Millionaire tech inventor Freddie Figgers age, wife, net worth, latest updates

Millionaire tech inventor Freddie Figgers age, wife, net worth, latest updates

Many people may know Freddie Figgers as the tech whiz with millions of dollars worth of a company, but he is beyond that. There is a backstory to the shining diamond that he has become. He made it out of poverty to start his technology company at the age of 15, and it has grown into a multi-million-dollar business.

Freddie Figgers
Inventor Freddie showcasing what he was honoured with at the 2020 Legacy Awards event. Photo: @freddiefiggers
Source: Instagram

Freddie Figgers is an American technology entrepreneur and inventor with a humbling beginning. After discovering what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing, he started his company at a tender age and has become one of the top black tech gurus in the United States.

Profile summary

  • Birth name: Freddie Figgers
  • Nickname: Freddie
  • Date of birth: 26th of September, 1989
  • Age: 31 years old (as of 2021)
  • Profession: Technology inventor, telecom entrepreneur, software engineer, and philanthropist
  • Famous as: Founder of Figgers Communication, The Figgers Foundation, and FiggHealth
  • Birthplace/hometown: Quincy, Florida, United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Current residence: Coral Gates
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Body build: Fit
  • Eye colour: Dark brown
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Biological parents: Unknown
  • Adopted parents: Nathan and Betty Mae
  • Adopted siblings: Sarah
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Natalie
  • Kid: Rose Lee

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Who is Freddie Figgers?

Freddie Figgers is an inventor who started developing several technological innovations when he was 15 years old. His biological parents abandoned him when he was a baby, and he was taken into a foster home after someone notified the police about a baby crying in a heap of trash.

This was the origin of the dumpster baby, a name used to bully young Freddie at school. He was born on the 26th of September, 1989, in Quincy, Florida, United States of America.

Who are Freddie Figgers' parents?

Freddie Figgers's parents are Nathan and Betty Mae. They adopted him when he was a few days old and showered him with the love his biological parents could never give him. His parents were not wealthy, but they never made him feel unwanted.

Freddie Figgers
Millionaire tech inventor Figgers with his adopted mom. Photo: @freddiefiggers
Source: Instagram

Freddie's father died in January 2014 at the age of 81. Freddie regrets that he could not buy him the 1993 Ford truck and a fishing boat he had always wanted. But, on the other hand, his mom, Betty Mae, is still alive.

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Is Freddi Figgers married?

Yes. Freddie Figgers's wife is Natalie G. Figgers, a lawyer and one-time Chief Operating Officer in Freddie Figgers wireless company. Their marriage was blessed with a baby girl on the 9th of November, 2017. She was named Rose Lee.

Education and career

Schooling was not fun for Freddie as a little boy. Other pupils had heard that he was an abandoned baby and teased him about it. To keep his mind off the bullying, his father, Nathan, bought him $25 worth of computer when he was nine years old.

The tech guru's attempts at bringing the used Mackintosh back to life after it could not come up one day helped him discover his love for technology. As a result, he began to repair and work on computers within the community and the school laboratory.

The tech whiz was 13 years old when he got his first paying job. Two years later, he started his first company and repaired customers' computers in his parents' living room.

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Since then, Freddie has grown his business and it is worth millions of dollars. In addition, he is the youngest to hold a telecommunication license with the Federal Communication Commission. He is also the only black telecommunications CEO in the United States.

However, this feat did not come easy; it took about three years of constant applications and financial constraints. Nevertheless, it gave birth to Figgers Wireless, a telecommunication company seeking to bring technological advancements to the rural parts of America.

How much is Freddie Figgers worth?

Freddie Figgers's net worth is an estimated $70 million. He has turned around his depressing beginnings to something most people would like to be associated with and made his fortune from selling his innovations and patents.

At 23 years, he made $2.2 million by selling a GPS tracking system he developed to a giant tech company in Kansas. Freddie developed this tracking device to help him know where his adopted father was at any given time. This was because the dad developed Alzheimer’s disease before his death, which resulted in severe memory loss.

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How much is a Figgers phone?

The Freddie Figgers phone costs between $399 and $499. The product is one of the several products associated with the company. In 2014, the first-ever Figgers smartphone was unveiled and called the F1.

Freddie Figgers
Figgers with former US president Barack Obama. Photo: @freddiefiggers
Source: Instagram

One of the distinct functions of this phone is its ability to prevent a driver from texting once they are driving at 10 mph. It does this with the infusion of a device that calculates the speed of a moving car. Also, in 2019, the company unveiled another smartphone known as F3, which is capable of self-charging if it is close to a super base charger.

The tech guru's company has developed over 80 computer software. He also invented a device capable of calculating the blood sugar level of diabetic patients and sharing it with their loved ones in case of an emergency.

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Currently, his company is worth over $62 million. In addition, he makes money from selling his phones and data plans to subscribers through his telecommunication services.

Freddie Figgers is one of those people who did not let their history define them. Instead, the dumpster baby rose out of the trash to become a renowned entrepreneur. He is involved in several philanthropic works within and outside of his community. He gives out scholarships to African Americans and helps the less privileged with their health bills.

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