Aburi Girls SHS: Relative Speaks On Passing Of Form 1 Student, Video Of Family Mourning Evokes Tears

Aburi Girls SHS: Relative Speaks On Passing Of Form 1 Student, Video Of Family Mourning Evokes Tears

  • The family of the Aburi Girls student who reportedly died complaining of stomach pains are inconsolable after the tragic news reached them
  • A relative of the late student expressed displeasure over the passing of the first-year-old and called out the school, accusing the authorities of negligence
  • An educationist said the tragic passing of the first-year student should not be blamed solely on the school authorities

A relative of Stacy Okyere, a first-year student at Aburi Girls SHS who reportedly died after succumbing to a short illness, has taken to social media to vent his displeasure.

The young man @hotrodds_, who identified himself as a cousin of the deceased in a post on X, shared a heartbreaking video of his grandparents and other relatives weeping over the loss of their loved one.

Photo of elderly people and Aburi Girls
Relatives mourn over the demise of Abugiss Form 1 girl Photo credit: hotrodds/X @GHOne TV/Facebook
Source: UGC

He accused the Aburi Girls SHS of negligence and alleged that the authorities of the school ignored the fifteen-year-old when she first reported her illness.

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"That’s my cousin, she complained of being sick and was denied medical attention, the school didn’t even bother to take her to the hospital for treatment. The headmistress & house mistress didn’t call her parents, they called them when it got very serious, and she was dying". his post read in part.

At the time of writing, the post by the young man had raised over 200,000 views and 80 comments.

Watch the video

Teachers are afraid to take initiatives

An educationist, Mr Daniel Fenyi, in an interview with YEN.com.gh on the demise of the first-year student at Aburi Girls SHS, said the blame should not be laid solely on the school authorities.

"What if the teachers took the child to the hospital on time, but the child still died anyway? The topic would have been, "the teachers are stupid. How do you take a child to the hospital without her parent's consent?" I can bet you the teachers would have been taken to court by now.

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Expressing his condolences to the grieving family, Mr Fenyi said the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education have put fear into the teachers to the extent that they are afraid to take any initiatives on their own.

"The average teacher today does not want to 'get in the way' of the students in any form. These days, whatever happens in schools to students, teachers dissociate themselves from it, not because they wish to, but because GES and MoE have designed it so. Teachers will always ask the parents to come over (even if they're in Europe). So that no one will blame them if anything happens. Do you sincerely believe a teacher will look unconcerned for a student to die if nothing "from above" holds them back?
Before this government, teachers had good-quality freedom. A teacher wouldn't mind taking a child to the hospital, footing all the bills and ensuring the child is discharged from the hospital before they even call the parents to inform them. Try that now and see. You'll be shocked at what will happen to you. That is why there is an extremely high level of apathy among teachers nowadays. The kind of fear, intimidation, victimisation and interdictions teachers are experiencing nowadays, you must only be in the system to fully understand it," he told YEN.com.gh.

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Ghanaians console the grieving family

Netizens who thronged the comments section of the post expressed their deepest condolences to the family of their loss. Others also urged the relatives to take action against the school.

@yawkuulboy stated:

I'm so sorry for your loss bro. This very unfortunate.

@Godsan_nyameba replied:

Eno easy oo hmm this country ankasa ei

@dompsiee indicated:

So sorry for your loss . Encourage them to take legal action

@1bona_ replied:

Oh Chale, this is sad

Law student dies at Cape Coast health facility over alleged negligence

Earlier, YEN.com.gh reported that a 19-year-old second-year law student at the University of Ghana also died in Cape Coast after suspected medical negligence.

The mother of the deceased said she had taken her asthmatic son to the Ewim Polyclinic to be treated for an asthma attack.

She alleged that the medical staff administered an injection instead of the expected nebuliser treatment.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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