Ghanaian Lady In Germany Shares Why Her Marriage Collapsed: “It Was Because Of GH¢600”

Ghanaian Lady In Germany Shares Why Her Marriage Collapsed: “It Was Because Of GH¢600”

  • Tracy Yeboah, a Ghanaian living in Germany, disclosed that her marriage ended over financial disputes involving €50 and her ex-husband's ulterior motives
  • Tracy said she regretted marrying him and suggested it would have been better to have children with a homeless white man instead
  • The divorcee cited her ex-husband's refusal to fulfil parental responsibilities and his exploitation of her for financial gain as reasons for the breakdown of their marriage

Tracy Yeboah, a Ghanaian residing in Germany, revealed that her marriage ended due to financial disputes over €50 (GH¢667) and her ex-husband's ulterior motives.

According to her, she regretted marrying him because of his actions. Tracy said she believes it would have been better to have her children with a homeless white man than with her ex-husband.

In an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Tracy disclosed her ex-husband's reluctance to fulfil familial responsibilities, citing his reliance on her for financial support and refusal to provide necessities for their child.

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Ghanaian Lady In Germany Shares Why Her Marriage Collapsed
Tracy Yeboah said she realised her ex-husband was with her for financial gains. Photo credit: SVTV Africa
Source: Youtube

Despite his promises and affectionate gestures, Tracy claimed he only sought sex and monetary aid, leading to their divorce.

She alleged that he exploited her for financial gain, using her to complete his house while neglecting his duties as a husband and father.

Tracy emphasised his disregard for familial obligations, exemplified by his refusal to purchase a €50 bag for their child despite having €1,000.

"He had €1000 in his pocket but refused to buy a €50 bag for our child. That was what collapsed our marriage, Tracy said."

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