spell.

But how much you love me, I never can tell.

A beckoning force

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You're a beckoning force, a magnetic soul.

I can't turn away because you make me whole.

You whisper soft passion with lips that beckon.

And I can't live without you for even one second.

Deep love poems for her

love poems for her
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Deep love poems contain some of your most secret desires and feelings. Using these will show your girlfriend how deeply you value them. You can use them on various occasions, like when proposing or celebrating an anniversary with her. These deep love poems for her that will make her cry.

My heart

My heart is yearning for your love

When I see you

My heart skips a beat

Your smile sweeps my heart away.

My Queen

There is nothing I would instead do than,

spend all my time making a queen out of you;

You deserve a crown, a sceptre and a throne;

Your beauty is so breathtaking;

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You deserve to be my queen.

My light

You are the light of my life,

The one who makes everything right,

Your love, a melody in my heart,

Forever and always, my sweetheart.

Come close

My heart is yearning for your passion

Come close; you are the love of my life

I can't stop thinking about you

You make my life complete.

Whisper to your ears

Baby, I want you to be around my life

Many times I want you to hold you

Whisper to your ears

I love you.

Searching for long

For so long, I had searched, looking for true love,

And then, one day, my soul saw you and said,

"Oh, there you are; I've been looking all over for you."

But finally, I've found you.

My heart desires

My heart is burning up for your love

You are the one my heart desires

To be with all the days of my life.

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Sunshine to my soul

Your smile is sunshine to my soul,

Your touch is a warm embrace;

My love for you will never grow old.

Sometimes I'm sad

Sometimes I'm sad, and life gets me down,

But I always know I can turn that around,

By closing my eyes and picturing you,

The source of my joy, my angel, I thank you.

Sweet poems for your girlfriend

love poems for her
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Sweet love poems for girlfriends include some of the cutest words composed. They are ideal for celebrating your anniversary, birthday, or other special day. They are also excellent when sent through text message any time of the day.

You take my breath away

Whatever you say,

it takes my breath away,

When you look at me this way,

It takes my breath away,

When you hold me tight and stay,

it takes my breath away,

When you say I love you,

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It completes my day!

Roses are red

They say roses are red

And violets are blue

But I tell you, my dear

I will always be true.


Without you, I am incomplete,

Never have I missed someone so,

My arms long to hold you tight,

And I'll never let you go.

Your face, lips, soul, heart,

Please promise me we'll never again be apart.

For without you, I am but a shell.

You are my heaven; without you is hell.

Clumsy Valentine

You've seen me take a fall,

You've seen me make mistakes

I'm sure you've often said,

"This is all I can take!"

I am your clumsy Valentine

that much is true,

But as ungraceful as I am

I genuinely love you,

I'll never be president

or a romantic book cover,

But one thing you can bet on

I'm going to love you forever!

All over the world

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In all the world, there is

no heart for me like yours.

In all the world, there is

no love for you like mine.

Your sweet lips

The wind whispers of passion,

A red rose breathes true love,

Flying on the wings of a falcon,

As pure white as a dove,

Dew drops sparkle on the grass,

And fade away at the tips,

I reach paradise,

And kiss your sweet lips.

Poem about love for her

love poems for her
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Sometimes you want to write something special from the bottom of your heart. With these poems, you can send them any time of the day as text messages as they need no special occasion. Always strive to make your lady feel special all the time.

Blessed in your arms

My heart is yours permanently,

A love that's pure and sweet;

Together we'll always soar high above.

With every breath, my heart beats true.

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A fondness that's deep, forever new;

A passion that ignites my soul and makes my life feel whole.

Your eyes, a window to your soul,

A fondness that's true, forever whole; in your arms, I find my rest,

A love that's pure, eternally blessed.

Forever in your embrace

Your affection is like a gentle breeze,

Caressing my soul with sweet ease,

You are the one who makes me whole,

And in your passion, I find my role.

My heart beats for you and you alone,

With you, I've found my home,

Forever in your embrace, I'll stay,

My love for you will never fade away.

My heart melts

Flames flicker, dance, and leap within my heart

Melting away the ice that kept me apart

Now I am consumed by this fiery desire

My soul was ablaze, my heart a burning pyre

Love's heat melts my heart and sets my spirit free.

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Intertwined forever

Our souls are entwined, and we become one

Passion ignites, like the setting sun

Melting away all that was once done.

Under the starlit night

Beneath the stars, we lay,

In awe of the Milky Way,

A universe of wonder and mystery,

Our love, a celestial history.

The verse to my song

You are the verse to my heart's song,

The harmony that makes my soul belong.

Your adoration is the rhythm that makes me dance,

Together, our passion creates a magical romance.

Stronger everyday

Your touch is like a sunlit ray,

That warms my heart and brightens days;

A devotion that's sweet and always true,

A bond that holds me close to you.

With every moment we're together,

Our attachment grows more potent, now and always;

A passion that ignites our souls,

A love that's meant for us to hold.

A woven feather

Your touch is like a feather,

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A gentle caress of pure affection;

A devotion that weaves us together.

A confession

As I gaze upon you, my heart starts to race,

I can't help but feel a longing for this place.

I want you to know, without any doubt,

That I am in love, this I cannot live without.

You are the one that fills my heart's desire,

I confess my adoration to you with passion's fire.

A full heart

With you, my heart is whole,

My life is full of grace;

Forever bound, body and soul.

The purest bond

In your arms, I find my peace,

A devotion that never seems to cease;

A bond that's pure and always true,

A fondness that weaves us through and through.

With every kiss, my heart takes flight,

A fondness that's pure, forever bright.

A symphony together

Your love is a symphony,

A song that fills my heart;

Together, we are meant to be.

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Love poems for her include some of the most thoughtful and loving messages to send to your cherished ones to make them feel special. If you have a sweetheart, using these poems will smite them and give you a romantic appeal. If you are a sucker for love, why not try these poems today?

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