Meet the Trueblue twins: All you need to know about the Instagram sensations with blue eyes

Meet the Trueblue twins: All you need to know about the Instagram sensations with blue eyes

In the modern era where the internet rules and identity theft is rampant, parents try as much as possible to protect their children. But something happened in 2015 when a mother posted a photo of her twin daughters. The two kids were unique because each had at least one blue eye. Immediately, they became internet sensations, and their mother nicknamed them the Trueblue Twins. But who are the Trueblue girls, and where are they now?

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Trueblue twins
Photo: @_truebluetwins_ on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Trueblue Twins are American social media personalities. They first appeared on the internet in 2015 when their mother posted their photo on Instagram. The twins, both female, stole the hearts of many online users because of their unique eyes.

One of the girls had two blue eyes, and the other had one blue and one dark brown eye. They instantly became celebrities and even appeared in many events, including fashion shows.

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Where were the Trueblue Twins born?

The twins, Megan and Morgan Boyd, were born on 6 June 2011 (age 11 years as of 2022) in Philadelphia, United States. Who are the parents of the twins? The Trueblue twin's parents are Stephanie Boyd (mother) and Lovell Knight (father).

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Stephanie Boyd is a social media personality and plus-size model who runs her children's social media accounts.

How did the Trueblue Twins get famous?

When Stephanie Boyd gave birth to her twins on 6 June 2011, everyone around her could immediately tell that the girls stood out. One thing that set them apart was that they were black twins with blue eyes, which does not often happen among black people.

Before they became famous on the internet, the girls were already well-known in their community. Their nickname, Trueblue Twins, is what their mother and family used to refer to them when they were born. Furthermore, whenever their parents came across someone they knew, the person would ask to have pictures with them.

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Stephanie Boyd loved sharing her life on social media as it took shape in the early 2010s. She then started posting photos of her two daughters and their daily lives online. Some of her friends shared their pictures online, and the online community started growing, with more people sharing their photos.

Trueblue twins
A picture of Megan and Morgan Boyd. Photo: @_truebluetwins
Source: Instagram

Stephanie Boyd's social media following was not huge to make them go viral. In 2015, a musician and tattoo artist named Deyonte Hunter posted a picture of the twins on his social media page. After that, many went to Stephanie Boyd's page to see more photos of the Trueblue Twins.

One of the twins' photos immediately received more than 2,000 likes in a day. They then took over Instagram and headed to Facebook. As a result, their online fan base increased, and some influencers even started creating content about the girls.

Stephanie took advantage of the content created by other people, including videos and edits, and re-shared it online. One video went viral and attracted more than 6.6 million views, something the parents never expected. Other celebrities, including Meagan Good and D.L. Hughley, also shared the girls' photos, and their fame continued to grow.

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How did Megan and Morgan Boyd get blue eyes?

Megan and Morgan Boyd's eyes are hereditary. Their mother and paternal grandfather have two blue eyes. Furthermore, they have an uncle and a great-grand aunt with one blue and one brown eye.

Do the Trueblue Twins have the same syndrome as Kate Bosworth's Waardenburg syndrome? Kate Bosworth is an American actress and model with two different coloured eyes. Her left eye is blue, and her right one is mostly hazel. Thus, she has a syndrome called heterochromia iridis, a condition whereby the iris in one eye has a different colour from the iris of the other eye.

When it comes to the Trueblue Twins, they are not 100% identical because of their unique eyes. Morgan Boyd is the only twin with the same condition as Kate Bosworth. Morgan's right eye is dark brown, her left eye is blue, while her sister Megan has two blue eyes.

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The symptom is not life-threatening, but it is mainly linked to a medical condition, including Waardenburg Syndrome, Horner's Syndrome, or Sturge-Weber Syndrome. The good news is that the difference in their eyes makes it easier for anybody to distinguish between the girls.

What happened to the Megan and Morgan twins?

Megan and Morgan are now 11 years old in 2022 and her mother continues to upload their photos and videos on their social media networks.

Where are the True Blue twins? The beautiful twins now continue to make their social media presence even more prominent. At the time of writing, they have a following of over 821 thousand followers. Furthermore, their mother operates their YouTube channel, which she opened in 2012 but uploaded the first video in 2013.

The YouTube account has over 60 thousand subscribers and features videos of Megan and Morgan as they engage in educational activities, crafts, dancing, and fashion.

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The Trueblue Twins are rising American social media personalities and fashion models. They are best known for their blue eyes and rose to fame in 2015 when their mother uploaded their photos online. Megan and Morgan Boyd have since enjoyed a huge online following. shared an article about Captain Smart's full name, wife, family, net worth, and property. The personality has successfully made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

What is captivating about him? His voice, prowess, and confidence are to die for. He joined Adom FM as a host in the year 2013. Where is he now?

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