Woman Laments As Husband Of 5 Months Cheats, Infects Her With HIV: "I'm Pregnant"

Woman Laments As Husband Of 5 Months Cheats, Infects Her With HIV: "I'm Pregnant"

  • A married woman shared her painful story of how her life changed for the worse after discovering her husband was cheating on her
  • The woman revealed that five months after getting married; she discovered she was not only pregnant but also HIV positive
  • She confronted her man, who confessed to having contracted HIV from his side chick, whom he claimed was his distant relative

A woman has let netizens sympathicising with her after narrating how her husband cheated and ended up contracting HIV/AIDs.

An illustration photo of a woman crying after receiving bad news.
A woman cried while narrating how her husband cheated and infected her with HIV/AIDs. Photo used for illustration purposes. Photo: Getty Images.
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How woman discovered hubby was cheating

Sharing her story, the woman revealed she and her man went for HIV tests before they got married in November 2023, and they were all clean.

Recently, she went to the hospital, where she discovered she was not only three weeks pregnant but also HIV positive. She was heartbroken and confronted her husband.

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"I called him to come do tests as well, and he was confirmed HIV positive. I cried and begged him to tell me the truth and he confessed he contracted the virus from a woman he was having an affair with," she expained.

The woman was shocked that the 24-year-old female her husband was cheating on her with was the same woman he told her was his distant relative.

"I discovered in February they were having an affair, and I told his mother. He promised to leave the lady, but he did not," she said.

The married man confessed to sleeping with the woman without protection, despite her insisting.

"He told me the woman insisted they use protection because she knew her status, but he didn't heed her advice," she narrated.

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The pregnant woman said she was heartbroken, and her in-laws were blaming her for everything.

"Just five months of marriage, and he has ruined my life! I regret everything. I am so much in pain right now. I'm done with him," she said.

Below are the screenshots of the lady's story, which was shared on X by @Phveektordrayne.

Lady exposes HIV+ hubby for cheating

In a similar story, a Kisumu landlady identified as Atieno, living with HIV, revealed her husband was also HIV positive and was sleeping around, infecting innocent women.

Atieno said she found out that she was positive when she was pregnant with her lastborn child 11 years ago.

The mother of four said her landlord husband welcomes mostly female tenants compared to male ones to rent their property.

The curvy woman has been taking ARVs for 10 years now, and all her children are HIV negative.

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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