What happened to Danielle Colby from American Pickers?

What happened to Danielle Colby from American Pickers?

If you have been watching the American Pickers television series, you must be in love with the Queen of Rust; a role played by Danielle Colby. She is an actress, dancer, filmmaker, activist, and enthusiast. Do you know what happened to Danielle Colby?

Danielle Colby
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Colby and Mike Wolfe, cast members of American Pickers, have been close allies for many years. Therefore, when Wolfe managed to appear in the television show, he invited her. Featuring in the show is one of the greatest achievements she can be proud of.

According to Danielle, being an actress is more than a job because her role reflects her personality. Here is what she was quoted saying:

My work on American Pickers reflects my real-life passion for History. The beauty lies in the story. Without a back story, there is little value to vintage. From our past, we learn where to direct our present and future humanitarian efforts.

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When did Danielle Colby start appearing on the show?

The American Pikers show debuted on History in 2010. With Mike Wolfe and his friend Frank as starring, Danielle was featured as an assistant to her friend Mike. In the show, she runs the office of Antique Archeology, which is Wolfe’s investment. She has been active since season one of the show until when she decided to quit.

American Pickers Danielle Colby
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What happened to Danielle Colby?

American Pickers Danielle Colby decided to quit the show for a while. She has been featuring in the television show since the first season as the Queen of Rust. Why did Danielle Colby leave American Pickers? During an interview, she made it clear that she had never planned to be on the show forever. Here is what she was quoted saying:

One never knows what will happen in the future. I highly doubt that Antique Archaeology is the last job I’ll ever have in my life, though it is the coolest job I’ve had to date. It all depends on when my time there has run its course.

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Moreover, many believe that Danielle may be getting a spin-off of her own. In that same interview, Danielle said:

I have an obligation to Mike who put me in the position I’m in right now, and I’ll respect that ’til the end. I plan to stick around and see what happens. But I have a contract, and I’ll, of course, honour that contract. I guess that’s a sugar-coated way of saying I’d love a spin-off.

What happened to Danielle Colby? The celebrity might have decided to quit the show out of personal decisions. After all, Danielle is well-liked, and she’s also got enough personality to carry a show on her own. The news about Danielle Colby leaving American Pickers has created a significant difference in the show because she was one of the show's main cast.

Danielle Colby net worth

The talented actress has managed to make a good fortune, having worked in the entertainment industry for a decade. Her gross net worth is estimated to be 1.5 million dollars as of 2020. Danielle's wealth will probably increase from personal investments such as Burlesque le’ Moustache since she already quit the American Pickers show.

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Danielle Colby net worth
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Is Danielle Colby married?

As of 2020, she is only dating. Probably, having failed in two marriages, she might not be in a hurry to get married. In 2004, she was married to Robert Strong. They welcomed two children together. However, because of her rising fame, her husband opted for divorce.

Later in 2015, she got married to a French designer Alexander De Meyer, but they separated two years later. As of 2020, she seems to be happily dating Jeremy Scheuch. Their photos on Danielle Colby Instagram tell more about their relationship.

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Where is Danielle Colby now?

As of 2020, she is in Puerto Rico, where she spends much of her free time visiting orphanages, animal shelters, and raising awareness on the human trafficking crisis. Also, she helps in the rebuild of Puerto Rico Island. Danielle Colby daughter, Memphis, is pursuing her career in the music industry.

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Danielle Colby instagram
Image: instagram.com, @danielleamericanpicker
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What happened to Danielle Colby? The celebrated American television personality featured in American Pickers show since its debut in 2010 decided to quit the show. In an interview, Danielle said that she had not planned to be in the American Pickers show forever, and probably this is why she decided to quit. Even though Danielle left the show, it is evident that she has made significant achievements in the entertainment industry through handwork.

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