Auto Trader Ghana: The Company Changing How You Buy And Sell Vehicles In Ghana

Auto Trader Ghana: The Company Changing How You Buy And Sell Vehicles In Ghana

By Auto Trader

Ghana’s automobile industry is worth US$ 4.6 billion as of 2021; with a 15% compound annual growth rate, the sector will reach US$ 10.64 billion by 2027, presenting limitless opportunities at all levels of the automobile supply chain.

Auto Trader Ghana, a wholly Ghanaian-owned technology company has taken up the challenge of improving how buyers and sellers interact in vehicle trading through their comprehensive and inclusive marketplace platform.

Auto Trader Ghana
Auto Trader Ghana
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One cannot underestimate the stress involved in buying and selling vehicles in Ghana. The research that goes into finding the right brand. Deciding if you can afford a new or used car based on your budget. Obtaining vehicle financing to support your purchase and finally finding a trustworthy dealership to help you complete the sourcing and buying process can be overwhelming. Especially when you must visit multiple websites, rely on word-of-mouth, and speak to various resources.

Knowing these pain points led to the creation of Auto Trader Ghana. This all-encompassing vehicle trading marketplace connects vetted buyers and sellers on a single platform, and takes away the hassle of research, making buying and selling of vehicles easy.

A growing middle-class population in Ghana and a household population of 1.3 million means that the need for primary and even second vehicles continues to grow, and so must the resources available for people to easily buy and sell cars in Ghana.

Multiple functionalities on a single vehicle-focused platform

Auto Trader Ghana’s keen focus is on vehicles and nothing else! No need to browse through multiple unrelated and sometimes annoying listings to find what you need. The website is dedicated to vehicle trading – cars, motorcycles, buses and vans, heavy equipment, and even boats. Yes, you heard it right, boats!

Beyond vehicle trading, multiple resources are available at every stage of your ownership lifecycle. Auto Trader Ghana can match you with vehicle rental companies that offer you the best deals if you are looking to rent for short term or long-term. If you want to explore vehicle insurance options, Autotrader has a directory of qualified insurance companies to fit your need. Vehicle financing options? Auto Trader Ghana can pair you with multiple financiers and find you the best deal to help you purchase the vehicle of your dreams without breaking your bank.

Auto Trader Ghana also provides access to vehicle maintenance and repair resources on the platform. They provide a dedicated portal for spare parts and vehicle accessories such as engine parts, brakes, suspensions and steering mechanisms, vehicle transmissions, cooling and heating, and electricals on the Auto Trade Parts & Accessories portal.

Whatever you can think of relating to vehicle purchase, finance, insurance, and maintenance, a resource is available on the Auto Trader Ghana platform, ensuring that all your needs are met in one place.

Auto Trader Ghana
Auto Trader Ghana. Photo Source: Auto Trader Ghana
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Optimised search functionalities

Residents across all the regions of Ghana looking for a safe platform to buy and sell cars or other automobiles will find Auto Trader helpful in many ways. The fast and seamless state-of-the-art technology brings vehicle sellers and buyers together in the shortest possible time.

To further streamline your search, you can browse vehicles by body type, brands, makes, and models, and find listings specifics to all the available regions and sub-regions in Ghana, ensuring that you bypass listings that are not relevant to you or are not near your location.

If you are working with a minimum or maximum budget, the Auto Trader platform allows you to key in that information and find relevant listings quickly! The advanced search function drill down to even transmission type and the type of vehicle fuel.

Auto Trader Ghana gives you access to thousands of qualified private sellers and car dealership companies on the platform, allowing you to find thousands of used and new vehicles for sale in all the regions of Ghana.

A nationwide reach planned

Ghana’s policy driven by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, of making vehicles cheap and accessible has brought a growing interest in the local assembly and manufacture of cars. This plan presents an opportunity for its increasing middle-class population to access more affordable vehicles and removes the burden of import duties.

In line with the mission of increased mobility access for its citizens, Auto Trader Ghana has taken the guesswork out of finding the best vehicle deals, not just in the metropolitan cities but throughout all the regions of Ghana.

The company has launched a drive to enrol thousands of vehicle dealers and sellers onto the platform focusing on security, user safety, curated deals, and specialized services.

Auto Trader Ghana brings never-before-seen attention to detail and an unrivalled vehicle marketplace technology.

You can find available vehicles for sale and reach interested buyers regardless of location.

Getting started on Auto Trader Ghana


To get started on Auto Trader Ghana, you must set up an account to list vehicles for sale or to connect with buyers across Ghana.

Firstly, click on “Register” to create your account. You will be redirected to the registration page to input your basic information. On the registration page, you have the option to register directly with a valid email address or join with your Facebook account.

Once registered with your email, access your email account to look for the registration confirmation link and click it to ensure that your sign-in information is correct.

Once you sign in, ensure to fill in your basic information, such as name, company name, location, and at least two active telephone numbers for potential buyers to reach you.

After filling out your profile, you can go ahead to make your first listing quick and easy!

Post An Ad

To post an ad on Auto Trader Ghana, click the POST AN AD button on the homepage and provide all the relevant information about the vehicle you want to sell. Such as the category – cars, bikes, trucks, heavy equipment, and even parts and accessories.

hoose the region and sub-region where your listing is located and move on to the next step. Tell potential buyers about your ad – the condition of the vehicle, the make and model, manufacture information, price, etcetera.

More importantly, upload more than one picture to ensure buyers get the complete picture of the vehicle they want to buy. The Auto Trader platform allows you to upload a minimum of three up to ten high-quality images.

Choose your advert plan after uploading all the relevant information about the vehicle and upload your advert to go live to thousands of active buyers across Ghana.


For the security of our buyers and to ensure that out can interact with sellers without difficulty, it is advised to create an account before you start browsing for items on the Auto Trader Ghana platform.

The registration process for buyers and sellers is the same; you can either register with a valid email address or through your Facebook account. After registering, look for the confirmation email from Auto Trader in your inbox and click the verification link to ensure that your credential on Auto Trader is correct.

Input your basic information such as location, name, and telephone number to finish your profile set-up. You can begin to browse for vehicles nationwide to find the best deals!

To Search for Vehicles

On the homepage, you can find the search and advanced search function. Here you can enter the specifications of your search, such as the make and model of the vehicle you want.

The region you would like to find cars, the type of transmission, whether automatic or manual, the desired maximum mileage, your minimum and maximum financial budget, and many more search conditions to allow you to find the best listings.

Once you find the listing that fits what you are looking for, you can proceed to either contact the seller via message or call the seller.

With access to financing and insurance, you will have the vehicle of your dreams, in no time!

Begin your Auto Trader journey today!



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