Afia Schwarzenegger Empathises With Hajia4Reall After, Cries Out For The Influencer's Child

Afia Schwarzenegger Empathises With Hajia4Reall After, Cries Out For The Influencer's Child

  • Ghanaian socialite Afia Schwarzenegger has expressed her views about the news of Hajia4Reall's plea deal
  • Afia criticised the embattled Hajia4Reall's habit of exposing her lifestyle to millions of fans on social media
  • She used Hajia4Reall's situation to advise younger girls coming up to be mindful of their lifestyle choices so as not to end up like her

On February 21, 2024, the US Department of Justice shared an update on Mona Faiz Montrage, popularly known as Hajia4Reall's court case.

A report confirmed that the renowned Ghanaian musician and influencer had agreed to a plea deal, making her vulnerable to a maximum of five years in prison.

The news took the internet by storm, attracting reactions from many of her fans and colleagues, including the controversial social media figure, Afia Schwarzenegger.

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Afia Schwarzenegger blames Hajia4Reall
Afia Schwarzenegger and Hajia4Reall Photo source: Instagram/QueenAfiaSchwarzenegger, Instagram/Hajia4Reall
Source: Instagram

Afia Schwarzenegger blames Hajia4Reall for her woes

Afia Schwarzenegger, who claims to be an acquaintance of Hajia4Reall, says she blames no one but the influencer for her current situation.

Afia criticised Hajia's appetite for showing off on social media, suggesting that she exposed herself to the authorities.

"I was sad when I heard the news, not for her but for her daughter. In five years, Leila would've changed into something else," Afia Schwar said as she expressed her sympathy in the new video.

She also expressed hope that Hajia4Reall will find God in these trying times as she used her story to advise females who used to look up to her.

Netizens react to Afia Schwar's review gathered a few comments from netizens in reaction to Afia Schwarzenegger's comments about Hajia4Reall.

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6257mildred said:

Indirectly she's jubilating, the problem is when you see a sister fall ,learn don't laugh. I hope she prays tomorrow never comes

mijay2021 wrote:

She always capitalised on people’s downfall . So she knew all these n didn’t advice her wen she was attending her party with her daughter.

nanayaaakwaboah shared:

She is not wishing anyone bad listen to what uv posted na ghanafo) mo p3 saa dodo and besides nobody asked Hajia to scam people so why should she feel sorry

Hajia4Real goes off social media

Earlier, reported that Hajia4Reall had deactivated her social media accounts because of her decision to return to school, as confirmed by her self-acclaimed publicist.

Her social media hiatus came a few days before the news of the guilty plea deal, making several netizens doubt the rationale of the publicist.


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