100+ funny words to put on bead bracelets for that cool and comic vibe

100+ funny words to put on bead bracelets for that cool and comic vibe

Nowadays, beaded bracelets have become one of the fashionable trends among many people, especially teenagers. More so, people add unique and funny words to their bracelets to make them attractive and unique to whoever it is meant for. Hence, here are great ideas for funny words to put on bead bracelets to make them effortlessly distinct and extraordinary.

funny words to put on bead bracelets
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Generally, bracelets symbolise a relationship and bond with someone. But then, the different types of bracelets have religious and secular significance. Many believe it brings luck to them, while others see it as a fashion accessory and gift to share with a friend, lover, or family member.

Funny words to put on a beaded bracelet

You can choose from an array of words while making beaded bracelets. But then, your choice of words depends on what the bracelet represents. For example, for a close or childhood friend, you can put an adjective that describes you or your friend, nicknames, and cute friendship words. Check out the following:

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  • Poop
  • I quit
  • Eat my pen
  • You are enough
  • Heart of Goals
  • Goriffied
  • Enjoy The Journey
  • Unfazed
  • I 8 You
  • As you wish
  • I’m Done
  • I farted
  • Cellfish
  • That’s hot
  • I'm fire!
  • BFF
  • Think & Laugh
  • Survivor
  • I take sh*t!
  • One Day Closer
  • Let's Taco Bout It
  • Inhale, Exhale, Repeat
  • You Go, Girl!
cute words to put on bead bracelets
Bracelet made of wooden beads spelling out the name ruby and sitting on a floral plate. Photo: Images_by_Lisa
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  • I dumb your boo
  • How about no
  • Oh boy!
  • Never Surrender
  • Dance With Heart
  • Refuse To Sink!
  • Youniverse

Nice words to put on a beaded bracelet

Are you searching for cute words to put on bead bracelets for someone special? Emotional or inspirational words and memes can do the trick. Likewise, Bible verses, memorial dedications, and roman numerals of special dates or words that represent a season can be added. So, what is a good word to put on a bracelet? Below are some:

  • You Make My Day
  • My very favourite person
  • Blessed to have you
  • Soul mate
  • Forever friend
  • Xoxo
  • You are my favourite thought
  • I'm yours
  • Our bond is everlasting
  • Miles apart, forever friends.
  • Always there for you
  • You have the best smile
  • You inspire me
  • Best Mom Ever
  • Love You Forever
  • Thank You for Loving me
  • I Love You, Dad
  • All you need is love
  • You're my happy place
  • You're my everything
  • Baby, you're my better half
  • Mama Bear
  • Forever Your Child
  • I Have a Crush on You
  • Forever In My Heart
  • Thank You for Strength
  • I Couldn't Do It Without You
  • Forever & Always

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cute words to put on bead bracelets
Single-word vintage on wooden beads with silver in-between beads on a purple corset lace background creating a burlesque atmosphere. Photo: Beeldbewerking
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  • Kisses
  • Besties

Friendship funny words to put on bead bracelets

Bracelets are part of childhood and camp experiences. So, do you have a childhood buddy or close friend and want to make beaded bracelets for the two of you, or do you intend to give them to the person? Then check these out for funny friendship words:

  • Double trouble
  • You're a total bad*ss
  • Laughter, fun & friendship
  • My partner-in-crime
  • Thanks for Laughing at My Jokes
  • You're My Wookie
  • You're My Person
  • I love you more than pizza & tacos
  • I like your last name. Can I have it?
  • Your crazy matches my crazy
  • We'll Always Be Friends; You Know Too Much
  • Thanks for Being the Sane One
  • Thanks for Keeping Me Out of Trouble
  • You're the wings I fly with
  • I Want to Be You When I Grow Up
  • I'm yours. No Returns.
  • Besides chocolate, you're my favourite

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friendship funny words to put on bead bracelets
Colourful glossy beads creating the words FRIENDS FOREVER on white background. Photo: Priyanka Naskar
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Funny bracelets sayings

Here are a few rib-cracking words you can make your bracelet from.

  • I like you a waffle lot!
  • Talk to the hand
  • You don't scare me; I have two sisters
  • Wild and free
  • Feed me
  • Be right back, or in short, BrB
  • Just never forget to breathe
  • Thank you - Next
  • Liar liar, hands on fire
  • Punch today in the face
  • Sarcasm is how I hug
  • Sassy gangster
  • Hey Pup!
  • I don't like you!
What words to put on a beaded bracelet?
Strings of letter bread with the word love in different languages, liebe, amore surrounded with rose petals around. Photo: Keikona
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  • Let the shenanigans begin
  • Whatever

Phrases for bracelets

Your bracelet can be two or three to contain specific important phrases that inspire you whenever you look at it. These words also include good messages for a friend, spouse, or close relative. Below are a few exceptional ones:

  • We will be friends until forever
  • It's not what we have but who we have
  • Forever young. Forever friends.
  • Be You, The World Will Adjust
  • Always Under the Same Sky
  • The Best Is Yet To Come
  • My Story Isn't Over Yet
  • Be The Change You Want To See
  • Love Rewards The Brave
  • Remember Your Dreams
  • Miracles Take A Little Time
  • Friendship knows no distance
  • Fortune Favors The Bold
  • Believe In All That Can Be
  • She walks in beauty
  • A little ray of sunshine
  • My kindred spirit
  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost
  • Where Words Fail, Music Speaks
  • By Our Powers Combined!
  • Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

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phrases for bracelets
Collection of cartoon drawings of bracelets from colourful beads with letters for children on white background. Photo: PCH-Vector
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  • Distance means nothing

How do you make a word bracelet with beads?

Making beads is easy and fun. However, there are creative ways to make a word bracelet with beads. The simple and easy style requires basic materials like:

  • Your desired beads (stone, pearl, or glass beads)
  • Letter beads (plastic, gold, white, black, or coloured ones)
  • Stretch elastic cording or thread
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Lighter or glue

Then, follow these easy steps:

  1. Tie the elastic cording on your wrist to know the length. It should be twice your wrist size to enable you to tie the knot;
  2. Put your desired beads (or letter beads, depending on your choice) on the cord creatively to make it beautiful;
  3. Knot the end of the cord or use tape to fold it to avoid the beads falling off while putting them;
  4. After arranging them, tie the cord in a square form thrice by pulling it hard;
  5. Next, you glue the knot or use a lighter to burn it to make it firm;
  6. Cut the excess cord or thread, and you are done.

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There are countless funny words to put on bead bracelets that will brighten your mood and that of whoever you send it to. These words give the bracelets good vibes and make them stand out.

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