UPSA Vice-Chancellor Warns First-Year Female Students To Beware Of Deceptive Males: “It Is Format”

UPSA Vice-Chancellor Warns First-Year Female Students To Beware Of Deceptive Males: “It Is Format”

  • Prof Okoe Amartey, Vice-Chancellor of UPSA, has advised first-year female students to be cautious of romantic advances from their male peers
  • The Vice-Chancellor said that such expressions are often insincere and follow a common "format"
  • He warned against falling for these seemingly heartfelt proposals, emphasising that similar approaches are employed with other women

Prof Okoe Amartey, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA), has advised first-year female students to approach romantic advances from their male counterparts with a discerning eye.

Addressing the young women, Prof Amartey emphasised the need to recognise that the seemingly "flowery proposals" they receive are often a familiar script used by male students, a strategy he referred to as a "format."

The Vice-Chancellor of UPSA warned against falling for what he characterised as a widespread and insincere approach employed by male students when expressing romantic interest.

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UPSA Vice-Chancellor Warns First-Year Female Students To Beware Of Deceptive Males
Vice Chancellor of UPSA, Prof Amartey, and some of the first-year students reacting to his comments. Photo credit: @upsaccra
Source: Facebook

Prof Amartey highlighted the potential emotional repercussions of being swept away by what he believes to be deceptive declarations of affection.

"When they (male students) come to you with all the flowery proposals, just know that it is a "format". They say same to other ladies. Do not fall for it. Trust me, it will end in tears."

This advice is a proactive measure to protect female students from potential heartbreak and disappointment.

Prof Amartey's words carry weight as he draws on his experience in the academic world to shed light on what he perceives as a recurring pattern in the interactions between male and female students.

By urging female students not to be swayed by what may appear to be genuine expressions of romantic interest, the Vice-Chancellor aims to empower them with the knowledge to navigate the complex social dynamics of university life.

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