Gyakie: 5 fast facts about the Ghanaian Afro-Fusion singer

Gyakie: 5 fast facts about the Ghanaian Afro-Fusion singer

Jackline Acheampong, commonly known as Gyakie, is an Afro-Fusion singer and songwriter from Ghana. Signed under Flip the Music, the young artist has gained traction in the music industry due to her unique sound and ability to write catchy songs. She has released a couple of videos and an EP.

Gyakie: 5 fast facts about the Ghanaian Afro-Fusion singer

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Although her discography is not as vast as other major Ghanaian artists, Gyakie has cemented her space in the competitive music industry. Also, major artists, such as Sarkodie, have shared her music on social media, confirming that the artist is the future of Ghanaian music.

Top 5 facts about Gyakie that you should know

Although she has only been making music for a few years, there is so much to know about Gyakie. The young musician is not only making headlines in Ghana but in Africa as a whole. Here are five fast facts about the Ghanaian Afro-Fusion singer.

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1. She is Nana Acheampong's daughter

Gyakie is the daughter of Nana Acheampong, a famous Highlife musician, and therefore, she grew up in a musical home. When Gyakie started recording and releasing songs, she did not mention her dad’s name.

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She did not want to mention her link with the famous Nana Acheampong because she wanted Ghanaians to see her as an artist first. However, when the fans knew that the renowned Highlife artist is her father, they could connect dots on the origin of her passion for music.

Gyakie: 5 fast facts about the Ghanaian Afro-Fusion singer

Image:, @gyakie
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Gyakie’s parents exposed her to music, especially the Ghanaian Highlife music. For example, the father — half of the Lumba Brothers — was at the prime of her career when she was a small girl. On her Instagram page, she often shares old pictures of her dad in his prime years. In a series of interviews, Gyakie has showcased her deep understanding of music, especially Ghanaian music.

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Unlike her father, Gyakie’s mother prefers living a quiet life. She has never recorded music like Nana Acheampong. However, she has been one of the critical pillars of Gyakie’s music journey. In May 2020, the musician shared her mother’s picture and acknowledged the amount of work she has put in her music career.

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2. She is an International Business student at KNUST

The artist is in her early 20s, even though her music is diverse and timeless. Gyakie Instagram feed completes her visual image, especially as a young artist. Also, due to her connection with her fans, she has gained over 40 thousand followers.

Apart from music, Gyakie is an International Business student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology's business school. Whereas she hopes to pursue music as a full-time job after school, the artist is passionate about business. She hopes to work with international business entities across the world after graduating.

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Gyakie’s biggest advantage of being a young artist is the ability to alternate music with school work. Even with a fast-growing career, she is still committed to her school work. The artist believes that balancing the two is critical to her future life as both a professional business professional and an artist.

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3. Gyakie has a diverse discography, despite being new in the industry

Gyakie: 5 fast facts about the Ghanaian Afro-Fusion singer

Image:, @gyakie
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Although she grew up listening to Highlife, her music is different from what most people could expect. Gyakie refers to herself as an Afro-Fusion artist, thanks to her sound and use of instruments. She also sings most of her songs in English.

Her debut EP, Seed, is a perfect illustration of her abilities as an artist. While the body of work has a lot of Ghanaian influence, especially in the usage of instruments, it is a modern project aimed at young audiences. Also, she primarily uses English, both in raps and songs.

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The Gyakie albums will most likely have diversity, both in writing and using melodies. She is open to working with artists outside her genre, and the desire to work with other musicians portrays her as a diverse artist. The young musician has also started writing more rap songs to expand her music scope.

4. She draws inspiration from Asa, Whitney Houston, and Nana Acheampong

While Gyakie songs blend different sounds, she admires Asa’s music, especially her melodies, and the African authenticity is her music. In her new EP, Gyakie uses different beats to blend in with her voice and therefore recreating what people love in Asa as an artist. Despite the fact she has not sampled any Asa’s song, it is possible to hear the Nigerian superstar’s influence in her.

Gyakie: 5 fast facts about the Ghanaian Afro-Fusion singer

Image:, @gyakie
Source: UGC

Gyakie is also a huge fan of Highlife music. Aside from Nana Acheampong being Gyakie’s father, he greatly influences his daughter’s music. She admires her father’s discography and honours him even though she is yet to do any song in Highlife. Her EP cover has a picture of her and Nana.

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In an interview with the iMullar, Gyakie pointed that if Whitney Houston was alive, she could love to collaborate with the icon on a project. The budding artist has more vocal prowess, and it is evident that she grew listening to Huston’s music. Apart from admiring Houston’s work, her songs’ main themes are love and life — the same things the late icon loved.

5. Gyakie is single and has never been in a relationship

Speaking to Zion Felix, the talented artist confessed that she has never been in a relationship. While the musician was not specific about why she is not yet dating, she is only 20. Therefore, Gyakie age may be the main reason why she is single. Also, in different interviews, she has reinstated that relationships are not part of her short term goals.

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Even though Gyakie is single, she is passionate about relationships. Talking to KB Nkansah in May 2020, the multitalented artist pointed out that one of the most fulfilling things about being an artist is writing love songs. Apart from sharing her views on love in her songs, she loves expanding the definition of love by speaking about friendships and family.

Gyakie is arguably the most talked-about young musician and songwriter in Ghana. Her work, family, and fast-growing music career are often key topics in the Ghanaian entertainment scene. Despite gaining publicity, she often brushes off personal questions even though she is opinionated about current issues and what she wants to achieve with her music. has created a full-featured biography on Rita Dominic, who is one of the most popular Nigerian actresses. The beautiful actress has featured in multiple movies over the years, with some of them gaining recognition even outside the continent.

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