Kind Young Man Helps Old Man Whose House Was Described As The Ugliest, He Calls On Volunteers To Repaint It

Kind Young Man Helps Old Man Whose House Was Described As The Ugliest, He Calls On Volunteers To Repaint It

  • A young man, Josh Cyganik, noticed some passersby talk down on an old man's house because it is unpainted
  • Seeing that the 75-year-old man was really depressed, the young man sought ways to help refurbish the building
  • After putting out some calls, he was able to gather volunteers who set down to work and completely changed the building's look

When an old man, Leonard Bullock, heard passersby say that his house is very ugly and it needs to be torn down, he became very sad.

A young man, Josh Cyganik, who works as an inspector for Union Pacific Railroad in Pendleton, always saw the man seated in front of his house every day for years, Understanding Compassion reports.

Josh helped the old man.
A man rose up for an old man and changed his house. Photo source: Understanding Compassion.
Source: UGC

He helped the old man

While he was walking past his house that day, he overheard some passersby complaining about the man’s house being too dirty as they said that it is the “ugliest house I’ve ever seen”.

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The house had patches of old painting falling off, giving the building a whole lot of discolouration. It should be noted that the owner is disabled and could not even fix the house himself even he wanted to.

When Josh went home and ruminated on what he had heard, he spoke with one of his friends about what could be done to help the old man.

Kind neighbours

A friend who works at a local lumber company agreed to donate some paint for the man’s home. Later on, Josh called for volunteers online, and more than 100 neighbours showed up.

The volunteers worked on the building and gave it a totally new look. There were some people who came by the house to feed those that were working.

A retired teacher gets help

Meanwhile, reported that a retired school teacher, Anne Glancey, one day received an invoice that she was going to be fined up to $3,000 (GHc18,000) daily for all the repairs that needed to be done on her house.

The development made the woman really confused as she did not know where to get that kind of sum since she had no family or friends.

Adam and Kristin Polhemus were the only neighbours she had known for five years. The woman took the letter to them.

The notice stated that the woman needed to repaint her house to look cool, clear her yard of junks and make the lawn look clean.


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