Fake Lifestyle of Ghanaian Celebrities: A YEN.com.gh Feature

Fake Lifestyle of Ghanaian Celebrities: A YEN.com.gh Feature

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In recent times, Ghanaian celebrities have been accused of living fake lifestyles for the gram; Facebook, Snapchat, and really all social media platforms.

Though this seems to have been existing before now, it is on the ascendency, especially after the use of social media became common these days.

Nearly every single smartphone user can access Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networks.

While some of the celebrities appear to come from rich homes and can afford the kind of luxury they flaunt on social media, the majority of them are believed to be faking it all.

Fake Lifestyle of Ghanaian Celebrities: A YEN.com.gh Feature
A collage of Ameyaw Debrah. Photo credit: @ameyaw112/Instagram
Source: Instagram

This issue has become topical now that the youth are obviously looking up to these celebrities and have been forced into vices in order to raise the money needed to fund such extravagant lifestyles.

For instance, Ghanaians heard the horrible news of two young people who were apprehended in Kasoa after they killed their young friend to use his parts for money rituals. This is just one of the many heartbreaking things some young people are ready to do just for money to imitate their idol celebrities.

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YEN.com.gh engaged one of Ghana’s most sought-after entertainment pundits, Ameyaw Debrah, to help discuss the topic, looking at the causes, and what could be done.


Touching on why celebrities live fake lifestyles, Ameyaw Debrah thinks some of the celebrities indeed are flaunting a larger lifestyle than possible for their pocket on social media and that is not real.

He gave an example of personally seeing some of these celebrities standing next to cars they don't own to take photos and post on Instagram to subtly suggest they own it.

Ameyaw underscored the fact that celebrities are not being pressurised by fans to live a higher standard lifestyle but they themselves give themselves pressure just to please other people.

While there is an audience for ostentatious and flamboyant lifestyles, celebrities should draw a thin line between who they are and the lifestyle they can afford. No need for unnecessary pressure,” he advised.

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Another thing that fuels the fake lifestyle of celebrities has been identified as the unwritten or silent competition to look and appear richer in comparison with other celebrities.

However, Ameyaw, once again, believes that fans don’t care and even if they do, it is for just a brief moment about what celebrities own or do not own.


Clearly, the fake lifestyle celebrities live would, in a long term, injure their reputation, and could even plunge them into poverty. Ghanaians have seen musicians, actresses, and others making it big in their prime but have been reduced to nothing in their old age.

Some have even been left begging for support to fend for themselves. It is in this light that Ameyaw dished out some pieces of advice to the young and up-and-coming celebrities.

He believes that using the money they make now wisely, spending less, and investing more, will go a long way to secure their future.

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They should learn how to invest into other things that would fetch them more income, if that's too hard to do at least they should be able to save and not spend extravagantly. They should build their craft and brand that will allow them to have a continuous stream of income,” Ameyaw said.

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